Jensen JTA-470 turntable review FAIL

They have the nerve to call this a “Professional” turntable!?


Trance88 says:

Gawd damn. Who would be happy with this? This turntable is such a scam. They lure you with fancy features but the turntable itself can barely do what its supposed to do. White van quality!!

Milkyway Punk Rock Channel says:

these are like toy turntables. I prefer a BSR over Jensen, crosley or whatever. BSRs might’ve been cheap but at least they’d last more than these

Garfield Smith says:

Jensen used to be a good American audio product. Now Namsung (Korea) makes these products in China and has licensed the use of the name in the USA from TLC Holdings a big Chinese company. Gets to be a dogs breakfast of who owns who and who owns what.

Patrick MAILLARD says:

Good Video vwestlife ! What a Shit of TT that’s , can disgusted you to listen all vinyl with this tt !!
Prefer looking after an “AT LP120 usbc” or “usbhc” , which are serious … 😉
(i have vinyl TT of 70/80’s , like Thorens and Technics , they sound perfectly!)

Larry Shaver says:

I noticed the entire needle shaft was plastic which would have some bearing on the poor frequency response

Rachel Tse says:

Avoid the turntable with Leetac family

Douglas Allen says:

I almost feel sorry for you, Kevin… Jensen should have put a LOT more effort into making this!!!

MrPete8680 says:

Jensen is pure sh!t. I purchased a CD/Radio & it only lasted a year. Both the player & the tuner broke.

Xian Mariano says:

Song anyone?

an Offensive Narwhal says:

Nearly as bad as a crosley cruiser

UnAnonymous says:

4:03 those “s” sounds fucking killed my eardrums.

Ney Dogg says:

These manufacturers should be tried for inflicting this piece of garbage on he masses

Nick Lockner says:

I hate this turntable so much.

eternalhalloween1 says:

The funny thing is that people who accept that Jensen’s lower end model (the JTA  230 ) is an under $50. starter turntable, have better things to say about that than you are saying about this nearly $100. more Jensen.  People have even called the JTA 230, the best turntable for someone who doesn’t have much money to spend. Who would have thought? Their lower end turntables give you more for your money.

Jan Christian Ursua Aguilar says:

is that a Maxell Rock 2 sampler i see at 6:50?

sushi dream says:

sounds ok

yogibear2k10 says:

SO all in all the conclusion should of been to ditch vinyl completely because it is garbage and buy a cd player!

Vinyl Tap says:

this is a piece of shit…

Chupa Thingy says:

Is the cantilever even metal? It looks like plastic.

UnAnonymous says:

4:03 those “s” sounds fucking killed my eardrums.

cobra60six says:

Wow, not only does it have no bass, much of the sound spectrum is also frazzled and distorted…Ugh!! I don’t think I’ll be swapping out my PX-2 any time for one of these…

dp vn03 says:

I’d never replace my 1969 Dual 1219… I somehow have the feeling that every turntable with a USB Type B-Port is junk…

Down The Rabbit Hole Photography says:

Damn the difference from that cart was night and day.

staub Andy says:

I fe found the exact same one at a thrift store.
And i tried to put a magnetic head shellsistem on and it worked just fune but the headshellsistem costet near 80 $ so i felt kind of dump.
But yea it is a peace of junk sorry Jensen but wtf did you do to this peace of garbitch?

Gerry K says:

Your a nice guy, honesty seems not so easy to find. Thank you for your reviews and videos.

zzzhuh says:

Record players in general just suck. They are extremely expensive (seriously, can’t find a good one for under $300 and that is just the table, no speakers, nothing.) And for the ‘audio quality’ I can get the same thing by simply remastering tracks myself.

They should of gone outta phase a long time ago, and digital tracks don’t sound that different. They were good compared to 8 tracks/cassettes,but they aren’t worth the money these days.

PhuckHue2 says:

so sad the millennials are buying these cheap junk plastic crap turntables. they have no idea what a quality turntable sounds like

bobthebuzztard says:

Exactly the same (or at least it looks very similar) turntable is sold under ”Bush” brand in UK. On Amazon UK this junk is listed as ”Bush Full Size Vinyl Player” and goes for £60. Avoid like the plague…

James Veach says:

Are you going to review the PYLE PLTTB3U turntable from what i see look good what do you think?t

Paul Callas says:


twocvbloke says:

I’ll stick with my Pioneer PL-400 turntable, built back in the days when people cared about audio… 🙂

Shannon Hamblin says:

VWestLife, what turntable system do you have?


I quote Andrew Martin from Bicentennial Man….”what a piece of shit!”

Andrew Dias says:


“I never asked for this”

CoonShoot says:


jaxflfreebird says:

Dear God, you’re right that DOES SOUND TERRIBLE. We’re talking about the chosen music, right?

James Veach says:

I would rather have a realistic lab 400 turntable

Unknown Person22 says:

Jensen is one stupid company

Mr. Rich B.O.B says:

Do you know of any halfway decent ones say 50~40$ and below?

Stephen Boyle says:

looks a little similar to the bush acoustic mtt2 turntable. since then i have replaced with the Gemini pt 2100. The bush acoustic mtt2 turntable has a Standard mount.

For the Record says:

Putting an “EJECT” button on a record player was my first tip that this thing wasn’t exactly “professional”

Dan Lepien says:

agreed. even for a cheap turntable the sound quality is fucking terrible!!!

eFluxxNation says:

raspy/old sounding sounds coming from an turntable makes me feel nice inside, I love it, I like that model

Richard Cline says:

Jensen in name only! If you see “Made In China” on anything you automatically have to KNOW it’s a piece of cheaply made junk! Sadly, people today really do NOT know what a good quality system is supposed to sound like…They are so used to the tiny speakers on Chinese junk and their iPhones that they can’t recognize quality anymore.

joey1127 says:

Oh, that looks crude as sin! Plastic Platter is always a NO-NO!!!!!

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