Pioneer Pl-990 Turntable Review

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My thoughts on the Pioneer PL-990 turntable. Cheap but better than I expected it to be.


小鳥遊六花 says:

I totally agree of this content. I enjoy analyzing audio technologies and implementations relative to me.

metalmichael13 says:

very good video.

tēletheātēs says:

Great to see you still doing the occasional hi-fi-related video here once in a while, JC. Cheers from Greece!

Arthur's Hallicrafters Kitchen & Audio Lab says:

Thrilled to see another video about audio from you! And thanks for shattering myths about conical styli. Enjoy your new turntable!

Jeff Joshua Rollin says:

I just got this turntable on your (and others’) recommendation, and I love it! Cheers Joe!

Vince Baker says:

I would like to see more videos like this but not so long

Derek smith says:

I dig the vintage audio man keep it up please!

Wayne Mickel says:

Cheap is right it looks a lot like the Sears Turntable I picked up for five dollars at Goodwill I have a Sanyo that at least has a balance for the weight of the needle and a bias ajustment at another thrift store for five dollars. I have a Kenwood that is a lot like that and I have a Realistic Radio shack that is like it. and I have three GRADO cartridges and one Shure cartridge and the best is the Linn Sondek turntable with a Grace 727 tone arm, the GRADO signature cartridge. 3 1/2 grams is really heavy I always go for 1.5 grams.

Jon Beard says:

I just bought one for my girlfriend , I was guessing that she would not care to fiddle with balancing a tone arm with a counterweight . I was going to ask , are you recommending the Audio Technica  AT3600 stylus as a replacement ? I have no idea of the condition of the stylus on the turntable I bought as it has not arrived yet but was described as working . I’m kind of excited to get this player in her hands , she has been wanting to dabble in vinyl but won’t spend the money . So I did it for her . I wanted to get something with a throwback feel but not so tech filled she wouldn’t enjoy it . Thanks for any help .

Thomas Kennedy says:

It has a switch on the back if you want to use a different pre amp.

Dj Zelous says:

Doooopeeee! I was waiting for this one! I might pick it up for a bedroom setup once i move out of my parents house, soon hopefully 🙂

uxwbill says:

These inexpensive turntables sure are getting a lot of press amongst my subscriptions. I think they’re entirely decent — maybe even far better than a lot of people would give them credit for.

Rather amusingly, Youtube and its HTML5 player “gave up” around the 23 minute mark and displayed a buffering indication, while the video kept right on going perfectly!

analogueaddict says:

I had a similar one back in the ’90s made by Radio Shack/Realistic. Not too bad actually, it didn’t ruin my records. I upgraded a couple of years later to a Dual CS505-4 with an Ortofon OM10 pre-installed.

TheDoctor66 says:

Hi This video was good to watch
I like to play vinyl record

John sweda says:

yes I was going to say cork try it out, what about copper mat? might work better especially in the mid-range and vocals soften the bass a little bit the way you were talking it sounded a bit on the extension side

Neil Malakar says:

So you can’t just plug it into speakers and play? You need a pre amp as well?

Clinton W Salvato says:

I love these types of videos, and this type of tech as well. Do they still use diamond for the needle (didn’t realize it was called a stylus) we always called it the needle, or have they changed to other tech? It’s been a while since I’ve had a turntable. Not since I was a kid actually. Also love Eddy Arnold I have two main songs by him:

Cattle Call

HeadsUpHigh says:

But does it have mainline drivers ? 😛

Nathan0490 says:

So if you connect this to a Yamaha audio receiver you don’t need an Amp in between the connection, correct? Is the output 3.5mm or red/white composite?

SlackCliMax says:

Thats ok Joe. It is still covered by the GramaPhone License.

Vivi Wu says:

Does it work without speakers?

dclcav says:

Good video Joe, trying to record one of my old LP’s from my Dual CS505-2 record deck with the Tape button pressed in on my Nad3130 amp, through my little audio box to PC using Ubuntu Mate 16.04, but nothing coming through..not sure what to set in Audacity? Can you do a demo video for us?

Onno Vocks says:

Pioneer wouldn’t have stuck with this player for this many years if it wasn’t any good. Good, no, ..great advice on the rubber mat!
Unless you have a way to also raise the pivot point on the arm, stay away from those thick mats! Greetings!

J Fleer says:


margaretsville says:

I picked up the Sony equivalent to this turntable at the Goodwill. It looks extremely similar to this. I wonder if it’s made in the same factory?
BTW the Rega p1 also uses the same AT cartridge as this, but they call it the “REGA CARBON” cartridge. Please do more audio videos!

Tony Maughan says:

Hi Joe. I love your YouTube Videos. Came for the Linux, stayed for the H Fi 🙂 For the record I run Linux Mint on both my Desktop and Laptop. My Hi Fi is a Marantz CD65 CD player [old] and a Thorens TD 160 Turntable [even older] with an SME 3009 tone arm fitted with a Goldring 1012GX cartridge. Everything else is stuff I built myself with transistor single ended Class A amps driving Transmission Line Speakers. I like doing stuff for myself, which is one reason I prefer Linux to Microsoft. I have learned a lot from your Linux videos, and I really like your style. Thank you very much and long may you continue.

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