Reloop’s RP-8000 Turntable Reviewed

Chris Brackley digs in to Reloop’s new MIDI-enabled RP-8000 turntable. Read the full review here:


iLikeALiker says:

hi! it is possible to show bam information on the display, like the numark ttx??

GOD says:

I don’t get how it can loop stuff on vinyl :s

Elias Ortega says:

Hi Frankie White! I have a question when I connected my RP-8000 with my Pioneer DDJ SZ and then open Serato DJ but for some reason I have gray line only when I drag the song in to deck 3. I also updated the firmware already. But the rp-8000 is no communicating with serato, would you let me know what I am doing wrong…Thank you

tom welling says:

a man using a laptop is a man can’t trust his own turntables from not playing records

Media Heads TV says:

hoping they bring out the Reloop’s RP-8000 mk2 to fix the probs that this one has

m subb says:

So basically, it sucks

Vita Dee says:

yo, great rewiew!
just wonder how precise/accurate will be pitchcontrol @+/-50% and if would be possible to change back-n-forth) the deck MIDI ch on the fly (i.e. in a 1turntable gig situation) to act on the 2nd virtul deck.. thanks

EmptyAtoms says:

It took me 5 minutes to get used to using the brake adjust to do slow down effects. You can control the exact length too, bro. Way batter… Or just leave them in phono. How is the addition of a line output a downside?

DJ Jas says:

Hi there…. Great video………

Just a little a question, Pls. if you can help. I wanna be a scratch dj ( DVS )
I have Pioneer DJM-900nxs and Traktor Pro 2 Software at the moment. 

What more is needed to do DVS. Buying soon RP 8000’s TT.

I tried to gather info online but it is quite confusing. 
Like you need scratch pro license now and Traktor time code vinyl’s bla bla.

Need you input… 


stryker20 says:

what kind of mixer you got there?

tom welling says:

denon DJ VL12 PRIME turntable will blow this away 2 times more tork then this away lol

DJTomWillz says:

Great review. I love my Stanton Str8-150s, but their weight makes them impractical if I want to take them to a gig. Also, I wish they had MIDI triggers like the Reloop.

I’m very tempted. However, Pioneer are currently developing a turntable and I’m very interested to see what they end up producing.

JUNWEI li says:

very good indepth review- having started on vinyl n eventually buying my own dvs setup..i feel im gonna switch to full midi n be interesting to see how i like them as mixing house music less time is spent on deck n manipulating the tracks with subtle effects is where i wanna be heading but also have full control of the platters.n by considering the djssx or the vestax range is the direction im heading..thanks for the review n keep up the great work

Ezmyrelda Andrade says:

Are the pads on this table velocity and aftertouch sensitive? I couldn’t find info on this anywhere? Are they just clip triggers or actual drumpads?

Geert R says:

hi, where did you get the z2 plates?

Kincrimson says:

So my english is not the best. i understand: it comes with mappings for traktor..
so can i use the midi-controlls with traktor software?!

Theo B says:

Hi, is there a way i can get my rp8000 to stop like a sl1200 without the long start time?
in other words why didn’t reloop have 1 knob for start and 1 knob for stop?
Can this be sorted out with a new firmware? im on 1.3 will it be sorted in 1.4?
Another performance trick i like to do is power off the deck to wind down the song but on a rp8000 the sound cuts out, im guessing this cannot be solved with a firmware update due to the problem with the way the deck is wired.
Also, all d’js that i know use Technics SL, use there deck face to rest there finger so they can rock there finger on and off the side of the platter to temporarily slow the song down, if you try this on a re8000 you finger will just rubs on smooth metal, so i will have to make a raised platform on the side of the platter to rest my finger…. another annoying design floor imo.
I can live with the raised platter and the sound cutting out when i twist the on/off switch but can you guys please sort the start/stop time? Thanks.

Theo B says:

I’m doing mods on this deck to fix the issues…
Mod 1) re route the power to a dedicated on/off switch at the rear on the unit.
Mod 2) Have the twist on / off switch ONLY power down the motor while the rest on the deck stays on.
Mod 3) beef up the encoder that is in the reloop rp-8000 to one with stiffer detents, like a Native Instruments x1

Wilber Arevalo says:

What is the name of the cables you use?

Greg Pappas says:

Love your reviews man. Very knowledgeable and through input

ClectaSkiMusic says:

Cool review

DjAlanBarratt says:

both decks can be on the same midi channel as long as the buttons on each deck are assigned different notes or cc values

Evan Saenz says:

Chris lol Stop Playing MOJAXX!

PopRoXxX says:

My RP8000’s have a rubber bottom not plastic. Not sure why your version has plastic. Weird

tom welling says:

why make it like technics turntable be creative and move on in life you thing that copy someone ideas is dum like people copying fender guitar lol

Dana Dane says:

Great work man!
Im looking to buy Rp-7000,hoping you can tell me are they durable and they last long.

beakf1 says:

good review guy.

Jimmy Mac T.V. says:

Being that this is a usb turntable, if I use 2, will I need 2 usb slots? Or do I use a rane interface? Im confused as to how to route the setup to my laptop. I want to get them but I use MPCs and keyboards in my performances and USB ports are limited. Furthermore would performance lag if used thru a usb expansion hub. Sorry for the book lol!


I don’t Trust this I learned a long time ago never buy the first version of anything until they work out the problems and complaints!

Star Lord says:

Decent isnt good enough, Reloop is POOP!

Koen Highstreets says:

I’ve got an DJM-800, if I buy just the turntables serato DJ and timecode vinyl, am able to play? (I mean without a Rane SL2 or SL$)

xristoforos dakis says:

This record player has 4 speeds (78, 45, 33 and 16 rpm), or only 33 and 45 rpm?

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