Reloop RP-8000 Professional Hybrid MIDI DJ Vinyl Turntable HD-Video Review

The new Reloop RP-8000 Professional Hybrid MIDI DJ turntables sport some of the familiar Super-OEM turntable DNA including the same high-torque motor and tonearm that is found on the Stanton ST-150, Reloop RP-6000, AT-LP1240, while still maintaining a “Technics 1200” layout and feel. Even though the Reloop RP-8000 shows some of the same characteristics as it’s Super-OEM brethren, it also has a few additional features that you can’t find anywhere else including: a digital Pitch LED display, eight rubberized MIDI pads, four MIDI layer buttons, and an over-sized encoder knob which can all be mapped to any MIDI compatible DJ software out on the market today.


BPM Supreme says:

great review!

Strange Tamer says:

Techniques Turntables???  Quit Sweatin’ The Techniques Son!!! They be Technics, K’ Abdul-Jabbar!

lobecosc says:

I can’t see myself with this turntable.  Nice tho.

Eddie Def The Last KREEP says:

is it better than the stanton ? now there are too many tables to choose from lol …for a minute there was no options it seems like the midi buttons will bust sooner or later i think they should stay on the mixers

tom welling says:

why make it like technics turntable be creative and move on to life how menny people copy fender guitar don’t think it boring to make things all the same no flavor of anything boring

TheReIntegration says:

Finally! someone who knows what they are talking about! Absolutely the best review with the underground knowledge of the SUPER OEM/HANPIN units compared to the Technics 1200 MK series. I enjoyed this review very much. Thanks for taking the time to educate people very in-dept. I’m yet to test one of these SUPER OEM units since all I ever used was 1200’s. My question to you is, What do you think of the floating platter design? Is there wobble when scratching? For the slightly heavy handed DJs?

Dana Dane says:

Im looking to buy a pair of this bad boys.There is no question about the torque and stuff but i like to ask if they last long?
Would be very pleased with a honest reply xD

doctorshabs says:

Hey waddup Kareem ! Did u get to test reloop 7000 or will you review it soon?

rolanddonovan says:

the Power button now just winds down with audio still playing like the old 1200s. Just bought mine today so maybe they listened to you guys

Mr.Shade says:

Good video!

djmixtycal says:

I have mapped the Z2 mixer but for some reason the tt midi are not working on my SERATODJ interface

Iamyouonlydifferent says:

The user bank os really useful on traktor I have set decks 3 and 4 play and stop to them and the loop recorder functions which is awesome because I can hit record with my thumb as Im drum scratching

Yagga Radio says:

‘Sup Kareem? I’m having a real rough time deciding between these, the RP-7000s & the Stanton STR8 150s – I use a Z2 as well, and I’m really leaning more towards the 7000s. I don’t need the midi since my mixer already has it…decisions decisions lol

nik rumble says:

I’ve been trying to map my 8000s to get the midi to work with my tractor scratch pro 2 program have you got a video to show you how to do so. id prefer to use the midi on my rp8000 instead of the keyboard short cuts it will seem a lot quicker

tom welling says:

reloop this was discovered by circus oem circus uk Made this same thing in 2005 I look and found circus and uk sold it to china they gust change then name same as nothing about this is really new to the knowledge that I found

Brandon Chandler says:

Thinking about getting a pair of turntables. Having tough time deciding on which ones to get. I was looking at these or the pioneer plx 1000. Any insight? Please and thank you

jonathon lesko says:

What’s the difference between phono and line mode?

Allen says:

anyone got the mappings for traktor ?

djdazzdeebo says:

Hi mate, just a quick question, can you switch between analogue with these or is it time code only?

Shean M says:

I have 1200’s and never used or tried any other turntables. I use my tables at home and mobile gigs. I see you’ve tried a lot of different tables and I wanted to ask if and when my 1200’s break for some reason which turntable would be your go to table next??

djmixtycal says:

I have a pair of this, TRAKTOR Z2 mixer and SL2 box any info on how I could get this to work?

tk says:

Is there any solutions for odd motor-off behavior?

Ron G says:

Will this hold up against heavy vibration and heavy scratching? Very Good review by the way!

loco payton says:

Hi,great review. I am wondering if you could help me, I am using traktor scratch with an A6 soundcard. I have a pioneer 707 mixer, so i am craving midi controll. But would I be able to use the midi controll on the reeloop rp8000 with my setup? Or do i need another soundcard or something?


U said one of your gripes was the on/off motor function,but if u stop and think the start/stop feature basically does what u would want the motor switch to do;stop the motor.No cover is crazy though.

Tebatia Takaria says:

Hi mate….what is more reliable the reloop or the stanton….im looking for something that will last long….

Victor Albertos says:

because nobody teaches the engine system


Works with Traktor I am sold

emkplayboy6 says:

Is this compatible with Traktor Scratch?

RealDJKai says:

ok so you can use these turntables, a normal mixer like a numark n2 and connect to serato dj?

LeeroyGreen says:

I just started learning about this turntables, Serato sells vinyls to use, would those work with this turntable to control my music in Serato DJ?

Strange Tamer says:

Thanks for the continued quality reviews G!

Esoteric says:

So is the only difference between the RP-8000 and RP-7000 the MIDI controls? or is there an actual difference in quality?

Iamyouonlydifferent says:

If you motor off and turn it back on quick it works as it should or use the break set at the longest setting

TheIsraelPost says:

though they are almost the same, any chance for a review about the RP-7000 ?


Hi friend , i don’t get change my display Pitch or BPM , Qhat do i do ? I use Traktor

Dj Rumble says:

i have misplaced my rca cables and can’t find them any where. so i can only use one turntable now iv emailed relax but they still haven’t responded. have email last month so just wanting a bit of help searching for these right angle rca cables 

Martin Bulda says:

Thanks for this good video 🙂

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