Onedof Turntable Review, $150,000, pt 3 Ikeda Tonearm, IT-407, Ikeda 9TT Phono Cartridge

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Abigail Sockeye says:

This is how Anakin made C-3PO

raccoon681 says:

my turn tables a 1970’s thorens td 165 it’s sells for about $400 on ebay I can’t really hear much of a difference between it and these crazy priced record players.

I think there’s only so much you can do with a peace of vinyl there made much cheaper then the players. just as long as your not using a very cheap crap deck (Walmart im looking at you) your fine.

rocker85675 says:

Where does the cassette go? Dosent play them? Waste of money

RB2113 says:

Deadly silent… Has a bit of noise lol

Indiequas says:

If I went over to this man’s house and he made me sit down, put those gloves on.. I would stand up. and leave without saying a single word

Avi Pharmd says:

That’s it! I’m sending my turntable to outer space on the next space shuttle. Zero gravity = zero friction.

Frank Pernice says:

Why do your records remind me of running dental floss through my ears? Bright, edgy and non musical. Sorry man, but its the truth.

pinkskud1 says:

You could have the parts for this machined up at an old cnc machine shop for a couple of hundred pounds. This is some real piss-takery

typ44 quattro says:

Huh, doesn’t sound any better than youtube compressed audio to my ears. I’de stick with my old Sony direct drive and spend the 150k on records.

minimal minimal says:

Oh nice, ill buy 3, one for the kitchen, one for the room and one for the living room.
Ill also get 3 pairs of gloves.

 Do i get a discount?

alexsch73 says:

Sil !!!!

Donald Lentz says:

Good God, too much fiddledinking around to play a record. Anyone who spends $150,000 on a turntable has more money but less sense than a dog to come out of the rain…and white gloves to boot. I’m laughing my ass off as any $500 turntable will play the record as well and that big gold thing in the middle is pure hype as well…Snobware! All that hype and it’s not even direct drive…belt breaks and it’s worthless until you replace it…

Ventsislav Simonov says:

You didn’t even use a protractor and mounting template to align your tonearm and cartridge!

J Diffo says:

Needs x2 for some scratching mix

kalanix51 says:

I wouldn’t pay more that $3,00 for it but i want one haha

gwadaflat says:

In hifi high end and in general, everything that shines is not gold, in any case musically speaking! This turnable to $ 150,000 is just a joke to flatter the equals of the very wealthy people who do not know what to make their money! I am certain that a $ 10000 / 15000 / 20000 $ quality Turnable offers much better results, such as a turnable EAT Forte with a Moerch DP8 arm or a Acoustic Solid Wood MPX Referenz and many more!

James Martin says:

that’s a lot of work for 20 minutes worth of music…..within 2 secs I get unlimited music on spotify.
Sounds great through my Bryston and Vandersteens
and saved me a 145,000….
ridiculous to think this turntable costs the same as a heavily optioned porsche 911s

Peter R. says:

It’s not even spinning true, if you look how the light reflects of the spinning surface it’s not true on centre, hmmmm real precision machining …..Not

TheWretchedWorld says:

pure wankery this is just nonsense get yourself an sl1200 mkii or rega planar 3 and just enjoy the music

Richard Newcombe says:

Surely as long as the record is spinning at he correct speed, with isolation from vibrations. the only thing that can change the sound is the quality of the cartridge, needle, tone arm and electronics. Correct me if i am wrong!

Sushruth Shetty says:

Crackle ..pop…Deadly Silence….hiss..pop….
When you spend $150,000 you tend to hear only what you want to hear I guess.
This is like having to change a car tyre (Tire) every time you want to listen to some music. Too much work.
Never stress those bearings..she’s all tight..there it goes..all mounted…simply beautiful

Bob Outélama says:

150’000$ for this ? Somebody enjoyed a wonderful margin.

Those are the kind of crazyness in my hobby that make no sense.

Dazlidorne Jenkins says:

Can you imagine how good Nickelback would sound on this?

yubertuber1 says:

Can this be used for scratching in a DJ setting? = D

greencityman420 says:

I mean it’s a nice turntable and if I had the money my audiophile ass would buy one but the quest for perfection can only go so far and it seems you’ve taken it completely over the top. You’re almost scared of the machine being afraid to touch it with your bare hands.

yubertuber1 says:

People need to understand that there are tens of thousands of billionaires (hundreds of thousands of multi millionaires) out there who buy equipment like this, not just for it’s sound quality, but for its exquisite beauty. A Rembrandt can cost $60 million and just hang on a wall. This is functional art. Simply gorgeous in beauty, function and sound. To those fortunate individuals, a 1 million dollar audiophile system is like you or I buying a Big Mac meal. It’s chump change. And yes, many give millions a year to charity as well and have the right to do as they wish with their money. Just my honest opinion anyway. Thumbs up and thanks for the video.

Felix Snowcat says:

What a huge waste of money

jaco1458 says:

Do I have to use gloves everytime I put on a record?? lol!

anti BaSe says:

“Ultra High Performance Audio” hahaha, You’re just retarded ultra high

moggiecatmog says:

Hello and hi there .I would like to say wow! .Sad to see a lot of bad comments.My father worked for the BBC in outside broadcast in the seventies .I have his passion for vinyl but not the money to spend on players like he did.He loved his sme 3009 and motors.He was always going on about wow and flutter.I bet this player never has any of this Hee! Keep up the videos Cant wait to see what other goodies you have.

rpwVideoInstruction says:

AVEquipRev….would you ever consider doing reviews of more affordable equipment, like U-Turn, and Pro-Ject? There are plenty of us out there who love to listen to records, for example, but don’t have 150 large to spend on this. It would be nice to see you guys lend your expertise in that direction as well.

John Adams says:

Why not buy one over priced $75,000 turntable and donate $75,000 to a deserving charity that aids children.

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