MY VINYL QUEST BEGINS | 1ByOne Turntable Review

I’ve always had an attachment to high quality audio. FLAC files, my AKG K7xx and Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm headphones, and now… vinyl? Well, maybe.

NOTE: It’s been pointed out that the sample record I showed in-video was warped. It does have a slight warp, but all 3 records have the bouncing/needle connecting problem, not just this one.
NOTE2: I ran the headphone out through a headphone amp and quality did not improve, only loudness (whereas loudness on the direct out was fine). My mixer should be pre-amping the RCA input, *as far as I can tell*, but that didn’t make a difference.

This is my review of the “1byone Belt-Drive 3 Speed Stereo Portable Turntable with Built in Speakers, Portable Turntable Supports RCA Output/ Headphone Jack/MP3/ iPod/Mobile Phones Music Playback (Black)” – yeah, that’s really the product title. It’s a belt-driven 3-speed turntable.


Product Features:
“Selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds settings.
Dynamic, balanced tone arm with soft damping control.
Front-facing built-in speakers provide great sound.
With RCA and headphone jack outputs/ line in port mounted on the side, easy to operation and support multiple music playback modes.
Wooden cabinet with PU leather wrapping, the briefcase-styled turntable is lightweight, easy to store and transport.”

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

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Er Singa says:

Please, don’t destroy your vinyl with this turntable. If you can’t change the weight of the harm, the needle could dig your LP’s irreedimably.

Ez Money Beats says:

Dude that wobbling is unacceptable. And then the audio output complaints on top of that :-/ sorry, Thanks for the review

tough213 says:

of course a crappy crosley . people will never learn that all crosley units are garbage . nothing about them is good at all . all cheap plastic construction and partical board and cheap horrible sounding speakers and a nothing amplifier . and a crappy cartridge if you want to call it that . all crosley products should be banned they all suck nothing can be done to this to make it good . the best thing is toi get a turntable component such as audio technica and garrard or denon or dual the atpl120 is a great turntable and is a well built unit and well worht the money

Mark Ellem says:

I despise the turntable mechanism on these types of record players. Cheap ABS plastic with no weight or stability. Combined with a ceramic cartridge and heavy tracking force, these players are a disaster for playing records. Can somebody from Crosley etc. please not source these generic turntable mechanisms and spend a little more money to design a mechanism that’s more study, has a better tonearm (tracking weight/anti-skate adjust) and a moving magnet cartridge? Would it add that much more to the player cost to ensure records are not damaged and sound better?

I know Crosley use a (cheap) moving magnet cartridge in their higher end players but those players then lack simple things like a cue lever. Why do they add a better cartridge but then expect you to grab the tonearm and drop it on to the record? Makes no sense…

LemonSlice says:

Do you call yourself a man?

Sandman1832 says:

Crosley’s suitcase turn table have piss poor reviews and ratings as well. I purchased a Marathon, model ma-etts, for my boys for around $80. For being cheap, it is a pretty nice, all metal suit case turn table, or I was just lucky it was decent. Audio-Technica and Numark make good turn tables for around $100.

As for myself, my mum gave me her 1961 Sylvania Walnut AM/FM Stereo Record Player Cabinet. It doesn’t have a single blemish to it and it is near mint condition. One of the cool thing is, the amplifier part has tubes in it which makes it sound really really nice. Mum sent it to me all the way from the U.K where I grew up as a gift when my wife and I married and purchased a house in 2003. Mum purchased it new, it will stay in my family and I will give it to my kids.

You would shite yourself if you seen my vinyl collection. Thanks to several family members contributing all there old records and purchases from family, friends and myself, I have nearly 3,000 vinyls now, old and new. I still purchase them because vinyl records have a total different sound than cd’s and I go nuts like a kid in a candy store when my favorite bands put out new vinyls. I like the raw sound they put out. I have a bunch of cd’s from over the years, maybe 60-70, but I LOVE my vinyls.

jupiramaster says:

can I scratch with these?

