Record Player: Crosley – Top 5 Reasons NOT to Buy!

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Brian Smigiel says:

I’m 42 yrs old and have been a record collector and player all my life and i tried one of these cuz I had limited space in my former apartment and let me tell you that some of my favorite records got ruined after trying to play them on one of these cheap record players. The quality is like a toy. the tracking is way too heavy and horrible and made the records skip and my records never skipped!! So I revived my old Technics rack system stereo and I will keep that quality record player as long as i can. Buy a good turntable and your records will last for a lifetime and more. My first record player when I was a kid in the 1980s was a cheap portable and wore out the records fast too. If you want your records to last keep them clean, change your needle every year and play them on good equipment. You can play your records on these cheap players that look cute but really…. trust me that’s an abusive relationship to your record albums health!

antoine morales says:

Do you recommend a victrola record player ?

Chdonga says:

I’m surprised that these things can even damage record players. Because mine didn’t work at all!

I tried to find the support page for my model and they didn’t have it. My model has the control panel of the Director, the speakers of the Musician, and a cassette player on the side that I don’t see on ANY of their models!

I got my Frankenstein’s Crosley from a garage sale, so maybe it was a knockoff. But after seeing all the negative reviews I don’t think an official one would give me any better results.

FrightfulAccountant says:

I am not going into the debat if the 5 vs 3.5 gr really is that bad, because I honestly don’t know, but I am going to confirm one thing I do know: Crosleys sounds awful. If you connect a good quality turntable to a a good receiver with reasonably afordable good speakers, you get a sound quality that is diffrent but equal as good in quality as of a cd in a cd-player to that same receiver.
If you put a vinyl on a Crosley, you get sound much worse then the sound of an audio cassette in a Sony Walkman. Crosleys have an awful sound. And believe me I am no audiophile, not even by a long shot. I just happened to not be deaf. Crosleys are gadgets, toys I would say. Don’t listen to them and think that is how a vinyl should sound.

Joel Robinson says:

Buy Akai instead

Akhilesh Kiran says:

Can you please review ION Mustang 4-in-1 Music Centre

Dead Surveillance says:

Dang I have one recently for Christmas. It sucks tbh . It’s skips words in one my songs .

Noah S says:

I actually have one of these lol

ninja n says:

how about the victrolla?

Jake Bob Productions says:

They are not cheap, you can get cheaper and higher quality ones on Amazon.

Mark W says:

Yes, they are junk.  Probably use a ceramic cartridge too.

Diggnuts says:

There is nothing inherently wrong with a Crosley. They are cheap, look nice and are fun. The damage they do to records also is extremely exaggerated.

Unless you are some weird OCD audiophile with a vinyl fetish, there is no need to shill out hundreds of bucks for a setup. If all you are after is to experience vinyl like in the good old days, a Crosley will probably be better than anything most people had, especially in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Back in the day, most people had cheap players that also did not have any calibration, arm-weights or quality needles. I certainly did not own a high end player in the 80’s. It was a old dual pick-up. I also had a portable Aristona. Both these players are typical of what people used and they are in no way better in sound quality or not damaging records. In fact, the line-out from the crosley that goes directly into an amp without a phono-preamp is more luxury than most people ever had, especially in their teens.

So if you want an authentic experience, buy a Crosley.. if you want to experience what almost nobody could afford in the day, be an audiophile.

A Crosley simply and objectively is fine if you pick up the odd LP from a trift store now and again, and it will be a lot closer to the genuine experience most of us had when Vinyl was in its heyday.

MerryAce says:

I don’t really understand why you’d want a portable record player? You have to move the vinyl records too, and at that point why wouldn’t you just take your turntable and some speakers too?

Matt Gonzalez says:

Your shirt collar looks huge, sorry it just distracted me

Diamond Creeper 23 says:


Dony Tube says:

RIP Record player

llama 975 says:

I got one for christmas now I’m sad

tonearmtone says:

I would never – in a milion years – consider buying a Crosley anyway, but it’s always great to watch your videos!

8-Bit Warrior says:

Do you think a Crosley CR78 would have these problems?

Austin Henderson says:

I’ve had a Crosley for several years (I know…) and I’ll admit it’s been great in getting my collection started. However, for the past year or so, I’ve realized how low quality they really are in comparison to what else is on the market. I’m currently researching the best investments for an upgraded system. 

Does anyone know how many plays it takes for a Crosley to seriously damage a record’s grooves? I don’t play my albums that often, mainly because I’m skeptical of my own turntable at the moment, and don’t think I’ve played an album (especially my newer/more expensive ones) over 10x. 

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Blake Fuller says:

Have looked at the Crosley C200? I can’t afford an audio technica and I’ve had a bad experience with my belt driven record player.

Trevor Sutton says:

I do disagree about the speakers yea they aren’t that good but the record player does come with plug ups in the back for better quality speakers if you have better ones

Caden Schmidt says:

This video persuaded me to sell my shitty cruiser and buy the audio technica LP120! It is truly amazing and I love it and thank you for waking me up from my Crosley cruiser coma!

Lily Knight says:

What about Victrola ?

Harry The 2005 VHS Lover says:

Hi Jarret! I found on YouTube a Crosley called the C10. It has a Ortofon 2M red cartridge and a project aluminium tone arm. It also doesn’t have built in speakers or a preamp. That could be (and probably is) the best Crosley turntable.


TheGingerburger says:

You have some good points about cheap materials and shit speakers but you WRONG about the tracking force if you look up the original spec sheets for LPs & 45s by Columbia & R.C.A they recommend a tracking force of 6 grams plus or minus a couple grams so crosley’s 5.7 grams is actually within the recommended force.that being said I still wouldn’t buy a crosley because the speakers are far too quiet and not enough bass when I play music at home I shake the whole building LOL

TheLordPS says:

could you please, pleaaasee buy a crosley cruiser and show how it is?

animal chin says:

ya know what dick head what if some kid like vinyl and can only afford anything else fuck off undubscribed

Overthefences8 7344 says:

What about the Victrola version of these?

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