Product Review | HOUSE OF MARLEY Stir It Up Turntable

Check out this review of the HOUSE OF MARLEY Stir It Up Turntable conducted by our very own AVU Team!


DjCole100 says:

$300 for a crappy belt driven wooden Turntable? should be called House of Pinocchio Turntable.

Stijn Kraft says:

Adding stylus pressure because the armbearing sucks? Anti skating is only going to make it ‘drag’ more.
The Marley I looked at (didn’t test it, just had a little look at it in a record store) omitted this problem by having loads and LOADS of play on the arm.

Though they mounted a reasonable cartridge, causing the playet to sound okay-ish, it’s an absolute heap of junk that will ruin your records in the long run, only this one costs 3 times more than a crosley that wll do just that.

I say; U-turn orbit, affordable phono preamp. You save money AND you don’t ruin your records.

nod bor says:

U-Turn Turntables are a much better quality buy at $179.00 and up.

Max Jimenez says:


ProfessorMatic says:

Not only is the tonearm poor, it doesn’t use the now standard headshell. The name alone is enough to put me off liking it. And why not with a name like that make it from American hemp and not Chinese bamboo.

Yippie says:

That was pretty dumb to bring up the terrible part that had nothing to do with the record player.

K Riveroll says:

So you need headphones or and external amp to listen to the music ?

D. Paul Riderman says:

It’s $199, and you didn’t add the counterweight which allows you to level it before adding pressure to the cartridge (see the turning dial on the front of the counterweight). I always wonder about this kind of misinformation.

Jim Dandy says:

I want a modern high-end turntable that plays 16, 33, 45, and 78.

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