Onneff69 says:

People who want to get “into vinyl” might as well just stay OUT of it if they’re going to use one of these toys to play their records on (be it Crosely or the half-dozen or so different labels of similar garbage currently on the market). In fact, there should be congressional hearings held on the marketing of this shit. And it has nothing to do with “snobbery”. You don’t have to be anywhere NEAR an “audiophile” to see, feel and HEAR just what pieces of trash these types of record players are.

gurupmatos says:

Sounds like a problem of no pre-amp.

Cole Manczak says:

Your DEADMAU5 record is incredibly warped

ThomasGrillo says:

I used to work in a radio station. The bouncy platform is supposed to do that. It isolates the turn table from intrusive vibrations. That record you used was warped from being left in a hot place too long, and the only possible way around that is to get some sort of audio software that compensates for warp artifacts. However, you’re spot on with the rest of your review, but keep in mind: “it’s CHEAP for a reason.” Thanks for the review.

Chris Stevens says:

buy a real turntable and you will be blown away

JAMiE DC says:

nice video, agree with every single word!

BeansCoolBeans says:

The DeadMau5 record is warped brah.

dirty4track says:

dude you’re record is warped af. take better care of your vinyl

Simon Adams says:

For turn tables you can’t beat looking for used stuff. You can get really good deals on vintage (Dual, Thorens, etc.) and slightly used newer TT’s that have seen hardly any use – at the low end look for the Pro-Ject, Rega.

RetroSpace says:


Vintage electronics says:

wow one by one Crosley Chinese piece of shit look alike that destroys records within the first couple plays hey buddy how about you getting old Technics turntable maybe like in a SL-D2 a nice old 1980s Japan made quality built made to last turntable not some piece of shit Chinese crap ass load of fuck horrendous thing even a old vintage Fisher-Price does less damage to a record than that piece of shit A Fisher-Price record player there’s a difference between record player record player is some cheap piece of shit and a turntable is Technics Sony if you got a good model Kenwood and KLH that stuff is high quality but what you’re going to play your hipster Records On You hipster faget is some piece of shit that you think is durable and high quality it’s not and fuck off stop destroying good fucking quality records I’d only place you’ll find your record collection is Goodwill stores and amoeba but they fucking charge up the fucking wall for one little thing one record $20 bastards

Magikarp GG says:

Why did you show the deadmau5 album when you were talking about destiny and vice versa? Also would you be able to do a simple starters guide for getting into vinyl?

Crazy Kimchi says:

i feel like you’ve been scammed LOL…jk

Sir Benxo says:

burn than thing and run for your life!

CoolDudeClem says:

If you’re in to high quality audio, turntables like this will severely disappoint and give a bad first impression. These have a crappy cartridge, crappy pre-amp, and crappy build quality. A real vintage 70’s Technics or an Audio-Technica would be a much better way to go.

TheNorliss says:

There’s a lot that one could say about a product like this… but I won’t. Suffice to say “You get what you pay for”. Crap like this needs to be given a seriously wide berth…

Bogdan Agapie says:

