Review: Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable, Comparison to Technics 1200

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Spencer MacDonald says:

so would you get the plx1000 or st150 or reloop rp7000

Sam Ford says:

My Denon Home theater reciever has no phono in,how can I run the Pioneer on it?

Sureshot Jay says:

The plx is an over priced POS oem….I would rather have the new stanton m2 or reloop.

DjTecniq says:

But don’t the Pioneer’s have added pitch ranges unlike the original Technics 1200’s or any Technics model below the M5G’s. Would of been helpful to mention. Great review otherwise 🙂

Xenology Records says:

I proudly own a pair of PLX-1000 turntables, after owning 1210s for many years. I have been DJing on them constantly for months now and can honestly say they are the best thing I have bought since buying new decks all those years ago…pitch control is very accurate, the wow and flutter, due to a typo in the spec sheet, is actually 0.01, which is the same as Technics. The torque, platter and tonearm are excellent to use, one tonearm on one turntable, slightly and I mean slightly rattles with bearings, but it is no bother, as the sound is still really excellent, as is the tracking, as they say, better a tad loose than too tight…you can scratch at any point of a record and nothing phases it, and no vibration either, i love them, only thing i would have maybe waited for is the new Denon VL12 prime, which also looks excellent…i can’t fault them

Bearded RC says:

Hey can you do a compartment with the Pioneer PLX-500-K with the 1000 and sl1200

White Noise says:

Those would look great next to your Pioneer CDJ. You’d also look like a sponser.

Christie Gurganus says:

First off I own a technics. Yes I am a lucky girl. It needs a friend and suffice it to say I cannot find any bad PR on the PLX with any substance to back it up. Yet instead find 40+ years of workmanship cum loyal ownership of pioneer decks of all grades. I’m buying the PLX for just around $630 thru an authorized dealer and feel way smarter than dropping coin on another technics.

Ian Cassanova says:

The deck is well over priced and by his own admission does not add anything new to the DJ turntable world. There are better options out there (new & used) for a lot less money, but if you must have the Pioneer brand enjoy.

Christie Gurganus says:

I’d also like to add that I found this review/video very informative and helpful and have not visited this channel before now.

Daniel Martinez says:

out of the 3 what one do you like better?

Lyrical B Productions says:

I agree and watch all your videos this video is totally false there not solid they have soldiered the pitch fader to the board they have terrible feed back they 1000% won’t last as long as any top end deck on market inside it does have good motor that’s it the rest is cheap Chinese parts I don’t no if your scripted by pioneer but I’m 34 year old professional disabled DJ these decks are terrible sorry mate

Phen0mable says:

Pioneer only wants our money

Kevin Reeks says:

Hi ya…….do not understand why you could not read the remainder of my comments……..will try again, I cannot understand why the new Technics turntable has been placed at such a very high price point. Its not built to anywhere near the standard of a Professional Broadcast Turntable……but the price is very close to that. Technics need to be realistic with their price…how many Club DJ’s will be able to afford it? Also, it ain’t a product of Audiophile quality ( especially the Pickup Arm ) , so it is no good aiming it at this market……..because there a better machines around.

hangover2000 says:

I really want the new techs but i’m not dishing out $8000 for a pair. that’s a lot of money that could be used for music or maybe a nice vacation lol. I love my 1200’s and the new plx’s I got.

Luv in Art says:

Is the face plate metal like the technics or are they plastic like the PLX – 500?

Matt D says:

The Bright Pixel does a great review on these, including disassembling and looking at the internals. These are nothing special.

ichoose2bhappy says:

Can I connect directly into a receiver if I just use it at home?

D. Paul Riderman says:

I really dislike haters! They bring nothing to the discussion except their warped ideas of facts (or lack of them). Marantz, Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, Monitor Audio, Paradigm, etc. etc. etc. Have plants in China because they can hire a workforce that has a technical background. The Pioneer has really found a home with Audiophiles for being able to whip VPI and some others for a third of the price. Some prat buys a cheap turntable made in China and makes a giant leap that all turntables made there are bad. Wake up fool, the Chinese are moving past some of the so called technically advanced nations. I don’t bash the Technics, and I hope every street urchin will buy their new three pound anniversary model. I made a cock up buying a Rega RP1, and I’m waiting for replacement tonearm wires to do it properly. Yeah those Chinese really make bad stuff, yeah really!!

