Record Players: Top 5 Picks

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1. Audio Technica LP-60

2. U-Turn Orbit Plus Acrylic

3. Audio Technica LP-120

4. Pro-Ject Essential II

5. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Klipsch Speakers:
LP – 120 Turntable:
Yamaha Receiver:
Pioneer Subwoofer:
Record Needle:
Belkin Power Strip:
Inner Sleeves:
3M Dual LOCK:
Zip Ties (BLACK):

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Cebunous Morán says:

Hey man, I love your videos. I wanted to ask you: what about these turntables such as Jensen JTA-230 or JTA-222? I mean, they´re cheap as hell, which suits me, as I´m just starting my “journey” to the vinyl world, but still, I can´t keep from wondering if I´m making a good or a bad buy, or if it will damage my records. Im´fully aware that built in speakers aren´t the best, but besides that, the tracking force, anti-skating etc… These are the subjects that concern me. You think you could share with us your thoughts about this specific turntables? Thanks a lot!

franimal007 says:

NOPE on your choices. Cheap plastic turntables ar not good. Entry level turntables should be band and it is not about colors it’s about sound. I would rather a used 70 to 80s one. Sony, ps-x600, technics sl1600mk2, etc. There are many other ones also denon dp45…I can go on. 400 plus I rather a vintage sony, technics, denon, sansui, marantz, ar, I can keep going.

AntonDoesMusic says:

I am surprised the Stanton T.92 was not mentioned, but I like this list! Very helpful and well edited video as well. Thanks!

Kerath says:

Why every cool hobby must be so expensive to get into 🙁

Marcus Kurtz says:

i have an ion record player , is that an ok model?

MultiPopolvuh says:

I really would never recommend that Audio Technica LP60. That spring mechanism for tracking force looks like a complete record killer. Any decent cartridge requires much finer adjustment than what you’re able to get with that. Also, the spring mechanism means that any variation in record thickness or any warpage is going to result in variable tracking force. So the spring mechanism is really just….don’t go there. Really very poor. Save money and go for something better if you value your records. I’m surprized this gets recommended.

HSD112 says:

The LP-60 has anti skate, it’s not adjustable tho.

Rob Mortimer says:

Lp 60 does have anti skate and a spring counter weight

Andrei Alexandru says:

the lp60 does have anti-skate… it is not adjustable but it has. look at some true tests

Harut Hajin says:

The best for the price Sony 500, also Akai 300 good

Wake Up says:

All mediocre turntables. The crap ortofon red cartridge is super bright and un-natural. Find a good vintage turntable and have it serviced by a qualified person.

greebuh says:

On the LP60 there sure as shit anti-skate, plenty of people have shown this.

BryanX 64 says:

I think the AT-LP60 is $90 now. I remember I bought mine in late 2014 for about $100 on Amazon, and it was the USB version. It’s the definitive beginner TT, IMO

APO11O says:

Your ears look like an elfs

Mujtaba Kamran says:

Nice video. Also, you have weird ears.

David Goyetche says:

I love my Audo-Techneqica L60. Its amazing

Jevai Official says:

Actually you can replace the needle for the audio technica lp60. It worked for me. You have to pull it down and it separates.

GwM Villamizar says:

So, If I choose to buy the Audio Technica LP6.
How can I change the needle??

saturn0660 says:

$500 for a fucking turntable? Get real…

57dogsbody says:

You cant go wrong with a project deck. NO gimmicks great sound no need for most people to spend more.

DOOM! says:

A built in pre-am is hardly a ‘feature’ these days. Any turntable worth anything anymore has a pre-amp including. The same goes for 33 and 45 RPM play speeds.

Those low end Audio Technica turntables are way overhyped. Theyre not nearly as nice as I’ve heard claimed. Certainly not top 5.

Victor Muniz says:

Bought a Crosley today and after opening it there were busted parts, came to YouTube to see a crosley opening video, found this instead. Taking it back for a refund tomorrow

Blackguard101 says:

What is best brand of turntable to play Black Sabbath?

Paul TheSkeptic says:

A beginner’s turntable for $250? You know you can buy them in thrift stores and garage sales right? Those old one’s were built to last. The only problem is finding needles for them. I wish needles were more universal.

march149 says:

I am searching for a good turntable that is automatic and has a pitch control. I have seen only one – the TechPlay ODC21MKI-SL , but the reviews are not too good. Is there a decent one out there? I am not using it for the computer, just connecting it to my Yamaha surround receiver to play records.

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