TEAC LP-R550USB all-in-one turntable/cassette/CD audio system review

Have we finally found an all-in-one audio system that doesn’t look hideous and doesn’t sound like crap? See my “Tweaks & Upgrades” video for more technical information on these systems, including how to adjust the speed of the turntable and cassette player, and recommended upgrades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl4EA48-D2g


Steven Smyth says:

I checked out some other units at Teac’s website and on Amazon. They still sell dual cassette decks with Dolby and tape biasing. I am really tempted at some point in the future as I have a turntable (Pioneer PL-990) and a Sony A/V receiver to plug in to. Teac also makes just a cassette and CD recorder combo with Dolby but no tape biasing. Again, tempted. Nice review.

For you kids out there who’re wondering why we oldsters don’t dump our records, cassettes, and CDs and just run to Spotify. Nostalgia. Spinning records feels right. As LGR might say, my nostalgia trumps your common sense.

David Henderson says:

Turntable looks plastic junk

The Mary Jayne Experience says:

Everything I needed to know – Awesome review.

Edélcio Alonso says:

Vwestlife, sorry to bother you again, this time on Christmas Eve, but I wonder what’s your opinion on vinyl clamps?

Robert Saler says:

I really appreciate your videos and your work on them – thx

MK3424 says:

I recently bought a JVC L-E600 fully automatic linear tracking turntable, great machine but i noticed that it didn’t open itself.. i had to lift the lid manually and because the stylus and tracking mechanism was in the lid… i needed to fix it. So i opened it up and found that on one side, the plastic part of a springloaded hinge was bust and the other side was also starting to crack… so glueing it back together wasn’t an option.. and it turns out that it was a common construction defect.. so replacing was not an option, so i took my calipers and measuring the plastic piece of the hinge, recreate it in Sketcup, made some modifications to make it stronger and 3D printed it out for both sides by just mirroring the part, and voila! it works again. I have posted the stl file on thingiverse, along with the sketchup file for those who wanna modify it if they feel fit.

Susan Larson says:

Does this unit have a good bass sound?

BirdValiant says:

Wow, I thought that when it comes to A/V equipment, this level of care and attention to detail died years ago. You can tell that the engineers involved in this product were proud of their work. What a rare thing to behold.

Vinesauce Obscurities says:

A very odd choice to have a SimCity cameo in the background.

talldude123 says:

Well, as usual, Youtube didn’t alert me of this video in the subscriptions. Just watching it now, 6 days later!

urzu117 says:

at the very beginning, for a second, I thought you were booting up a PSX.

MazariFox says:

You got a hell load of good music!

Alvin Almazar says:

Good day, VWestlife. I have been following your channel for quite some time now and I would like to know if the TEAC LPR550 USB can accommodate active speakers, passive speakers, or both. Also, what should be the maximum wattage (output) for each speaker? And lastly, what external speakers would you recommend that will not break the bank? Thank you and further success to your YouTube channel. Oh, I almost forgot: what makes TEAC LPR660 USB different from the TEAC LPR550 USB aside from aesthetics? Mabuhay!

Andrew Littleboy says:

The one at 2:07 is exceptionally good although wouldn’t buy one

TrollBlockable says:

Would you recommend this as a good record player for beginner ( I don’t really play cds or cassette)

Play play says:

Can you do a tutorial on how to get the maximum audioquality out of budget record players?

The Shadow Man says:

I hate the el cheapo silver painted plastic buttons.