While I do respect your enthusiasm, the review really made me cringe almost constantly. Your amount of abuse you subject that piece of crap that tries to pass as a turntable is just too much, even considering how crappy the 1byone is. The lever for rising and gently lowering the tonearm is supposed to stay on only two positions and none in between. The platform that carries the platter and the tonearm should be mechanically isolated from the vibrations from the speakers and that’s why they’re so wobbly, but the platter is actually firmly linked to the tonearm mount. The fact that the platter is plastic shows how crappy this thing is (for a real turntable, the platter should be very heavy to have a lot of inertia, that serves as a buffer for the variations of speed due to uneven traction on the motor’s spindle or any other sources of speed variations. The BNC connectors probably are connected directly to the cartridge and if the cartridge is ceramic or piezoelectric then the signal is high enough to barely be listenable using a direct connection to the line in of an amplifier, but this really isn’t the way this thing should be connected. You really need a preamplifier with RIAA correction in order to get the correct sound out of the thing. Or use an older amplifier that has PHONO inputs and try to use them. You’ll have bass and the sound will be much more close to the ideal one.
Obviously your record was severely warped and the warping is mainly damaging your stylus and/or cartridge. Not that it should really matter, the turntable is really too bad for that to count, but if you’re carrying your bad habits (of using badly warped records without at least trying to flatten them – look for tips on the internet, there are plenty of) to a real turntable machine, you’ll be the last user of that device (and for a very short time…).
I can say that going back to vinyl was, for me, a truly jaw-dropping experience. I just finished building myself a preamplifier for my old turntable that has now a new cartridge and I still can’t believe how great vinyl can really sound. There’s no competition, really, vinyl is really orgasmic for discerning ears.
I can’t stress this enough: if you want to go down the vinyl road, do yourself a favor and get a complete, good quality audio chain: good speakers (NOT computer or 5.1 systems or something, just good passive stereo speakers – look for those that weigh a ton, that’s a good start), a good amplifier (you can get a used radio tuner that has built-in amplification), a decent preamplifier if the amplifier does not have Phono inputs, a turntable that has only a motor and an output (not tons of outputs, not inputs for different things, the turntable should really be a mechanical thing with some wiring going straight from the cartridge to the external connectors for output) and lots of records, preferably vintage ones. Provided you take care of the medium (that will not like extreme temperatures, handling without care – touching the surface of the disk with greasy fingers and such -, dropping or getting the tonearm to scratch the surface etc.), the audio chain will give you lots of joy.

Jim Dailey says:

u r not getting into records with that pos.

lizichell2 says:

Throw it away and get an lp120. MP3 is better than suitcase pos

Crazy Kimchi says:

which website would you recommend whom sells the Steelseries Siberia 200 at the best price(accept EBAY)and free shipping to singapore?

LuciferAgenda says:

You kitten me?
I’ve been looking to buy a Vinyl player for a while now, and lookie here.
Thanks Vox-Senpai~~

Michael Harrison says:


Siynax says:

Love the honest review.Never change that. 🙂

Flori MC says:

I got iron maiden vinyls

Sentido Pensamentus says:

if i want to digitalize vynils this tool is good?

VWestlife says:

If you want an inexpensive turntable that actually sounds great, try the Audio-Technica AT-LP60. It doesn’t have built-in speakers or 78 RPM speed, but for playing LPs and 45s through a stereo system or external amplified speakers, it’s pretty much the only good turntable under $100 on the market today.

Mawerick77 says:

Yup. Phono preamp is a must with pretty much any proper turntable. The cheap ones with crystal cartridges can do without, but as soon as you move to a moving magnet (or even moving coil) cartridge, you need a phono preamp. The amount of signal coming from the cartridge is measured in millivolts and it’s just not nearly enough for a standard rca input. The phono preamp also does RIAA equalization which is necessary because when records are made, the highs are boosted and lows toned down. This is done to a) improve signal to noise ratio and b) to better fit the grooves on the record.

I’ve got some vinyl rips on my channel if you want to check out true vinyl audio quality. Not high end stuff, just normal 80’s hifi equipment. Got a video uploading as I’m writing.

Farinelli Broschi says:

Why are you reviewing a Chinese piece of junk?

Blood Dragon says:

Greetings my fellow audiophile.

thequack1968 says:

Did he just say “needle”?

TangyPop says:

Does the RCA out have a built in preamp? If not that would explain the low volume. While there is obviously amplification going on (as there are built-in speakers) the line out could still not be amplified.

dark ashes says:

Iv hear your pain for looking for a good record player for beginners that is fordable i have found one that is check it out Pyle-Pro Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable PLTTB1

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