Rega Planar 3 2016 Turntable Review

Enjoying vinyl is a hobby, like any of the other pleasures you may enjoy in life. Whether it’s cooking, cycling, travel, or anything else, the more you learn about your hobby the further you want to advance it. Not only does the Planar 3 start out with some great features, but it also has an upgrade path that will allow the table to grow with you for years to come.



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Ron Rivet says:

What are your thoughts on the Rega P2?

jan nelemans says:

Please turn off your background music.

Sebastian Bastian says:

Got mine today (white) the edges finish is poor quality. Can send pics if anyone wants to see it…Rega is a disappointment for me.

marktupper1959 says:

It’s a Rega with an e not an a!

lucky9381 says:

Great video. I’m really struggling to choose between the Planar 2 and 3. I could probably afford the extra outlay for the 3, but then I know I’ll want the PSU and the Fono and suddenly ‘a little extra’ becomes ‘a lot extra’.

D. Paul Riderman says:

I have a several year old RP1 and I did have problems with quality. The clips are a joke (as is the soldering), and next the wiring was so cheap in the arm that it is almost rotten. It breaks too easily when trying to strip the end. After two breaks I was forced to rewire the entire arm. I shan’t go with the gruesome details, but when I changed the wiring, I also replaced the RCA cable with one two feet longer with gold plated connectors. I used 33 gauge color coded wire, upgraded clips, and heat shrink tubing to give the clips extra strength. The arm in my opinion is good enough for any cartridge I may buy, and works well with the Audio Technica 150MLx. The metal subplatter and ruby bearing was a good upgrade, and the acrylic platter runs so true compared the crap provided. Now here’s my rub, the acrylic platters that Rega provides are not set up to set the record on the acrylic. There are some benefits in quietness and tightness of bass and clarity of highs by putting the record on a good acrylic platter (with a small weight to hold the record tightly to the acrylic). These aren’t really expensive upgrades, and benefits the sound greatly.

fabricadojoe says:

Hello.  What are the upgrade options you mention?

Oasis1982 says:

This or project debut carbon?

Keith Parkhill says:

Looks like Regas ever popular drunken platter syndrome survived

James Murphy says:

Rega Planar 3 (no cart) for $650 or Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB for $600?

D H says:

What modifications have to be made to install the Ortofon black?

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