Rega Planar 1, Planar 2, & Planar 3 Turntable Comparison

All three of these turntables are very easy to set up without the need for any real tools. If you are going to get serious about vinyl playback, the Planar 3 provides the best upgrade path for future add-ons to improve performance.

The entire Planar line offers an incredible value in their price range and is built by one of the most iconic turntable manufacturers in the world.
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Russian SKS says:

Wish you would get the pronunciation correct. Rega is pronounced “reega”.

D. Paul Riderman says:

Please explain why the Planar 1 & 2 use a preset (automatic) bias for the provided cartridge. I guess if you stay with a cartridge with the similar down force, you are okay!

D. Paul Riderman says:

As far as I’m concerned, the Planar 3 is the entry level turntable. The preset bias on the 1 & 2 is ridiculous for such a cost.

Steve Gardner says:

It’s REE-ga. Not REG-a or RAY-ga.

silenz1970 says:

going for the black P3

Alexander Saltmarsh says:

+Audio Advice Should I buy a Rega Planar 1? I’m really loving records and I’m wanting to upgrade from my cheap one. So is the the Planar 1 good? worth it? if so what phono pre amp should I buy? Thanks in advance 🙂

leyland9999 says:

Do not be fooled here. That Rega Carbon cart is in fact a 30dollar Audio-Technica AT-3600! How dare they put such a cart on a tt at this price ranges.

Keith Parkhill says:

Hmm if the diameter of the main barring is different from table to table then the torearms can’t be interchangeable..

gotham61 says:

Rega makes a pretty big deal about specifically avoiding exactly what you do at 2.23.
From the Planar 3 manual:
“Don’t lift the centre hub out from the main bearing, The bearing is factory assembled with a film of special thick lubricant. If the centre hub is removed this film may be disturbed.”

2112 Bangkok says:

nice tables. with the addition of the bracing on the P3, did they also add a source of resonance and vibration?

Bill Owen says:

Not impressed when I hear MDF construction

SaberBE says:

Would you recommend a cheaper table and a better cardridge (planar 1 with bias cartridge f.i.) or a better table with cheaper cartridge (planar 2 with carbon cartridge fi)? Since prices of these two options are comparable …

James Allen says:

Would it be a better use of my money to buy a Planar 3, or to go vintage? I haven’t owned vinyl since my collection was stolen about 20 years ago. I’m thinking of getting back into vinyl, but there are so many opinions about turntables. I don’t want a piece of, well, you-know-what turntable, but spending $1K is, for me, intimidating. Hell, that is what I paid for my Rega Brio-R 3 years ago! Plus, I have a lot of digital music (all ripped in losses format).

oliver jaime says:

does this really need a ground wire??? some people’s testimonies are freaking me out, doing DIY earth wiring and all…. help please?

Edward Barr says:

Though you are principally concerned to sell these turntables,your video is nonetheless clear and informative ,all are excellent value ,the 3 is a particularly fine machine the next step being awell set up Linn ,it can be recommended both to the vinyl virgin and those already listening to the true music medium,a superb machine for opera and classical music especially with paired with the PSU .Reliability is excellent visit Mr Fremers analogue planet to see the love and pride that goes into their construction UK audio piles should visit and purchase at the excellent Cymbiosis,based in rural Leicestershire,

fabric20 says:

I recently purchased a rega 2 after months of comparisons and reviews. Tbh, i was disappointed to hear a ground hum/buzz present on my speakers, coming from the tt out of the box. The finish wasnt the greatest either, with a scratch on the dustcover. Also found quite a few people online complaining about the ground hum/buzz, even on the rega 3.

Jens Bondarenko says:

great information and compact video

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