Marantz TT15 (TT15S1) turntable review (Part 1/2)

Here is my review of the Marantz TT15 turntable
Really high-end turntable and will transform your vinyl collection to high res. A bit light on the bass but amazing clarity. What i forgot to do when comparing my dac to the turntable is i was not upsampling my songs to 192 with my dac. with upsampling, both are neck to neck with each having its strength.


TheWretchedWorld says:

Tbh this is the only modern turntable that I’d ever consider buying

Vic G says:

Love high res. I have a vintage pioneer pl 530 just to listen to my old school vinyl but I buy sacd or high quality recorded cd’s.

Steph Diesel says:

Have the same TT, replaced the stock cartridge by a Goldring G1042, so SO MUCH better, really good bass with this one.
Regarding the dust cover, I use this one and it fits perfectly on it and protect the platter and arm from dust:

fc872e1 says:

Thank you for these two videos on your Marantz turntable, Thomas! You did a great job, and I found them super informative. The second video sounds great, and I don’t find it deficient in the low frequencies. I have a VPI Classic, and actually want to downsize a bit to something more manageable. So I am giving serious consideration to the Marantz

sid vicious says:

No Thomas I did not hear the Marantz in person, but I wish I had. I had the chance to get it for 799.00 and 869.00, but the classic kept intriguing me and its prices were changing as well and I lost out on both of the Marantz turntables deals on Audio Advisor and Music Direct and bought a Musichall MMF 9.1 and later went to a VPI HW-19 mk4 and later to the VPI Classic. Thomas please keep doing the videos because I love hearing from a regular guy without a huge budget doing clear an concise videos, keep up the good work. I have owned a Dual CS 5000, Project Debut III, Project Expression III, Technics 1200 MKII, Musichall MMF 9.1, Music Hall 2.2se, Rega P3-24 with groove tracer upgrades, VPI HW-19 MkIV and now the VPI Classic 1. I still have the Music Hall 2.2se. The best of them is the Classic, pitch perfect without a speed controller with a big bold deep bass sound. It is as pitch perfect as the Technics. I have the speed controller for the debut three and the Musichall 2.2se. The HW-19 MkIV had a SME 309 tone arm. Through out of all of this I aquired a vast amount of experience with each upgrade and I learned the pros and cons of them all. I would like to try the new Technics 1200g or 1200gae.

James Wilson says:

Hi @Thomas & Stereo, thanks for spending the time to create these two videos I think it helped me decided on the marantz over a rega planar 6. I am on the verge of purchasing this TT. I would however have to put it together myself, did you find it easy to put together?


Mark Lawless says:

I wonder how much the improved sound is because of the cartridge, rather than the turntable itself. Have you considered trading cartridges to test this?

Club Soda says:

Good video

mpho sikhosana says:

Hi Thomas. Great review.

I finally bought the TT15 S1 and it’s connected to the Marantz SR6007 receiver.

I’m planning to get the Bowers and Wilkins 702 in three months. I was just wondering, would it be a great choice to get the Rotel RC1590 pre amp for this turntable and the Rotel RB1582 power to power the B&W?

JingoLoBa57 says:

Hi Thomas
I bought that TT and plan to pair it with an upgraded Burmester 897 preamp. Testing the preamp gave me great hope for a super final result. In the meantime I have it playing through my AV8802A preamp. It sounds ok. But for convenience Tidal and other digital sources fly.

sid vicious says:

I almost bought this table twice because it was on sale and the great reviews. I ended up waiting for the Vpi Classic and I have never looked back. The Vpi has a huge amount of bass and it’s very musical, the platter alone is 20 pounds and the table total weight with platter is about 50 pounds. The only negative is the unipivot arm can be difficult to set up, but worth it and a classic 1 is upgradable all the way up to a signature, even though the classic series is now the prime series. The prime’s 3D arm can fit on the classic and the on the fly base can be added, but by the time you buy the new arm and on the fly base, you might as well buy the prime for the same amount.

matereo says:

The marantz preamp you mention, what model is it?

Club Soda says:

I understand getting distracted with the high resolution and not listening to the music but I think after a while, you will get over the honeymoon stage and return to normal music listening mode. I was like that with my $4000 tube amp. Now I don’t pay much attention to the higher resolution details anymore and focus on the music like in the old days.

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