Kevin Reeks says:

I must say, having used The Stanton, The Audio Technica, The Pioneer and The old Technics……I actually prefer the build and performance of The Reloop RP7000 and RP8000 machines. In my opinion, the best value for money of the lot. As for The brand new Technics……have not actually used it. But the price is a joke. If it was built like a professional broadcast turntable….fair enough…..but it ain’t, so in my opinion, its going to be way overpriced.

madgreek68 says:

Great review,buddy is very honest,he explained exactly what i was looking for 🙂

littlemimus says:

can anyone help me please? im looking to get my first pair of turntables and was thinking about getting the pioneer’s but i saw a video of someone talking about the feedback issue with them? is this a big problem with them?

GTRMO34 says:

Technics is KING..I’ve had my 1200mk2 for 15 years brand spanking new! Would love to buy the Technics GAE but $4k???? Pfff shit marketing.

iAaronHD says:

You look like a hitman. I feel like if I don’t buy a pioneer product your going to have me wacked.

VoyageOne1 says:

The requirement of ground connection and higher price compared to the competition was bit of a deal breaker for me.

Robert Stevenson says:

Bollocks 🙁 no feedback !!! They are shite .. plastic mounded wannabe .. this guys getting a brown envelope from pioneer … what do boileroom use .. Technics ….

Chris M.R. Santos says:

These new turntables are not to use with Vinyl !
Its desired to use with interfaces…
Make a test – play a vinyl record very loud near your speakers….and see what hapens…..

D. Paul Riderman says:

It’s amazing how pathetic the Technics people are for believing nothing else is as good.

Tony Chang says:

The Technics took a lot of R&D to come to its eventual state in its day, the Pioneer is unfortunately a very poor modern copy, come on Pioneer, you must be kidding yourself to think you can just come up with a cheap plastic unit to match up to a legendary turntable, after all you were one of the top manufacturers, making your own top quality turntables, CD players, cassette decks, tuners, amplifiers in your heyday, so you must know how much R&D you had to invest, just because today’s kids don’t listen to the qualities of yesteryears, doesn’t mean you can drop your standards and get away with it, after all we “oldies of the yesteryears” are still around, it wasn’t that long ago, and we don’t forget good quality reproduction just because the world is awash with MP3s and iphones

Orban Optimod Latinoamerica says:

Las copias siempre seran copias, TECHNICS SL 1200 MK2 THE BEST SINCE 1979 !!!

tom welling says:

I had pioneer I took them back also audio technica I have so much trubble finding fucking parts for both of them like look for a fucking ghost technics turntable you can find lots of parts new parts like the old say the old cow pull you home stick to somthing that can get parts technics turntable can get parts worldwide new technics part making in uk china canada japan in ussr and chin ho city and usa like thank to technics turntable I was able to find a technics headshell for my gemini turntable years ago and had put a technics arm on my gemini turntable after that why you should keep your technics part making will be able get

D J Bodhi says:

I had the 1200 mk2 and 1210 mk2 and 1210s m5g and I bought a pair of the plx1000 and OMG the best TT I have ever own all around built like a tank , I’m not hating on tech

Steady says:

1200’s Techniques all day no matter what you do.. All this new shit is all imitation.. Its all junk .. If you’re a real dj you know why …

erratic_calm says:

Glad I bought my 1200M3Ds over 10 years ago for $399 a pop.

Nicole B says:

Hands down the Denon vl12 is the TRUE Winner.

Clark Gambarrotti says:

What about the sound quality?

Corey Smith says:

I’ve been djing for over years,Technics 1200’s are the best but the Pioneer PLX 1000’s are a very close second I own a pair of both the 1200’s are retired,but I bang the hell out of the PLX’s I just love them

William De boer says:

technics 1200 are made to last. the plx might break after 1 or 2 years of service.

Elvin Tibideaux says:

how are you not even going to address the pitch fader in a review/comparison/contrast w/ the 1200?

Theophilo Junior says:

Review: Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable, Comparison to Technics 1200

Darren Tanner says:

Any chance of a plx 500 review?

jakkin333 says:

The feedback from pioneer Plx turntable is just unreal.
Terrible that pioneer would release it. Yet again flooding the market with sub standard over price junk. £1000+ for a pair. I’ll never get rid of my technics 1210.

Jean says:

hi friend, what stylus do you recommend me for the pioneer?, dj purpose, thx for posting !!!

Dj Ohmio says:

the brand continues to pioneer the new economic order which results ….. garbage disposable articles .
Unlike Tecnicas all its infrastructure is made ​​in Japan ..which best !!!!!!
Technics is superior in technology and design .

Hasan Ercan says:

I am going to hold on to my Technics for sure

Laz kang says:

Great review!! I was thinking of buying the Audio Technica AT120Lp but now im considering buying the pioneer plx 500. Any thoughts? I read many reviews of the AT with many issues. I’m not a Dj i just listen to records.

Alex Armani says:

speak english not viking pls

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