Fluance RT85 Reference Turntable review | Vinyl Rewind

The Vinyl Geek reviews Fluance’s RT85 belt driven turntable. This manual record player features an acrylic platter, a solid wood plinth, the Ortofon 2M blue stylus and a pure analogue signal path. At $499, is it that much better than the RT81, watch and find out!
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phantasm1004 says:

Wow…that turntable is just beautiful. And the price is very reasonable for what you get. Great review!


I think for money and the fact its a us product the upturn custom plus is better for beginner middleweight

Mark Le Grand says:

“They sent me this product for free but my opinions are my own.” A sparkling & glorifying review with a five star rating & no negatives (no onboard preamp is not a negative). I’m sure its a very nice piece of hifi equipment but just admit that you were sponsored by Fluance & were paid to review it. If it quacks like a duck….

RadioGuy says:

Like how you have such diverse content despite really only being about one thing


Lol bro do you even lift??

Butt_Cruch says:

This channel is so, classy

Shark Man X bro! says:

The wall?

DanielMG says:

You probably already did this but Did you align the stylus? You can print out aligners for free online. My turntable sounded a lot better I think when I did that. Great video btw.

Matt S says:

how does this channel not have a million subscribers???

mercurialmagictrees says:

1:17 same response from every vinyl channel that receives this turntable to review it… lol

has anyone purchased it ? Let me know what you think, also include the speaker and stereo amp set up.

Butt_Cruch says:

You look like the guy who says “big mcthankeys from mcspankeys!”

You deserve more views

David Gena says:

Fluance tables are all gorgeous and sound great. Unfortunately, the company has been unable to keep up with the demand for the RT 84 and RT 85. I have two RT 81’s and hope to upgrade to the RT 84 when it becomes available.

Timeless Days says:

What’s your opinion on the floating turntable?

Anthony Lemma says:

I’d still probably put a slip mat on….

Justin Harford says:

It looks amazing! Whenever I upgrade from the RT81 there is a good chance this or the RT84 will top the list.

Jake Gripp says:

Those gloves though
That’s attention to detail

Zelomeister says:

Great review.
I’m in the market for a new turntable in this price range and am looking at this RT85 and the Rega Planar 1. Would be great to hear anyone’s opinion.


Bad thing cant buy one on Amazon or EBAY

Aaron Z says:

I like that this model has no built in pre amp. I have a PYLE pre amp , it is super small and was 12 dollars.

Sir Phantasmic says:

I genuinely love this channel.

TSM says:

Back in the 60’s my older brother had a Bogen TT, I forget the model #, It tracked at 1.25 grams, a Shure Cartridge, What I do remember was the platter weighed 7.5 lbs. Completely manual, not even a cue control.

Uncle Squiddz says:

How much of an upgrade is this turntable from the LP-120 which is what I have right now.

Jeff Krawczyk says:

Well, that clinches it. I’m buying one.

Carl Sandhop says:

Hey there


I would love a table like this but I refuse to buy a belt driven table. Idk maybe I have had bad luck but out of the three belt driven tables I have owned in the 300-600 price range. They have all had problems with the belt. Then I got my Technics turntable from a garage sale, cleaned it up and it had served me well for the last 4 years but it died the other day 🙁 So that’s what I’m looking for a new table

Jeffery Jones says:

The prestigious 5 pompadours! What a gorgeous turntable!

David Heafield says:

“Not a sponsored video but they did send me this $500 turntable for free but my opinions are my own” , proceeds to gush about it the moment the knife touched the sealing tape.

You know when you’ve been bought.

New Gleemo for those pearly white smiles and now comes in minty mint minty mint flavour

Darren S says:

Another great video review cheers from Brisbane Australia

Matt Dyer says:

I’m currently weighing up the RT 80 Vs the Audio Technica LP 120 Vs Project Primary E, with pre amp.
Are there any bit differences between the RT 80, and 81 I should be aware of.

Dave B. says:

It takes about 50 hours to break in that 2m Blue. I upgraded my Debut Carbon’s 2m Red to a Blue, it was really rough for the first 5 records. About every 10 after that the Blue hit another stage of bliss.

How many hours do you have on the Blue?

adamaj says:

I’m an industrial automation technician and that motor has what’s called a tachometer, which is a very accurate way of controlling and measuring rpm’s. It, along with the drive board, basically keeps everything rotating precisely and has built-in error checking so it never wavers. Also, the next time you put on white gloves you better stand up and moon walk across the room! haha

Onio says:

He looks like a chauffeur with those gloves.

moonzero3 says:

I gotta get me one!!! Thanks!!!

Marshall says:


tracylynnw says:

Those white gloves are for jazz hands

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