Reloop RP-7000 MK2 Turntable Review | Tips and Tricks

Reloop’s original RP-7000 turntable offered the perfect combination of simplicity and high performance at a great price. Does the RP-7000 MK2 live up to its predecessor? Subscribe to DJcityTV:

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DJ Adjacent says:

So I just saw this video today, but I got a pair of these a couple of months ago along with some Ortofon green’s and I’ve been good. At the time, the price was $425/each and it’s hard to beat that.

Noel says:

I can say that I bought my pair of RP7000MK2 based on your original review. No complaints had them for over a year of almost daily use and they are a solid investment.

CossRooper says:

Just got one. No complaints at all so far.

Andrew Notley says:

Great review mate!

Tony Draper says:

Nice looking tables. Thanks for posting Mo.

AlevandOfficial says:

Reloop RP-8000 > Reloop RP-7000 MK2.
+ Midi buttons
+ BPM Display
+ Midi Knob

Akinkunmi Cook says:

Great review!!!!

theabstrakt84 says:

it seems they used a lot of the material Technics been using…after 30 years Technics blueprint is no longer a secret. Anyone could replicate a Technics with the same material they using.

Jay Werx says:

With the phase dj interface the turntable won’t matter anymore if dvs is your thing which it is for most

Tha Blinder says:

Purchased the mk1 model, its an excellent turntable

monkiferr says:

Why not just buy Technics 1200s? They have been used for for decades for a reason. In all honesty, all other tables are compared to them and modeled after them.

Jonathan Villalobos says:

That’s what I’m talking about,real turntables!remember if it don’t have a tonearm,and can’t play vinyl, it’s not a turntable.

Dyreckt1 says:

Great turntables.

kalledisco says:

MojaxxVJD Have you ever done a rewiew of the Synq Xtrem1?

shaun says:

My kind straight in the GROVE


Mo’s voice is just so smooth

don1mega says:


Jus Badd says:


Dirk Diggler says:

Back in the day the 1200 were made in Germany now it’s much cheaper made

Cory Williams says:

I noticed that the platter is not recessed!,…..does that make a difference whn u do a lil Platter Pitching??*(dats mine…lol)

Heath Hammond says:

Do you expect an RP-8000MK2 soon?

Chucky Cheese says:

I used to rock 1200s 20 years ago I’m having a midlife crisis and got a pair of these in these are Rock Solid I have had them only about 4 months but they are really rock solid it’s like riding a bicycle but this makes it a lot easier with the awesome build quality and responsiveness

BMR Studio says:

Spot on time review for Me, because I’m looking for a new set of simple spinner. But, nowhere I can buy this in Germany at the moment….. Hrrrgh. 🙂 Reloop guys.. when those bad boys will arrive here?

Klim Galaktionov says:

Some additional notes: the text on start/stop button is printed, so it will wash out in time. I saw it on hardly used mk1 – buttons became clear with no text. Also why i will never buy it is because of aesthetics. I reeeeally dont like this empty space on the left and platter floating over the body. Looks stupid for me.plx1000is closer to ideal, but it has round cdj button and +250eur price “because… pioneer”©

DJ G says:

Is the platter made from steel like the 1200s or aluminum like the Audio Technicas?



joshua85100 says:

good review, i’ve been hesitating between theses and the stanton st-150
Since stantons are made in USA i thought they would be a better choice..
Keep on the good reviews!!

ClectaSkiMusic says:

Cool stuff, keep it up

jonathon lesko says:


Digiphex Electronics says:

Like all Technics clones, the table is warped as it goes around though the top and bottom are ground flat. Comes from imprecise casting.

GODIGY says:

NTX 1000 review when?

biesoid says:

They replaced generic Super OEM tonearm with a Technics tonearm copy from Pioneer PLX-1000 and we got Mk2. If they really want to make it perfect they should get rid of extra Start button (looks stupid), bring back 7″ adapter, get rid of oversized casing (shared with RP-8000 to lower the cost I guess), so we don’t see this weird looking empty space on the left side of platter and make platter sunken-in like in Pioneer/Stanton ST 150 M2. This way we get Pioneer PLX-100, but 200€ cheaper.

Grbuy GrB says:

I bought this tourntable a few months ago and i’m very disappointed. I heard a lot of great opinion about RP6000 that’s whay i bought Reloop. The arm of this turntable during more energetic movements jumps. And when i use the Ultra Pitch around -25% or -50% during scratching the engine stops for 2-3 seconds or speeds up. I called to service and they said that it is normal for this turntable… 😀

Vasily Petrov says:

Freaking LOVE my RP-8000. I thought they are kinda the same in specs?

itimmy101 says:

Hey mojaxx, i bet you can do the “wine down” by pressing the start/stop button if you turn the “break” knob to 6 seconds.
I own a vestax pdx 2000 and i use that feature when I’m mixing house music sometimes.

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