Sony Hi-Res HX500 USB Turntable Review

An in-depth review of the Sony HX500 turntable with Hi-Res audio outputs.

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Producer and Host: Maarten Heilbron


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Kenneth Preston says:

OMG, you have Stormy Weekend! Way to go.

Md. Imrul Kayes Imon says:

Sir , Please tell me , Nikon AF-S VR Zoom 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 ..who is it for actually ?

Wilson Balanta says:

Hola Maarten, como estas?. me puedes regalar el nombre de la canción del min 9:34?

Hi Maarten, how are you? Can you give me the name of the 9:34 min song?

jaycap120 says:

Those close up shots are absolutely breathtaking

Mac Makka says:

What would you suggest as good quality Audio CD player, i have luxman valve amp & pre and sonus faber speakers & am seeking a good match for these
looking forward to your suggestions

Scott Sheridan says:

I am happy to have been the tail end generation that enjoyed records. I am also happy we don’t use them anymore lol. What a pain. I’ll stick to streaming. Great video, thanks for sharing.

Victor W says:

great video! watched it although I’m not really interested in a new record player, and thanks to this video I remembered that I still had to connect the ground cable to my amplifier.. I thought the hiss was because of how cheap the record player was ( Technics SL-B2 ) but it made a huge difference, so thanks for making this video!

Me &My says:

i’m using Denon DL-A100 cartridge in the owner manual recommend to tracking force in the range of 2.5 g should used . what should i set the anti skating? there is symbole i don’t what is meaning beside this number 0.3 g ,is that mean i should setup the anti skating at 0.3 g?

Andrew Piatek says:

What about fans of reel-to-reel analog tape, reel-to-reel digital tape, Compact Cassette, DAT, DCC, CD, MiniDisc, SA-CD? No luck, heh? Only vinyl or digital streaming. What a messed up time to live in 🙁

René Sivertsen says:

Can switch the cartridge with Ortofon 2M blue? Been reading different thing about switching cartridges, Sony says you can’t switch (http://sony-eur-eu-en-web– but other forums says you can… Wanted to ask here since your video made me want to buy one, and I wanted to be sure if it can be switched.

Thanks, hope you’ll reply.

David Enzel says:

Superb video. Love the shirt.

Decimal115 says:

This is one of the most fair, comprehensive and dare I say, entertaining reviews I had ever watched concerning any piece of equipment. Bravo!

shonen84 says:

I’ve been considering this for awhile now. I have a Sony Hires Walkman and my dad has a lot of excellent 60s, 70s and 80s records. Your great, informative video has sealed the deal for me! Thank you!

acrid Axid says:

This is why I subscribe. More HiFi reviews and explainers, please!

Enrique says:

Hello Maarten, (and I thought you only knew photography LOL). I know that this question is completely off topic, but this brings me back to as my kids say “back in the day”. I have 10 or 12 VHS tapes from when my kids were kids, I would like to transfer them to DVD (or other digital media), I contacted a few places on line but the cost was very high, do you any suggestions?

Thank you.

Drakotar says:

Are there any wireless options? Such as a Bluetooth transmitter? Great review 🙂

Boolossus says:

that warmth from vinyl is distortion

Christian says:

Very impressive and professionally-produced review!!

♫ Juke Joint ♪ says:

All turntables turn records. Manual turntables have no mechanics. The only thing that should make one turntable better than another is the cartridge and stylus which you can change on the cheaper turntables. Why is this table worth more than one that cost hundreds less. I’m serious…

graham field says:

thank you, think I’ve made my mind up, this is the one for me

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