Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ Turntable Review & Super-OEM Comparison Video

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The new Pioneer PLX-1000 analog DJ turntables have the similar layout and basic features of the iconic Technics 1200’s that DJ’s are familiar with along with some “Super-OEM” turntable DNA and other minor adjustments to set it apart from the others on the market. The PLX-1000 has the Pioneer CDJ looks with the beautiful brushed black finish and silver accents. Check out our full review and comparison video to see how they stack up.


Apostolis Μarioulas says:

What speakers are those in the back ?

Robert Stevenson says:

No other turntable will ever be able to compare to technics…. had mine for 25 years never let me down at home or on the road . these pioneer decks are nowhere near the quality …

Johnny Jams says:

Aren’t the Reloop RP 7000, RP8000 & Audio Technica AT-LP1240 also considered Super OEM?

max wedge says:

Great review and I’m glad to see that you picked up on the PLX-1000 arm!  I’m looking for a turntable and I’m wanting to stay away from the Music Hall / Pro-ject / Rega offerings in that price range.  Would you recommend the Pioneer PLX 1000 direct drive for home use or is there another direct drive TT that you prefer?

Reticuli says:

Is that a 120c?

D. Paul Riderman says:

Maybe he can try the new Denon because they are designed from the ground up by Denon. I know they are new, but they should be out soon.

Sam Ford says:

How can I run the Pioneer on my Denon home theater reciever?
The Denon does not have a phono in.

djob3y says:

All around 500 used what should I go with reloop 8000 straight , Plx 1000 or the technics 1200 mk2 ?

HTBLuVA says:

there is a better review because this turntable has very bad resonances in loud environments

Sysaphys says:

Recently purchased some AT1240’s. Considering the feature set, I am completely confused at the pricing for these decks. Super OEM’s for a hell of a lot more money with less features than it’s own counterparts. Wouldn’t they sell more units if they lowered the prices to match their feature set? Or are they trying to go after the “1200” purist that believes this is a superior product over other super OEM’s because they look like 1200’s, have identical feature sets and cost and arm and a leg, because reasons?

bluebluebluebird says:

I would like to see the pitch control set to the strobe light settings to see if the platter dots wow and flutter. Can you post that for the Pioneer PLX1000?

Senator Wax Davis says:

any long term review updates? anything busted down on the PLX 1000 after 2 years of use?

Aaron Baffour says:

thank you for doing turntables instead of just dj controllers keep it up!

bataleon says:

Say ‘super OEM’ again. Say ‘super OEM’ again, I dare you, I double dare you m#%&#@f&%$*r, say super OEM one more Goddamn time! Thanks for the review bro. Stellar job 🙂

Jason Snider says:

I wish Stanton wouldn’t have gotten rid of the T120s


What Pioneer mixer are you using in this video?

nobby styles says:

looking for decent reviews is hard work man, just get on the mix and beat juggle the fuck outta those things so i can see if they work. ffs

J.C.M Gómez says:

Hey! nice vid! my grandparents have a Sony Ps-lx49p, do you (or any one else here) know if this is good enough to start my collection? or will it damage my records, for the record i will of course get a new stylus for it!

nonesta13 says:

Is the Pioneer good just for listening to my classic rock vinyl?

DjGloRiouS HeaveN says:

I was thinking about getting the Pioneer white turntables.Is it similar to the 1000.Its the same table but it’s white.Question is it the same as the Techniques

23lnp says:

dj booth are the pioneers a good choice ? reliable etc ?

littlemimus says:

dude your review is awesome. i had a question about the sound resonance problem someone else had made a video on with this turntable. is this still a problem?

Marc2Pau says:

one more SL1200 clone… I have had to change my old Technics a couple of weeks ago, and i bought…. a second hand SL1200… that’s all. Why does those manufacturers copy the Technics’s design ? Only Numark tried to create its own with the TT500 serie.


You sold me on the Pioneer when you said the Stanton has a “plasticky” pitch slider. Nothing beats the feel of sturdy, heavy metal!

Theophilo Junior says:

Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ Turntable Review & Super-OEM Comparison Video

Dj Litty says:

Can the PLX-1000 be used for Serato DVS?


Do you review cartridges e.g. Shure or Ortofone?

J. vdw says:

Excelent TT on the outside…. But you real DJ’s want to know is its real quality? Check out this real review:

Maxwell S says:

dude why are you yelling

streetbass 786 says:

the question is.. how long will these china made pioneer decks last.. ? i have had my technics sl-1200 decks since 1987 and they still work like new to this very day and i have never had one problem with them, oh.. and never had them serviced, and yes they get used every other day. TECHNICS IS A WINNER..

Sebi's Random Tech says:

Looks like this would make a nice Hi-Fi turntable as well.

Kevin Rachman says:

Amazing review first time it was actually useful info my understanding is that the Stanton is upgradeable is this true

Chris M.R. Santos says:

Hello everyone – take a look over this review from a guy that fall all Pioneer apart inside the hardware to compare it to Technics and how it souds when playing vinyl and a close speaker …….Pioneer its terrible to use with vinyls…maybe only as an interface…

Steady says:

1200’s Techniques hands down no matter where you play everything else is junk

Tin Cole says:

which one do you reccomend, this one or udio tehnica lp 1240 usb ? please answer. thanks!

Dj Knyfestryke says:

are u still using your 150’s? I love mine, how are yours holding up? great video by the way…

Clark Gambarrotti says:

I can’t believe this is the 15th review I have seen on this turntable and no one talks about the sound quality. Thanks for covering the features, however.

Deejay Core says:

COOL real Dj’s own a pair of Turntables

Tomo Flis says:

also akyama acura and synq xtrm1 are same super-OEM, which u can get cheap at second hand markets, thats about 4 turnatables at a price of new pioneer plx-1000.
A good video comparison between plx-1000 and 1210

PAUL Miller says:

What’s good for a starter set up? makes models and direct drive dex?? anyone

djob3y says:

What who u go with ? I’m not holding to what you would do I think I would be happy either way . Also have you ever used ortofon s 120 hardshell needles ?

SouthSide says:

In your opinion which one is better between the plx 1000 or the reloop 8000? I saw your reloop review and I didn’t like the power break/stop feature on the reloop. It just cuts off or speed up and goes slow. Looking for a great first time turntables.


Cut Correct says:

Hey Kareem is the counterweight the same as the Technics?. Recently misplaced the counterweight in route to a gig and don’t want to spend $75 on a replacement. Recommendations?

TuneStunnaMusic says:

Hanpin has been around for more than ten years….


What is a dicer?

Theophilo Junior says:

Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ Turntable Review & Super-OEM

78 Tranz Am Man says:

The brushed aluminum looks is real fuckin cool!

David Bass says:

Where are the Pioneer PLX-1000s made?

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