Joshua's Recordings says:

Looks much better than those junky Crosley or Victrola reproduction radios. Not quite as good as I’d expect from Teac, but better than anything else on the market.

tough213 says:

well components are not hard to put together and use . the turntable is all plastic which is right away cheap and garbage . the build is garbage fake wood . ceramic crap is ceramic crap. nothing good about the type of cartridge magnetic is always the best . the cartridge is garbage japan crap . japan crap is always crap . the sound is horrible I had one and sent it back too tinny a sound . poor equalization. I fix and rebuild audio gear and this is pure shit under a good name brand they are all starting to copy craply . well you will get room filling sound if you use amplified speakers . each time I see thsis type of shit come out I say what a waste of time . nothing is better then components and it is very sade to see that this is what the world has come to all in one crap god help us

abele ballestri says:

Very nice and helpful description of all the features which are present in this compact all/in/one piece of equipment. Thanks very much for the useful piece of advices you have given us.

tony dcosta says:

If you record a CD from vinyl does it still sound like vinyl?

mohd Ariff says:

How much? Can i get trw amazon pls info!

EhManana says:

I tried to find any differences between the 660 and 550- is it just the paintjob that’s different? Internal specs + speakers all the same in both?

Juan Manuel Cruz Reyes says:

That’s a good piece of audio equipment!!! Congratulations!!! Excellent video!!! I’ll suscribe right away!!! So much content to watch… cool!!!

George Price says:

Thank you! That has been my gripe about all this “Crosley is shit” crap.

Peter Cursio says:

My mom bought on of these for herself a couple years back and she complained that it played records fast, I could never find a speed adjustment on it. I look forward to your how to video. It’s well built device otherwise.

johnm893 says:

but where is a eq or tone bass or treble?

fountainhead says:

Thanks for this video, VWestlife! I actually have this system. I live in a small apartment and it’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of space but still enjoys messing around with different music formats. I look forward to your video on stylus upgrades and other tweaks to the system so I can get the most out of it!

VWestlife says:

See my “Tweaks & Upgrades” video for more technical information on these systems, including how to adjust the speed of the turntable and cassette player, and recommended upgrades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl4EA48-D2g

Gabriel Martinez says:

21:53 what record is that?

Robert Gaines says:

Looks nice! $300 really isn’t that bad for a decent, non-gimmicky compact system.

timekiller_s says:

I wish others would follow Teac’s lead and make *practical* all-in-one audio systems instead of the showy faux-vintage ones that are crap quality. That said, I don’t remember you mentioning if this unit had any kind of equaliser or bass/treble adjustments. Love your videos … keep ’em coming.

Sam Head says:

Hi there; wanted to say great video but also ask a question. What type of cable were you using to play your iPod through the aux inputs? Thanks.

Ken Choo says:

Is your copy of abba-the visitors the very first pressing CD? I just want to know. Thanks

saxman112 says:

I just got this yesterday (well, actually 2 of them due to a mistake by the Amazon seller) hooked it up to my Edifier R1280T powered bookshelf speakers (with a good amount of bass and treble set on them) and immediately I was blown away by the sound quality compared to my ION Max LP. This thing sounds impressive!

I think it’s safe to say that this will now be my new default turntable. It’s clear to see that TEAC put some time and effort into designing this thing because of using genuine parts for the turntable instead of Chinese clones.

TOP DAWG says:

I knew if it is TEAC ,it will have a cassette player . I don’t understand why they use a Bias switch for playback ,it just degrades the high end .. TEAC defiantly stays with the old school vibe in a good way with the cd and tape and a nice good quality table set up..

Robert Sand says:

I love how specific and attention to detail you are. Keep it up! (Make a harbor freight ad video like that heartland catalog video) Look up hazard freight and someone made a mock of the harbor freight ad

voltare2amstereo says:

why no recording on cassette? it wouldn’t be any real price difference parts wise, but be that much more usefull.
possibly would interfere with the cd burner i guess|
and an alarm / clock / timer wake for recording system

VintagePassionMBTK7 says:

CDs are not yet considered obsolete! We still use them, here in my country! Roland even sells a new CD recorder, that you can connect to everything you want to record and you’re good to go

Taven Brunette says:

i use/burn Cd’s every day don’t know what you talking about Cd’s are not popular i have many Ipods but still rip them into iTunes so i can listen to them on the go on an Ipod but when in home or in car i use cds to listen to music

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