Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Audiophile Turntable Review

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Saturn Five says:

Its overpriced, bet it sounds no better than a decent turntable from the 80’s

mike chatlosh says:

some turntables had cartridges with such deep bass response the bass would radiate through the desk or table the turntable was sitting on. while you could replace the cartridge, a better solution would be to go to a horse supply store and buy a rubber mat they usually put in horse stall cut to size, put it under the turntable. that should prevent low frequency vibration.

Kevin Rachman says:

Its a great entry level turntable but there’s a humming and its not a durable as a direct drive from Stanton or Pioneer

Donovan James says:

Get a 1200…..way better than this shit………………

Stephen Spivack says:

how does this compare to the audio technica at-lp120?

dj doovan says:

people getting these expensive new turntables im still looking for technics for under 500$ lmao

Vylkeer says:

Quick question, is it superior than the ATLP120 by AudioTechnica? I like that it already has everything it needs: 2M Red Cartridge and no pre-amp built in whereas the LP120 needed its to be removed to achieve better sound quality.

episode 666 no one says:

I have a pro-ject TT without carbon tonearm. is it any less valuable?

Susazeu says:

I sincerely thought these things called vinyl had dropped out of my life completely somewhere around 1985… Oh, well, kids!!!
Sincerely, who wants the scratchy sound?
But, just for the record, I’m digging in the basement for my old records. Who knows, they might find a way back to my heart.
Great vid!

Chase Vineland says:

I own this model and a bit disappointed quality wise. It doesn’t compare to $1,000-1,500 turntables as stated by reviewer. I purchased mine locally and had to return it due to a motor bushing defect. Argh! Then I upgraded the metal platter to the $100 acrylic platter. Didn’t add value to the sound but looks cool. Unfortunately the acrylic platter is slightly taller which causes the turntable cover to hit the platter on its edge when opening and closing. Quality is questionable. But I am keeping it because it sounds amazing. Truly makes you question how digital can not deliver the same sonic quality. The carbon tone arm is the heart of this turntable. FYI Do not use the crappy grounding wire included in the box – again another quality issue. Find some bare copper wire instead. Also I’m using a Cambridge Audio phono amp to my Parasound Halo Integrated amp.

Peter Mitchell says:

Cheap and nasty deck. Built to poor quality using MDF. Don’t touch anything by this company.

Shane Combs says:

Hardest decision of my life. Rega Rp1 or the Debut carbon dc

Shreddah says:

I don’t get the anti skating on this turntable. If it’s just a weight won’t the force always be the same or can you adjust the anti skating force?

Henry Carmona says:

Loved your review, editing, video quality, and beards input.

terrywho22 says:

LPs sound wonderful, assuming the following: 1. The turntable and cartridge are of decent quality; 2. The cartridge and tonearm are properly matched; and, 3. The tonearm and cartridge are correctly set-up. This table with the Ortofon 2M will get you #1 and 2. However, #3 (VTF, VTA, overhang, alignment, azimuth) is up the end user and is critical or your LPs will always sound worse than your digital sources.

Dirk Diggler says:

all this bullshit for 400 bucks

Robert H says:

I thought it was interesting that the platter mat used in this video was in no way like the trash, razor blade thin, worthless mat they furnish with the turntable, slick move! If I were furnishing the mat that Pro-Ject furnishes, I would not show it either!
They still have never addressed the 120 Hz Hum/Buzz, introduced by the motor, these tables still buzz the second the stylus hits the lead in grooves of the record, horrible design, and never addressed by the company, who in the heck would buy this table?????

Graeme Woller says:

Just brought one. It’s great. Red cartridge and all. Then I came across this video and was like “OMG that’s MY turntable!” I feel like I’ve joined a cool club.

Garth says:

Post below is now muted because yet again we have people who have no idea what they are talking about but just like to comment on something they have never heard..Listen up people these trolls talk bullshit and have no knowledge they are very stupid people

edmundo oliver says:

I have a old kenwood amplifer with a power source and phone input can i just plug it in to the amp

Danogot516 says:

Here is me rolling with an old Silver SL550

TroyHR says:

Motherboards, GPU’s, vinyl and a pint…..What could be better.

Ezra Edison says:

I have the pro-ject esprit a very nice upgrade from this particular model. I love it!

ImaginaryAdversary says:

the audiophile who can’t get a decent mic level.

lucasmac15 says:

So if your receiver has a phono port you don’t need to buy a pre-amp?

Mario Garon says:

A carbon tonearm is great but the tonearm bearings are much more important. Some of the best tonearms are made aluminum. The Pro-ject tonearms are good but to say that one of their entry-level tonearms are comparable to a 4-digit tonearm is ridiculous and Pro-Ject themselves would disagree. Kudos for trying something new but please stick to motherboard

MyMyszor says:

Turntable review without sound comparison…hahaha. PJ Debut is entry level and can be beaten by any 70’s-80’s tt from flea market.

Take It To Cort says:

It’s moving magnet not magnetic motor

artefact says:

What an ugly cheap pos, go feebay and get a vintage TT.

MP-Fin says:

Gonna get this turntable. Thanks for the video.

Travis Bostick says:

Did I see Sigur Rós’ Von? Wow, respect.

Andrew Warby says:

I would love to see more videos of turntables, headphones, and anything audiophile.

John McVay says:

wow, this knit wit is proud of a mp3 collection. fucking poseur

Tirey Pagel says:

I just bought one of these in green, cant wait until it gets here!

Practical Guy says:

Don’t forget to wash your records, even brand new ones have static, microscopic dust and dirt! Too many turntable noobs will just play anything. The dust and static on a record will sound like constant noise floor and create clicks and pops also. If the record is in good condition virtually all noise can be eliminated with a mild pressure wash with distilled water. The pressure gets into the grooves to clean them well. Look that up on YouTube, many people explain how. Then if you store the cleaned records in mofi antistatic inner sleeves you will not have to wash and de-static them for about 50 plays (as long as you have a antistatic platter mat like cork). Also this saves your stylus from dust and dirt and extra wear and even damage with really dirty records.

illinoisben says:

thingamajiger?   wohoo

Zach Jira says:

I just bought this turntable. Best 400 bucks that I have ever spent!

el3xtrosky says:

Yeah, agreed, many people here love the vinyl, turntable content, please do more

Lee McCurtayne says:

Children of the Licorice pizza, we salute you.

randomlyselecteduser says:

This was probably already mentioned somewhere, but MM stands for Moving Magnet, not Magnetic Motor.

Have a nice day.

Adam Schmidt says:

i still want a technics sl-1710 mk2 man

Zestypanda says:

Don’t store your records horizontally!!!

Sean Wright says:

seems like a lot of money for objectively worse quality than digital

justsomeguytoyou says:

I can tell you’re not a true audiophile guy, because you’re swayed by ad copy. The fact that it’s powered by an ac adapter is a huge red flag, a true sign of low quality…..and the tonearm material makes no audible difference at all. The truth is, you can get a Technics or Pioneer turntable from the 70’s or 80’s on ebay for a fraction of the cost, equip it with the same cartridge, and the sound quality would be identical.

Chris Cicala says:

Von is sigur ros’ worst album I recommend everything else they have made

Curtis Halley says:

Anyone know what Phono Stage Preamp they use inside this turntable? or something I could use as a “built in” phono preamp to my DIY turntable?

I’m having trouble sourcing options…I’m building one similar to the Runwell by Shinola.


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