RokBlok (vinyl killer) Wireless Portable Record Player review

RokBlok Wireless Portable Record Player. As seen on Shark Tank.
Rock out to your favorite records anywhere with RokBlok, the Worlds first, infinitely portable, wireless record player.

RokBlok plays your vinyl by lightly riding on top of it.
Listen to your tunes with it’s built in speaker or wirelessly connect RokBlok to your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speakers for a bigger sound.

Plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM Records
Works with any Bluetooth Speaker
Long lasting rechargeable Battery
Powerful built in Speaker
Ultra lightweight
Diamond tip stylus

Camera used is a Canon SL2, Lots of bang for the buck, lightning speed auto focus.


John Gore says:

Piece of shit. Give me my good 1970s turntable and 50watt marantz and my big ass cerwin Vegas speakers any day. Bigger IS better I know. I’m big. Fuck off tech loser

afattori316 says:

What a piece of garbage. Can’t even get it to start at the beginning of the record. I wouldn’t take this for free.

Nikorasu Oxendine says:

It would be better if it was smaller.

Ralph Benthall says:

I wouldn’t put that dam thing on any record I own!! I’d rather use a1960s close and play!

G.P.M. 210 says:

Good god, you can go to Menards and buy a record player with speakers that are not built in for $10 more, and it sounds pretty damn good!

Renneth Jarrett says:

The concept of this is neat but I saw one flaw in this design already. The needle/cartridge is on the wrong way. Looks like a design was mad and then they just found a needle/cartridge that fit the spot, without thinking is was on backwards and put it on the market since it kind-a worked. It needs the little tire up front to steer it, but the needle needs to be trailing like a normal turntable would operate. So this bad design is bound to chew into the grooves since it is being turned/guided by the needle the wrong way.

noodles6669 says:

6:18 is where the video starts. Your welcome.

Leroy Grimaldo says:

I want one but with a locomotive shape.

Jack Black says:


Corky K says:

he finally stops talking and shows the thing working at like 4 minutes in.

thesuburbanelectric says:

Who the hell talks so god damn much in a review? Shut up and let the product work.

Austin Gilbert says:

People hating on you explaining what the product is… I appreciated the information. You do you man

Ray Furrer says:

Lololol, Is this what we have amounted to?

Tom Patrick says:

What a worthless pos

criptyque says:

You are using the RokBlok the wrong way around – the handle needs to face the outside of record, not the inside. You need to turn your RokBlok around 180 degrees. At the very least ensure you use a product correctly before posting a review of it.

Lawrence Genereux says:

For use only on vinyl you really hate. Might as well be an RC car and a nail.

Hemant parakh says:

I would like to know if any scheme is available to Double 45 cent Records which could play Records

Randy Taylor says:

How stupid is that? They made can openers that do the same thing.

Tie died Hair says:

Take it back

Linc Merc says:

What a piece of junk.

Darren Jones says:

What a piece of shit. The only shittier thing is series 11 of Doctor Woman.


Why didn’t you play it? That’s the whole purpose!

Antonio Pedroza says:

when i see a record spinning i feel safe.
this makes me nervous

steve masoero says:

RECORD WRECKER !!! and all around piece o shit.

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