Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC) Turntable Review

Whether you’re looking to replace an old turntable or this will be your first, the Debut Carbon should be at the top of your list. In all it’s iterations over the years, it’s always been one of the best values in audio, and the newest model continues to raise the bar. The combination of the carbon fiber tonearm and speed control, coupled with the outstanding performance of the Ortofon Red cartridge, provides a great experience. At $399, we simply can’t recommend the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon enough.

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NoDak Savage says:

I wish you could order this with the acrylic platter. Instead all i’m finding is the platter sold separately. I would think there would be some way to offset this cost by having it as an included option.

Steve Gardner says:

This guy didn’t grow up with vinyl looking at the way he handles LPs.

Santi B says:

Outstanding video.

300DBenz says:

I just ordered one of these (in blue) the other day because my old Aiwa px-e860 (that I’ve had since high school) finally gave up the ghost.
I can’t wait to hear the difference a higher quality turntable and stylus will make.

Edit: the price has recently dropped to $399, which was nice because now I could afford a higher quality pre-amp (which is necessary since the standard Carbon doesn’t have a built in one).

Glumfish says:

Plz do more turntable reviews!

randomlyselecteduser says:

Is this carbon tonearm marketing hype or is there something special about the design? I ask because carbon fiber is very resonant: they make acoustic guitars out it.

unrealistic1 says:

I’m selling my dp-300f to contribute towards my purchase of this turntable.

Vylkeer says:

Does it only play 33 1/3 RPM LPs? What if you need to play 45 RPM vinyls too? Btw looks amazing 🙂

Connor Bright says:

This or a u turn with same cartridge, acrylic platter, and cue lever?

Nicolas Melia says:

oh god.. why are you touching the record like that.. my eyes. 🙁

Keith Parkhill says:

Must admit not a fan of either Pro Ject or Music Hall. I have a expensive model and the bearings are not great in the arm. They slip out of place . These bearings are put in with tenson and if they go south they have to be taken apart and realigned which requires a jig. Unexceptabke for my two grand table. Should have stuck with Rega.

Vinyl 2CD Rescue says:

Nice video, but it would have been better if you had not fingered up the LP while handling. Sorry, but it makes me cringe when I see people do that.

Jack McKenna says:

this sounds like an ad, not a review. It’s hard to believe a reviewer who benefits from the products’ sales.

jeffs1000 says:

those Adele vinyls suck!!! Buy the CD, it’s better.

Bryan Dempsen says:

I thought that the esprit model was the only one with a speed box built in.

treguard1982 says:

Not a big fan of the Ortofon 2m Red so far. I’ve had some noticeable inner groove distortion and sibilance is pretty bad 🙁

MrAussiedeadhead says:

Will get one of these and fit it with a mono cartridge to play mono records only. Stereo can suck big time, especially when playing the Beatles.

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