Is the Crosley Cruiser really THAT bad?

Don’t buy a Crosley Cruiser record player. But don’t fear or hate it, either.

The record featured in the video that everybody keeps asking about is:


Karl says:

It doesn’t have anti skating, that breaks the deal instantly, and can you even align the cartridge or set the tracking force on this machine?

Bryan Ladd says:

Fremer is a Stereo Central icon.

Cj James says:

awesome review

Mike Drölf says:

It’s one of the cheapest turntables out there and it does play at the 3 main speeds. For listening to 78es the thing is more than enough.

Paul Cat says:

Nice video, I own three Crosleys and never had an issue with them.

Jean Franco says:

2:27 Increíble pronunciación, mi amigo!

jeremy prentice says:

It sucks, ours is slowing down, just enough that it sounds like theyre slllluuuuuuurrrrinngggg

Yitzchak Notowitz says:

its a little stiff so ya got to spread it open at the sides, best line of the enitire video

Michael P Dennis says:

My toe arm lifts and goes back to rest before the last song is completed everytime .

mikeinportsri For The Record says:

if Michael Fremmer says its garbage trust me lady’s and gents ITS GARBAGE

SilverSpade92 says:

I should like to know what the music at 23:37 is?

rett butler says:

cool video, the t150 looks really nice tbh.

Sindragozer says:

I’ve never heard anything good about a crosley turntable. I almost bought one once, luckily i had someone who knew better and told me that they were bad.

Alan Kozak says:

Were i live you can get turntables at the local pawn shop.Problem with that is they want big $ for a used turntable.You think by now some major known company would put out a decent record player.

Adam Vanderpluym says:

Can’t fathom using anything without a counterweight.

LiK says:

I love your editing style. So raw.

Pizza PoundCake says:

I’ll be honest, I just skipped through the video because it’s quite long, and since I already own the exact same brown Crosley featured in your video, I already know its failings very well. I found to even out the playback, it was best to take the rubber mat that was included, flip it over, align the little notches on the mat with the grooves in the plastic table, and place the LP on top of the smooth underside of the mat. Great, so that worked pretty well (in spite of the subpar sound)… until some months (a few?) later, the motor started playing at a noticeably fast speed for which there was no solution. I despise companies that create what is essentially fodder for landfills, so Crosley is up there on my sh*t list.

Naked Narwhals aka coltrane2004 says:

I have it and it’s good not good for a loud party or anything hasn’t destroyed my records (yet) I don’t think It will knock on wood

Hugh Mongus says:

But that girl complaining about the speed removed the cover so that couldn’t possibly be the issue that she was having. And connecting your crossley turntable to a crossley solo radio?? LOL Really man?
That would be better than connecting it to a sound system right? lol

mgabrysSF says:

That mechanism looks the same as the cardboard turntable that Techmoan tested. I still think 5-6grams is too heavy but it’s funny that the mech is the same as Techmoan’s.

DusteDs Stuff says:

wut? didn’t know you could play shellacs on a modern turntable 😮 I’m playing those on a HMV102d, but the needles are “single side” use, so I’ve ran out.. Do you have any experience with the needles from ebay?

olympian00 says:

Thanks a lot for this. It really influenced my decision on buying.

Artisankat Studios says:

Fantastic video and well done. Very methodical. People seem to often adopt a lemming-style attitude with online opinions, restated as fact.

Erik Knas Sandager says:

Well I own one and it sounds like shit but it’s a funny thing to have in the caravan 🙂

nerdyneedsalife says:

I don’t have a Crosley but I have a similarly cheap record player. The speakers are shit but I usually use headphones.

CoTeCiOtm says:

I’ve always felt that people describe records as being more fragile than what they really are. Thing is, some of my records have taken a beating over the years, specially by sub-10 years old me, and they still play fine. Hell, it’s a lot easier to screw up a CD than a record! The only thing is that if records get dirty, they sound like crap

terence barrett says:

This will never give you ‘dynamic sound”you need bass speakers”even something for the sound to reverberate”’this is just meant to play records,sound,novelty”but in a small room probably adequate”in the 1970s I had a small record player’but my old mother could only afford that”’and I would suppose this is the same volume as that one ”later she bought a fidelity record player very stylish,pastel sides,oak speaker grill at front with on off + tone,and the lid was very light grey I think”and it had a brilliant sound’when you put lid down”but remember the louder the record player is,the needle might jump, through vibration”’if I was after any record player,try Amazon,charity shops, or really advertising”because there were some brilliant exquisite, powerful record players in the 70s”and wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg” and don’t be”cheated by expensive stylus” either”’i tell you I have a hi fi from 1982 its a piece of furniture and power full it could knock next doors cat out of its basket” like all of our good stylish TVs gave up for fashion,,of a 42 inch” the wheelie bin as more style

daniel thomas says:

… Curley would say,……real  ” UNK-JAY…!!…nyuk nyuk nyuk……..

BurntFaceMan says:

The blutoth doesn’t output from the device to a speaker..
That’s interesting, totally understand why (it would be pretty complex to do right?) and complex = expensive.
but why would you ever want to blutooth a phone to play sound from its crappy speaker?? that’s incredible!

alebidogas says:

What a piece of crap! Bluetooth, but it cannot transmit the audio? Wtf?!? No battery??? Then why the portable design? What a horrendously useless thing!

uhuh says:

Thank you for not just bashing it though. I swear I’m a newbie and I feel attacked for being cheap and just wanting to listen to my stuff in peace. I’m not destroying anything it’s just some $20 vinyl I don’t want to be attacked.

runsandgunz says:

subscribe just for the random access memory and home work ownership

Rik Riggs says:

I’m going to buy a crosley today. It’s not ideal but at $50 and a line out to an amazing guitar amp it will do till I can get better.

Misaka Mikoto says:

I think the fact they sound so bad is a feature, not a design flaw. People think this is what vinyls actually sound like for real.

Freek Mol says:

So ignoring if the sound isn’t really good? Are they actually bad for my records? I have 2 record players and one of them is this one, and if they damage my vinyls i only want to use my other one ofcourse!


What was the rocord he was playin with the sky blue and the P on the record when he was talking about the volume?

HotWax93 says:

Here’s why Crosley turntables are so popular: they’re cheap, almost entirely set up out of the box, and thus are seen as a good setup for beginners. I don’t get why so many audiophiles hate them, because IMO, it’s better for people to listen to vinyl on a cheap setup than not have one at all.

Techmoan says:

Spot on – excellent job.

Billy Fowler says:

I’m guessing whoever makes those tone arms includes that cheap stylus. Crosley probably started including the upgraded ones to avoid returns.

lucas arteta says:

i bought a pioneer pl-7 for about 50 and it sounds better than my $1000 pro-ject classic, it also looks better and feels way better quality

Tomás JueCla says:

Personal story: I first played The Wall, by Pink Floyd, and it skipped. Then, in my grandfather’s turntable it did not skip, and it doesn’t have anti-skate. It is a new record, but it happened with an original copy of The White Album, by The Beatles.

Alfie Parkinson says:

Any chance you can link the replacement stylus’s in the description?

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