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Dj BWren says:

Wow Mojaxx that’s one hell of an honest review. I’m with you in the thought that Denon would have made something incredible or an improvement on the Super OEM. Nice to hear they started from scratch but have clearly missed the mark on a few minor details. Having Stanton STR8-150’s I like the less weight but I don’t see me buying a new set any time soon still. The only possible relief I see from the rattle on the tone arm is when Pulse is released.

HellNegative TV says:

Im not gonna lie. The tempo markers just turned me off completely from the turntable.

Salva Avlas says:

I’m the happiest man of the world with my indestructible pair of original Numark TTX.
Very innovative at their time and still now as I see…

bias69 says:

Way too expensive and way too ugly.

FSwift DJ says:

Great deck, miles better then pioneers for sure, The tone arm looks loose, you won’t want to put your best vinyl on it , could go across it ??? How many times as most DJs done this in club on technics lol

Robert Stevenson says:

First time something comes near the Technics .. or does it ??? a few niggles here but overhaul a good option will they last 30 + years … not sure once again a fantastic review Mojaxx….. 🙂

theabstrakt84 says:

nothing can touch the Technics Sl 1200s….thanks

Matt Nishihata says:

I have been gigging with them for about 8 months now and on 3 different gigs they have randomly gone hyper speed and spins so fast it shakes the whole table. it can’t go that fast even if i set everything to max. Even then you press the start stop it won’t stop. have to unplug it to get it back to normal. Also having huge problems with the pitch and it cannot hold a consistent bpm anymore. it can be seen with the markings on the side and also in whatever software i use. i have a pair of them and both have these issues. i think i need to bring them back and get a new pair. Has anyone else had these issues?

Stephen Brodigan says:

Dude, I love your video reviews fella, please, please keep doing them – cheers

James Roden says:

Great review Mo

anttiskate says:

How do the VL12’s perform for ripping vinyl, is the isolation/audio quality anywhere close to 1200’s? My only gripe with my Super OEMs is that they’re trash for archiving purposes, even though I prefer them over Tecnics for DJing. A modern platform with some modest audiophile credentials would be dope.

killyamomz says:

@Mojaxx, thanks for the review. I am an early adopter of the vl12 and i got 1 last year in october at my local guitar center. I don’t play gigs and i am a bedroom DJ. But the very first thing I noticed was the skipping of the cartridge. At that time there weren’t any reviews out on this deck so I chopped it up to be an issue with my cheap ikea desk. I still to this day cannot get the weight/height adjustment right and my Shure M447 skips so much. Only time i can get the cartridge to not skip so much is when I’m using control vinyl. What is your weight/height settings on it for scratching?

Modiste Music says:

This or reloop?

ReboyGTR says:

I don’t understand why manufacturers *INSIST* on having no click and 0-pitch. It made sense in “ye olden days” when the sliders were analog and there actually were a bit of play around the 0-pitch region but pitch controllers today are *DIGITAL* which means that if the slider is at 0 *YOU’RE ON 0-PITCH!*

DarkTherapy says:

Mojaxx, I’ve been in the industry many years, used Numark mixers in the 90’s, then I got a pair of Technics 1210’s replacing my cheap numark belt drives. Then switched to denon CD players and sold the technics (I know, terrible move) I’ve now got a pioneer DDJ-RR and was wondering about your opinion: Do you prefer Hovis or Warburtons bread?

Sadiquecat says:

RGB is kinda of a gimmick, but it’s a nice add-on.
What would be dope would be having a link between turntables and cdj’s. Imagine DVS between the SC5000 and the turntables via some link, and having the VL12 RGB’s showing info such as where you are in the tracks, and if you’re in a loop or not. That would be dope!

Any ways as cool as they are I prefer the PLX1000, RGB isn’t something I look for, exept if it shows me information somehow…

Media Headz TV says:

I would do a st8 arm mod and give them a vestax style paint job … A1 remix

Paul Gollaglee says:

Nice Review 🙂 I stopped playing Vinyl about 10 years ago got a pair of vl12’s around 4 weeks ago they are great. I have now sold my 1210’s I learned to mix on 25 years ago and started buying vinyl again.

tombyrnerocks says:

Another excellent review Chris. I’ve never commented before, sorry about that, I promise I’ll try to at least dish out thumbs for your vids in the future.

The way you present your reviews are very very good indeed. You’re concise, eloquent, and experienced, I love listening to what you have to say.

Looking forward to more from you in the future.

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