Reviewed: Music Hall mmf-1.5 turntable

The Audiophiliac reviews the Music Hall mmf-1.5 turntable. Here’s the Audiophiliac review,


Steve Roginski says:

A $399 turntable sounds the same/as good as a $39,000 turntable when using identical cartridges. And that’s a fact.

Roy Younger says:

Looks to me like a OEM TEAC . Now I have a bit of experience with these. Loose tonearm bearings crappy pre amps I always cut out. If this is anything like the Pioneer plx 1000 It has non fixable glued in plastic thrust plates. The exact same poor quality parts with slightly different motor control circuit. I have a heavily modified Ikura and Music Halls warranties suck for the price tag. If you like to modify you can rewire it takes about 30 min or so. You could replace the arm with a Jelco. Motor can be replaced with a Premotec.

B K says:

Looks similar to the Fulance rt81; specs similar as well

Andy B says:

I took your earlier invitation to disagree seriously but so far I haven’t had anything to disagree with. I guess I would say that “what it’s all about,” loving HiFi, isn’t entirely divorced from the gear. I love music and I love certain specific songs, albums and musicians. But I also love the gear. The gear is fun just for it’s own beauty and the joy of interacting with it. I don’t do much “high end” because I don’t want to commit a lot of my resources to it, but I spend a lot of time with it and I like to read about it. I like to find inexpensive stuff that sounds good, and I really like finding good old equipment to hook up. Oh who am I kidding? I hook up old junk just to see if it works, and then I listen to it for hours! I guess I am a 75/25 audiophile (75% lean / 25% fat – KIDDING. 75% listening / 25% gear focused). I think most people who call themselves audiophiles have at least a little of the gear fetish. Only musicians seem to be happy with buying Bose or Sonos and then ignoring the gear until it breaks. Those folks are truly just about the music. I like gear for it’s own sake and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

garyofoz says:

What a great entry into the world of vinyl. The arm looks very similar to the Technics arms which inhabit much more costly turntables. And it has a built-in phono preamp. Add some speakers such as the smaller Elac models and you would get a great sounding system for not a lot of money. Keep up the good work Steve.

Bob Kantor says:

Thanks for the daily “chat” Steve, I really look forward to your insights every day!

cnhhnc says:

So, do you really think that such 400-500 dollar modern TTs are really on a par with even a mid-level table from the late 70s early 80s when TT tech was everywhere, fairly developed, abundant and even an entry level receiver had a very respectable phono pre-amp! I’ve never been one for the touchy feely High End TT market with space age materials, mag-lev platters, multi-thousand dollar tone arms, cartridges and 50lb+ platters and motors that could power a forklift. Let alone all the cute anti-vibration items, and the almost $1K cleaning machine. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Sheeesh! You really have to love analog to live the life of an analog ANCHORITE. Flagellating him/herself, with cleaning fluids, washes, brushes, magic erasers-having endless arguments about MM vs. those really EXPENSIVE MC carts and the pre-amps necessary to drive them, and, and oh, what about the 2-300 lbs granite slates that people put their tables on, or the ones you can fill with 100s of pounds of sand!

I play vinyl. I have some OLD tables, an old Technics and a Dual-nothing wondrous. One has an OK Ortofon, the other a classic era Shure cart. (I prefer the old Shures because I’m a Cretin!). I use them because I grew up in the vinyl era and still have some LPs. Sometimes they sound grand, others, meh! Snap, crackle, pop? I love to watch HOW much time vinyl aficionados spend attending to their LP surfaces, rituals worthy of the Japanese Tea ceremony. Does it really sound “better”? Who knows. All I know is when my generation got the chance to dispense with friction and surface noise and cleaning we rushed toward that and never looked back. Then with SACD and super high resolution digital recordings. Well, even new pressings of Vinyl are recorded and mastered on a DIGITAL counsel? So the analog pressing is a digital to analog processing.

Now, my daughter’s generation, the Hipsters are buying vinyl and TTs. I told my daughter NOT to bother. Here take ONE of my tables, you won’t be able to find a better new one for less than 500 or 600 (and this ONE IS FREE)! And even then?

David Marte says:

Did the schiit mani make a difference when compared to the internal preamp?

D. Crandall says:

The sax was amazing! 🙂

ATL Film Lab says:

I’m really looking forward to getting the Mani for my Rega RP1 with Ortofon Red….

keeferdog says:

I always wonder if Steve’s apartment neighbors are yelling, “TURN IT DOWN”!

jridgunc says:

Thanks for the review. Been considering a music hall table. Seems like there are lots of good options for an entry audiophile table! Thanks for your reviews.

Andrew Crain says:

Steve I have a Numark ttx1 and I put a ortofon 2m red on it I’ve got to say the damn thing work good…here the good part I traded a klipach center speaker for it that I bought with my klipach 5.2 and of course I’m just a 2 Channel guy so it was Basically free it’s really a $400 DJ turntable but it sounds really good and it’s a pretty Heavy turn table!!!! But I’ve ordered the 2m blue I hope the blue is A little more defined than the red???

Brad Brickley says:

Mine arrived today and got it hooked up. Wow. I haven’t played an LP in over 30 years. This blew me away. I don’t have that many LP’s left, but I’ll be out on the hunt for more now.
I gotta stop watching this channel because I’ve bought some Klipsch Forte III’s and this turntable. Crawling out of my iTunes and small speakers world after 15 years.

asenseofmuse3 says:

I was wondering, does the output on this turntable have a ground terminal even though it has a built in preamp?

MegaF1guy says:

Great video!!

trulyjared says:

Thanks Steve I have been researching this Turntable along with the ProJect Elemental and the other Music Hall models. I Know little about turntables, Would the mmf 1.5 give me good flexibility to add on upgrades to it? Cartridge Platter ToneArm?

Christopher R. says:

Steve – do you know if this TT is a clone of a different company’s model? If so, what?

A few people below thought it was a clone of the Teac TN300, 350 or 400 or a Fluance, just wondering if you had any insight. Yours is about the only review out there for this model.

adhanda2017 says:

I wanted you to show it…..

harris brunx says:

Hey Audiophiliac, why don’t you talk about some electrostatic headphones. thanks 🙂

hifi noob 2018 says:

Hi Steve. I recently bought a vpi scout tt. It was a floor demo from Alternative Audio in Dundas Ontario, which sadly is closing. The tt came with a Decca gold cartridge. My question is what would be a good phono stage to buy? I am currently using my integrated pioneer sa 9500 amp and it sounds great however I sure it could sound better. I am new to the hifi hobby and any advice would be appreciated. Thx

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