Review: Mixars LTA Turntable

Mojaxx takes a look at the Mixars LTA straight-arm turntable.

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ClectaSkiMusic says:

Keep up the good work dude

James Benson says:

Great review as always – but are we gonna get the Allen & Heath Xone PX5 review anytime soon? I saw you used it a few weeks ago so eagerly awaiting your views on it.

Manuel Perez says:

I miss 1200

djjpogi says:

where can i get a 7 inch control vinyl like that?

DJ Rueed says:

reading these comments im forsure going to upgrade to the stanton 150s from the t.92…I have a mixar duo and wanted their turntable till i tried it and then it left me with either Reloop 7000 or 150s….150s it is….

Chaz from UK says:

Why do they keep bringing out the same old product?

JaeOne3345 says:

So tired of these unrecessed platters.

Matthew Salvitti says:

Is the platter recessed on this deck? Doesn’t look like it and even though that doesn’t seem like a big deal I prefer the recessed platter like on the PLX. Great video as usual.

Sureshot Jay says:

if you weren’t already into technics would you pick up a pair of these?

Dj Phase Four says:

I’m waiting to see the new Denon, it’s supposed to be a new design and not another Hanpin.

mort low says:

better buy an used vestax pdx or stanton st…

MojaxxVDJ says:

Ok, full credit to Dj Knyfestryke for pointing out my glaring error in this review – Straight tonearms don’t have antiskate, and therefore my comment about the lack of markings on the dial is redundant.

All the other Super OEMs in the lab are of the ‘S’ arm variety, and I was looking at the differences to those – they all have the markings. But looking at the Reloop RP-8000 Straight Arm, the Stanton STR8-150, etc, they don’t have them either – because they don’t need them!

It was only a small criticism, and didn’t impact my wholehearted recommendation of the LTA, regardless – but I want to be clear, that criticism I made is totally invalid.

xenofyl1 says:

Great review as always.

Dj Knyfestryke says:

Straight tone arms don’t have antiskate

Edward Hines says:

stanton str8-150 is a tank

Hugh Sweeney says:

I just picked up two of these. The tone arm rattles like hell. It even shakes when you scratch. So disappointing. Coming from using Technics I was kinda let down by build quality. Also the leads will stick out of the side of the turntable and won’t let it sit neat beside the mixer. They should change quite a few things when it comes to version 2. I’m gonna do a full honest review on these.

Emanuele Ferrero says:

Vestax is da best. f*ck all those turntable that cost 800$ and look the same.

beau pfeiffer recordings says:

nice guys i have 2x stanton st.150s


Could you compare the platinum vs the ddjrb?

itimmy101 says:

j dilla forever!!!

KatzWitch says:

it would be cool if you do a review of the new allen & heath PX5 mixer ; btw great video

Rolf-A. Schmitz says:

…the Pioneer 100 cost a little bit more because…. Pioneer! 😀
Funny boy +Mojaxx

Sureshot Jay says:

I was looking at the Reloop RP7000 but I prefer a straight arm and I”m not a fan of midi controls on my deck….so, do I chance this LTA or go traditional with the Reloop? The struggle is real.

Jose Rodriguez says:

Anyone have any thoughts on the Pioneer PLX-500??

Marquez Antonio says:

A beast is the Audio Techninca AT-LP1240 as you mention in this review, They are by far the best price in Turntables in the market without spending a arm and a leg. I pick up a pair for the price of 1 pioneer PLX-1000 Pro or Reloop RP-8000 both good decks, however I like to do my homework to see whats out there that is like a 12 and without digging in my pocket. To all my DJ brothers and sisters Mojaxx is on point for cutting this review short because he know whats up in Dj Gear….

Cory Williams says:

Great review!….straight 2 da point….i haven’t tried a straight arm turntable!

Chris Swift says:

Hey Mojaxx, my stanton 150’s CAN still play audio when you switch the motor off. There’s a seperate power switch by power connector. Surprised the mixar one doesn’t follow this. Great reviews (as always) otherwise

timothy jones says:

What’s a height for scratching on this model

chris L says:

Do a review video of the DJM 450 and if its also works with serato dj
I’m watching out for a video

Studio Scratches says:

Thanks Mojaxx!

jkromes20 says:

whats a good beginner option as far as turntables go? I want one to be able to sample from vinyl but also to eventually start dabbling in turntablism a bit. Any suggestions?

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