God sent for budget turntable lovers

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Random_fandom_011 K.H says:

Crossly are the best haha jk lol

RobotWookiee says:

The best turntable at any price is a harshly used, portable Crosley. You guys should look them up. For about $10, you can destroy your ears, records, and your self-respect. Now that’s value. Looking for skate control? No way! The Crosley cartridge is as gentle as an actual ice skate so why do you need a control for that! But there’s more! That’s right! Normally other record players charge hundreds for Hi-Fi stereo add-ons. Not the Crosley! The list of freebies is long and distinguished, just like Slider’s johnson! Don’t wait, or…….wait, what the hell? I just had a major operation 3 days ago and the medication that they have me on is wiping my mind. I wrote all of this without knowing it. I just came to and there it was. I hope my loss of brain cells was worth it.

AudiophileTubes says:

I think Massdrop has a budget TEAC turntable. Wonder how it compares to the Fluance?

NETnews says:

I really like the Pro-ject Debut as budget turntable, very simple gear, easy to maintain/upgrade and the sound is excellent.

Cruzing RXS says:

Project Debut Carbon turntable. Change the 2M red cartridge to a Nakaoga MP150. Get the Project speed box an the acrylic plater. Now the Schiit Mani phono preamp and you have a nice budget turntable. Don’t forget the Q-up also.

Leon thepro says:

Do you still stand by it being your favorite beginners table?

MrBigx5murf says:

I researched a bunch of turntables in this price range. Eventually decided to just refurbish a mk1 technics 1200 myself. They’re much cheaper than the mk2, because they’re not the ones DJs want. They have a motor with more torque (sp-10 motor), and a platter that weighs around the same despite having no magnets in it.

In term of build quality, specs, user friendliness. It blows away all the entry level turntables.

M B says:

How is the speed on this one? I am hearing that the Fluance players have issues with speed control.

Adam Flora says:

Thanks for the review! What is the intro song? Thanks!

Mic says:

Nice TT, beautiful in appearance, very spartan in features. There’s something to be said for simplicity and Fluance seems to have put their $$ in where it counts most: quality and build. However, for me it lacks one important feature: auto return when the record is done playing. But, this is what ‘Manual’ TT’s are about – manual operation. Very nice TT.

Rick Melin says:

Yeah the fluance is better than this, same price I have forgotten the model it even looks better. that’s the one I want

michael patrick says:

Love the speed switch. My rega you have to switched the belt!! Rega rp1 found the best entry. Put on a new white belt, cork platter and gold note cartridge. Professionally set up. Great, great, great!

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