Fluance RT84 Turntable Review

Fluance has a new line of turntables out and asked me to review one of them.

Unboxing – https://youtu.be/U1hymOGje9M


Graham Douglas says:

I have been waiting patiently for this video ever since you first opened the turntable thank you for the follow up. looking forward to one day hearing how a Schiit mani pre amp and a Nagaoka MP 110 Cartridge will sound with this turntable.

Joe Laughlin says:

Thanks for the unboxings, reviews and other videos Craig, I’m on a budget and was going to get a Rega P1 but thanks to you i’m getting a RT81 and i know i will love it! Keep up the great work sir!

cnhhnc says:

You’re the man, Craig. I pretty much stay with vintage tables. But these new Fluance tables look pretty good for the money. Also have “them” Ortofon carts if those float your boat!

Scottys Back Yard BBQ says:

great review,, thank you Craig..

jugent2012 says:

Hey Craig one more thing the kind of given up on vinyl very disheartened because of this cartridge

Bradley Wittman says:

All out of stock


Sound quality still top notch?

Ole Bjørklund says:

Nice review Craig. Good video as always, just love it. Remember you can actuallt do your needle drops on YT video with the Vintage Reserve album (just a thought) without having to worry about copyright issues?? I’ll get my own on order as soon as they become available over here. 😀 17 and regards to you and your family.

trevor st.clair says:

Good shit

Titanism Media says:

Good review, I really enjoyed it even if I already have an awesome (and similar) turntable, a Pro-Ject Debut Esprit, which has both the 2m Red and the acrylic platter. I’m not all this experienced with cartirdges but I can say that the 2m Red is a really detailed one, really brings out all the transients and the high end details. For the acrylic platter slippery I could recommend you to get a clamp or a weight, I got one exactly to solve that problem and works wonders!

Hammer says:

Fluance will be releasing a preamp specifically designed for the Reference turntables in late March.

shaun says:

Its time now to have direct drive fitted to all worthy turntables .
I have lost an Ariston over this , a good deck gone to scrap

HopperRox says:

How about a nice Piano gloss in any color you like???

jgyokohama says:

So now that you have both, is there a major sound difference between the RT81 and RT84 should you use the same preamp and cartridge?

Mick Hicks says:

when you lifted the lid the turntable wobbled how is that good.shouldnt a TT be solid.

Mic says:

Craig, do you suppose Fluance could offer a retro fit to replace the 81 lift arm with an arm for the 84? Thanks.

jugent2012 says:

Hey Craig off the cuff but I got a Shure m97xe I can’t get this thing aligned to save my life any suggestions I’ve been at this for hours and hours what do you think hope to hear from you

Pickininvt says:

No link to Fluance?

doobiz says:

The TT really bounces around when you lift the cover at 16:28, doesn’t seem very stable.Also is there an adjustment for arm height?

Antoine P says:

What’s the RPM app you were using here Craig?
Awesome review BTW.

max the amateur gamer says:

three legs? it sounds very unstable

Ian Yates says:

Nice looking deck red cartage is a very good I have one on my rotell deck if I was to bye a turntable as a beginner this wood be the one bye something good to start with like this

pandaroc1 says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing.

mercurialmagictrees says:

cool turntables, I like the 1980s turntables I have but if I wanted a new one I would consider one of these.

pat terrana says:

Hi Craig! So my motger asked me what i wanted for christmas, and i said believe it or not a record player. She doesnt have a ton of money, so i went with your recomendation and asked for the rt-81. This now completes my system. (Technics 7200 integrated amp from a friends storage unit, a matching tuner from ebay for $25, and a set of paradigm studio monitors) I listened to my very first record a week ago, and all k can say is wow. I had no idea how much i was missing in warmth and frequancy compared to streaming music. Ive been fascinated with the thought of analog to analog audio. Thank you sharing your knowledge with us! Now i just need to start a record collection!

BartholomewSmutz says:

Would be interesting to see a comparison between this turntable and a U-turn orbit special which is at about the same price point

Jeffrey Srnec says:

I enjoy your videos Craig. Just wanted to encourage you for putting them out on YT. They’re interesting and they keep my attention.

Lewis Paddock says:

It looks like a very nice turntable with high features. Have you retired your AT LP 120 Turntable?

Kristine Tamayoi says:

Looks like an older James hetfield. I’m curious about what turntable great musicians have at home? Can someone feature what Hi Fi famous musicians use.

Juan Micó says:

Looking to upgrade from my Audio-Technica LP120, this would be the perfect choice for me. Too bad they don’t have any distributors in Europe…

TheSoundrookie says:

The main reason for having the belt on the outside of the platter is to have a thick platter, without a subplatter. You can swap the platter from the 81 to the 84, but try it the other way around then you get the picture. Besides that I don’t think Fluance put that much thought in to it, because there’s really nothing new to the construction. They took already existing ideas, which doesn’t require too much brainstorming. It may sound a bit negative, but don’t take it for more than it is. This looks to be a very good modern turntable, approching the quality of Rega for instance, and I love the fact that they skipped the build in preamp. A good sign that they are getting serious.
Great video mate.

Sam Ford says:

I bought the Project Element TT about a year ago for $299 and I am glad I did,still works great and still love it!

Greg Benefield says:

Great job Craig. Now I have to get one. I already have the 81 with 2m red thanks to you..

Garrett H says:

Great video Craig!

Ahmet Erdemir says:

Two ground cables; one from TT to preamp, second cable from preamp to amplifier/receiver…

Bill McVey says:

looks like a good deck. I just wish it had a VTA adjustment.

Graham Evans says:

Great review Craig.
My personal choice would be the RT 82 as I like the piano black finish. I also prefer the ‘look’ of the Ortofon OM series over the later M series.
Basically the OM 10 is the same as the 2M Red just in the older body type.
Just need these coming to the UK…….

Jimmbay1 says:

Awesome video, content & grrreat review!. Happy Belated Birthday…

Scott Lowell says:

The Rt-85 looks like the king of budget tables. Looks higher quality than either project debut carbon or orbit plus.

SuperLead100 says:

When you mentioned Fluance contacted you to review their turntable my first thought was “uh oh”! I was concerned some bias might find its way into your review. However, after watching the entire review, I get a sense for your sincerity and integrity; as well as concern for the perception of bias that some viewers may have. I feel as though you took this responsibility seriously and care about the integrity of your review. I’m curious if Fluance is letting you keep this turntable or if you are sending it back after this review and subsequent “needle drop”? If you send it back it may lend even more probity to your review.

dsonyay says:

You can get the TT in brown natural wood in case the high gloss black is not your thing

Derek Daniell says:

I love watching your videos. You have a lot of good things to say and say them well. Please keep it up. By the way, I bought the DMM of Rush’s 2112 today. It sounds fantastic and the hologram is really cool. Long live Rush!

reginald lawrence says:

Great video . That a great turntable.

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