Kenwood P-100 mini turntable review & test

As small and simple as a turntable could possibly be, but it has a good quality Audio-Technica AT3600 magnetic phono cartridge.


alessio c. says:

Hi, I wanted to ask you to put this magnetic phono cartridge. Is Audio-Technica AT3600 difficult to adapt in this turntable? regards

Travis Piper says:

Good old Kenwood’s, sounds like the record is playing on a much higher end player. This being a lower end consumer model of course. 😉

Константин Терлецкий says:

Hey, not bad at all for this level turntable!

Ray Murray says:

I have one with the Bush name on it (model MTT1). Was £50 ($75) back in 1999, and What Hifi gave it five stars for being a fairly decent performer.

93SHADoW says:

Surprisingly, you can easily modify the P-100 to support 78rpm without issues. I just did this with my P-100.

connly33 says:

Id like a higher end turntable, but i need to start out with something that i dont have to put much money into to start with, ill try and look around for one of these.

KingHenryVR4 says:

Pretty good 80s song 🙂

Reasonable says:

I never knew what vinyl records really sounded like. I assumed bad because all they have is grooves that some point runs along.
And I heard quite often something that is supposed to be one, but it sounded awful.
That actually sounds decent. Well, you learn something new everyday.

WaybackTECH says:

As cheap as this thing was built, it still is better than some of this modern crap they push off as a turntable now days. It does look like it went with a bookshelf / mini component system to me. Sounds really decent. Bet if you ever did a side by side video comparing this to another turntable, and play “guess the turntable” with a song, probably would be hard to tell this from a more expensive unit.

an Offensive Narwhal says:

I have a bush mtt1 which looks similar to this.

Johnny McFly says:

Much better than the shitty Crosley turntables ! 🙂

ps3shark1 says:

Dat song is Mmmmmmmmh

MjDJX1992 says:

Sounds like a cd than a turntable

James Lee says:

Vwestlife could you do a video on turntable maintenance?

Steven Eric says:

I need that song! its awesome!

Steven King says:

Wow sounds great thru YT and my jbls… Nice find!

Danny Williams says:

This proves that unless you are a professional DJ that spins records for a living you don’t need an expensive turntable. All you need is a good entry level turntable, amplifier and speakers. Equalizer optional.

Fuzy2K says:

I was expecting the record to be labeled “Side A” and “Side 2”, but I wasn’t expecting it to say “Side 1”. That’s odd.

The Italian version of They Might Be Giants’ album Lincoln has a few typos such as “They’ll Need a Grane” (which is supposed to be “crane”) and “The World’s Adress”, as well as having the copyright information printed *backwards*. 😛

Xavier Rose says:

Jason Donovan, one of Australia’s finest…sorry, had to say that after seeing it. 😛

Asaki Franciscus says:

nice video i like the old apple g5

Vie Ventar says:

I recently salvaged this exact model of turntable – but with Sony branding. Came with a control with its original, Sony branded, batteries still in it (and amazingly still working) which are dated 9/96. So yeh, def a mid 90’s model.

GrandCamino6 says:

Great videos!


Seems like a partnership with SAMSUNG.

George Price says:

Why am I reminded of E L O’s “Evil Woman” with this track?

Yamyoo Yap says:

has a well defined bass! good job there!

MjDJX1992 says:

Sounds like a cd than a turntable

jmurray01 says:

Kenwood made some excellent HiFi equipment back in the 90s. I’ve got a Kenwood M-58 stacking HiFi however the turntable is not original unfortunately – but rather an Aiwa PX-E860 which I plan on replacing when I have the money. That said, it isn’t a BAD turntable, just not the quality I want.

Paul Cat says:

Very nice player, can never understand why people throw these items away, looks as thought you did pretty good there, looks in good condition.

FacePalm says:

I’m watching this on 25 year old vintage kenwood speakers and amplifier.

VintagePassionMBTK7 says:

Neat turntable

93SHADoW says:

I found the same exact turntable a few days ago at this Unique thrift store. Though 2 days ago, i had to bypass that switch that’s activated by the tone arm as it was preventing the motor from getting the full 12v. Got it only for $7.99

frschoonover1 says:

Sounds great for a small turntable. By the way, in regards to to this band labeling Side A and Side 1, that was copied from Hall & Oates who did that with their vinyl album pressings starting with Private Eyes. The music from this particular band sounds pretty good.

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