Pro-Ject Turntable Comparison (Debut Carbon, Esprit, RPM 3)

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC is now in it’s 3rd revision and continues to be the best selling turntable in the world above $300. It’s easy to see why with its great feature set. However, the company that makes the Pro-ject turntables has a pretty big selection of other tables. When considering the Debut Carbon, customers frequently ask us what they get by moving up in price.

To answer this question, we thought it would be fun to compare the Carbon DC to a couple of slightly more expensive Pro-Ject models. We chose the Pro-Ject Esprit and the Pro-Ject RPM3. These three tables provide a good selection in the $300 to $1,000 price range.



Steve M says:

I own a project carbon, I have noticed quite a lot of rumble when using it, i have to say i have heard other good brands that are cheaper and are just as good if not better. A bit over rated. And i do miss an auto stop or auto return Turntable.

lucky9381 says:

Sorry guys, I’m Rega through and through, but I have to say you make some quality videos.

Imran Ahmed says:

How can I get a turn table in Pakistan ?

Andrew Scott says:

Lets hear the three turntables all with the same cart.

Michael Caprio says:

I’m fairly sold on either the Debut Carbon or Esprit. What preamp would you recommend, considering I probably won’t upgrade beyond the Esprit (for a long time at least).

chagall56 says:

Just bought a Pro-Ject Esprit. It’s the worst turntable I’ve ever had. Can’t even play a record with anti-skate weight on! The sound of a record is the worst I’ve ever heard. My Audio Technica LP 60 is infinitely better and automatic also!

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