How to Choose a Record Player

LP – 120 Turntable:
Klipsch Speakers:
Yamaha Receiver:
Pioneer Subwoofer:
Record Needle:
Belkin Power Strip:
Inner Sleeves:
3M Dual LOCK:
Zip Ties (BLACK):

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Abigail Sockeye says:

Rob Zombie is passing judgment on your baby blue shirt.


is a £45 turntable ok (not crosby


Instantly subscribed when I saw NIN’s Pretty Hate Machine & Tool’s Opiate on the wall, both are up there with my all time favourite records! Loved the video too 😀 and of course, I love a bit of Rob Zombie too 😛

Glumfish says:

I’m convinced I’m buying a crosley!

hi55271 says:

Are Jensen turn tables any good?

Venus362 says:

Are Sony turntables okay? I saw one recently, and I’m thinking about getting it

Aron O'Connell says:

what good players can you get for under €150

Xavier Duschinsky says:

it really did chew up my record good job

Diego Diana says:

does anybody knows if the Lenco L-90 is any good ?????

isaiah926 says:

should i buy a jensen

Aidan Walkling says:

What would be the purpose in changing the tune of the player or being able to play the record backward? Also, would it be necessary for a beginner?

Alondra Ortiz says:

I was wondering.. would a vintage record player with the horn only sound good with classical music or any type of music?

Edward Rafols says:

Good day sir. Thank you for the information you shared. But may I ask if audio technica pl300 worth buying?

Zerabus says:

I would like to have one which makes flac copies of it on my computer, which one should I get?

Mario Micallef says:

I really love your channel

Madd Hatter says:

thanks for the info, I want a good turn table to start a vinyl collection, so I’ll start with the lp120, now here’s my question, what speakers do you recommend using for this turntable, thank you.

Joren Joly says:

hello i’m new to the vinyl world and want to buy a turntabel, the most important thing i think is that it doesnt destroy the vinyl, now i was thinking about the muse mt101 br, can you pls help me out 🙂 what do you think about the muse?

Alana Jack says:

Anyone else have a Sony PS-LX300-USB?

SuperKaru07 says:

Thanks for this, I am looking for a more vintage feeling vinyl record player – a gift kind of thing, and also where can I buy records??? Kindly assist. Thanks

Grzegorz . Marcisz says:

Rob Zombie and Nine inch Nails – very nice !

TheBIGKill1998 says:

Hey, im new to records and to your channel.
what do you actually think about all those older turntables from the 70s and 80s, like those from AKAI or Onkyo?

I got my turntable, which is an old AKAI AP-A201 from the late 80s, for 20 bucks. It has a replaceable stylus, it is direct drive, it is half automatic, can play 33 aswell as 45 RPM records and has no built in pre amp. I think i made a good buy with that one.

Benjamin Long says:

I bought a 35 dollar Panasonic at goodwill.

DailyGamer Review says:

I got a sick deal a technics sl-B20 with an Audio technica ls450/lt with new stylus and belt the factory acrylic cover and the 45rpm attachment also new feet and all the functions work flawless

TheNerdz 1234 says:

I want to buy the vynil, audio cassete, cd, radio and mp3/blutooth player.

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