Review: 1byOne Classic Wooden Turntable

Looking for a turntable that will pair with your phone? Look no further!


Nihilistic Existentialist says:

The wood is all nice and stuff but the other components are plastic,not even worth it.

Rhys Beard says:

Nothing beats the look of a 70s / 80s Turntable

Gio048 says:

How much was it? Do you think it was worth it?

ginsud says:

Run from anything with a plastic platter…

Paul N. JAPP says:

to put it simple and straight.. it’s a make-believe turntable with extra bells and whistles. Good review though.

Mike Cramp says:

Nice review video hope you feel better

Heriberto Mendoza says:

Would you revisit this turntable playing 78 rpm records…

Andrew Littleboy says:

Not worth being produced, just going to ruin records. High quality rubbish!

jim morrissey says:

Can you hook this up to sonos?

No nah says:


Federico Dossena says:

The MP3 file it created sounds like a 64kbit mono MP3 downloaded off Napster in 1998. It’s so low quality it makes the whole thing useless.

steveo2013 says:

Great review thanks! The US coupon code isn’t working for me. Did that tell you it expires?

Autistic Rebel says:

If only more things were made to the standard that our Technics SL-B210 was made to.

.Dot says:

Can you not replace the cartridge with a magnetic one?

phantasm1004 says:

This “turntable” is a joke. Lots of plastic.

This is no serious turntable. It’s a toy…just like any Crosley.

And you can clearly hear the speed instability.


Franklin Brown says:

Sometime ago, I bought a cheapo record player at a surplus and salvage store for $20. It’s ok for testing records to see what’s on them but the motor is not very constant.. The tonearm/platter system was similar to mine and also ones that I see for sale in stores, particularly the ones that look like a vintage 1940’s unit. I would dare say that over a period of time, the motor will wear out and the speed will not be constant. I would save the money and go for a more expensive $300, unit if you are going to transfer lp’s to mp3. There’s a few out there that are worth looking at.

Trance88 says:

Probably OK for a college/high school kid getting into vinyl and doesn’t have much space for a complete stereo system. The Vinyl to USB transfer is a total gimmick. I’d definitely pass on this unit, personally.

markpirateuk says:

These things are just cheap Chinese tat that ruin records and sound awful, they should be renamed at Record Slayers!

rosiegary says:

Does this unit play the records via Bluetooth you does it only play via the usb

Dante herrera says:

that red needle doesn’t ever give good sound. it sucks!

Robbie Crosbie says:

Nice turntable but it’s got the dreaded ceramic stylus that’s pretty rough on the vinyl. I’ve got a 90’s aiwa turntable with diamond tip stylus.

tough213 says:

this is a crappy crosley clone do not buy it anything better is just that better . belt drive ugh and 2 watt amp and all plastic and if you are going to have a unit have a built in power supply not a power adapter that can get lost or broken and partical board is what they mean by today’s standards of wood . not worth a penny I fixed one and what crap do not buy it the motor is also cheap and fails . great video too bad it is of garbage that you are reviewing all the best and feel better

nightbirdds says:

Hm, 1ByOne has been making the rounds. Nice to see different takes on this product. Shame they didn’t go with higher quality parts. Then they could’ve had something that sounds as nice as it looks. For the price though, it really isn’t that bad.

R4ar2345 says:

Im new to this .Does it have a counterweight?

Teddy Phillips says:


Jeenkz K says:

can somebody tell me where the 8 seasons album in on his channel?

Xavier Rose says:

Always suggest a Sherwood PM-9805 for people who want a good turntable, it’s what I have and it’s amazing. You can buy one of these and then move on up, and there’s nothing wrong with that

The Plant! says:

I can understand where you come from where these record player , it serves it purpose and not everyone can afford a mega turntable, overall not bad if your not picky about hearing every single sound frequency. This should do the trick , I especially like uSB recording function .and the improvements you suggested would come in quite handy.

Autistic Rebel says:

The turn table we have is a Technics SL-B210 from the 1980s and it was found in a skip by one of my dad’s friends in 2000 and we have been using ever since it was found and we have never had to any major repairs on it, it is ridiculous what people throw way these days.

Richard Golden-DeWitt says:

is it the record tat is so warped or the platter

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