Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable Review with Clint the Audio Guy


michael carrigan says:

Man the visual quality of your videos has improved tenfold! Great review, must be a blast to work around gear like this full time.

brainache555 says:

Hi Clint! Have you heard any Uturn audio turntables? I think most people say they are good but how good 🙂

Giang Vu says:

This turntable sounds incredible and gives an enjoyable music experience.

Tonic Lime says:

Nice. Thanks for the video.

Jim Dailey says:

why did you replace the cart?

TheThinkingCap says:

What are those speakers? Nice finish!

Raven Bernabe says:

Is that record super warped?

Juan Carlos Madera says:

Hi ,Clint. I’m from Argentina. Your excellent video made me buy one of this Marant TT recently , but i have a serious problem because i´ve mistakenly bought the american version designed for 60 Hz and my country (Argentina) is 50 Hz , so the rotation speed is too low , about 28 rpm instead of 33 1/3 rpm.
Would you please do me a little favour that would be very important to me ?. Can you measure the external diameter of the pulley you have (its larger diameter) , and tell me that figure ? Only that. Marantz doesn’t respond to my inquires, and i have the doubt of the model of pulley that i need. With the diameter of the pulley you are using for 60 Hz, i can assure the one i need for 50 Hz.
Sorry and thank you. I give you my best regards from Argentina.
Juan Carlos Madera

1mrgasgas1 says:

What do you think of ADCOM gear ??? Thanks for your time …

xburgos1 says:

Would you recommend the Parasound P5 and outlaw power amp or an intergraded like the rotel a14?

Miguel Trujillo says:

Dude! Glad to see you rockn the beard again.

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