Review preview: MoFi StudioDeck turntable

This video is a preview of sorts, my complete StudioDeck turntable review is here,

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Diatonic5th says:

I’ve had the MoFi Ultradeck for 9 months now and it’s the best turntable I’ve ever owned. I’ve haven’t touched my Technics SL-1210MK5 since I bought the Ultradeck, so this is high praise indeed!

John says:

Coincidentally a friend brought round his Rega Planar 8 yesterday and a few records. I have been exclusively digital for years and ….damn. It has put the cat amongst the pigeons. My digital system has been honed to perfection over time and sounds excellent but the analogue front end connected me straight to the emotion of the music in an amazing way. Unfortunately I can’t un-hear what I heard yesterday. But if I now get a turntable, how am I now going to get records to play on it these days ? are modern records worth buying as they are pretty much digital recordings not analogue as in the past ? If I buy second hand, it will surely be a lottery as to whether they decent or worn out ? Will a record cleaning machine fix used records assuming they are not scratched ?

alan smithee says:

It looks like a u-turn with a higher price tag.

Ashfaq Qasim says:

Hi Steve just read your great review on Sony HD 820 I have a question hope you can help I have Z1R is it worth replacing to Hd820 I love the bass of Sony but is the micro details and transparency better or on par Z1R.? Thx

divertiti says:

What’s wrong with project turn tables?

Joe Home says:

If it was made in China it would cost $9.99.

Wen Boi says:

Aiwa, what do you think about the Aiwa Arc-1’s ?

Rodov1968 says:

Don’t turntables have perspex lids any more to protect your records from the stoor?

Dale Friesen says:

I’ll check out the review. Thank you.

Stephen Bieth says:

Again, I thought music was about the music, not the format. A whole generation talking about the sizzle and not the steak.

David Gena says:

1000 bucks??????? I think I’ll hang on to my 250 buck Fluance RT-81 which continues to make me very happy.

TheAgeOfAnalog says:

Which MoFi phono pre-amp were you using, the StudioPhono or UltraPhono? I have the Studio and am very happy with it so far.

Tim Bathras says:

I’ve got a StudioDeck and love it. I started with the MoFi cart, but I’ve settled in with a Denon DL-103R with the Lounge Copla and LCR MKIII. I couldn’t be happier! I did have to significantly shim the headshell so that the Denon fit right and didn’t bottom out the StudioDeck’s VTA adjustment.

room-ten-oh-nine ! says:

Good review, stop smacking your lips!

Peter Stachura says:

How would you compare this to a Technics SL 1200 MK2 deck?

M D says:

Hi Steve. Would you do a review on the VPI Cliffwood and compare it to this? Thanks.

TwangThang57 says:

Interesting option in the $1K range. How would you rate it against a Planar 3? I’ve been using the same Planar 2 since ’89 and am looking for something a little different. Did you test the speed? My Rega runs at 33.8 which is very audibly noticable!

Zockopa says:

Well,i wanna hear a 1 on 1 competition between this and say a Kenwood KP-7F from 1981.

Alvaro says:

Love at first sight ❤️

Miroslav Mushkov says:

Is AudioTechnica good? The models in the same price list of course.

Mark Lawless says:

I’ve noticed that SN ratios of the older direct drive turntables is better than the belt drive tables. I notice you say it’s very quiet but you don’t mention it’s SN ratio.

Gregg Bell says:

To which Rega turntable would this compare, in terms of sound quality?

Bryan Castromero says:

Steve have you checked out U-Turn audio? Also made in USA but starts only at 179$

Lance Van Pietersom says:

Where does Music Halls tables rate compared to this?

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