Technics SL-1200MK2 review

Technics sl-1200mk2 one of the best turntables ever made
Also watch my video of the technics sl-1200G

my nephew found this same turntable for free, watch how he demolish the thing by cleaning it:
he just used the green side of a sponge to clean it, got tears in my eyes


stvynix says:

I know I’ve watched this video before, but I wasn’t sure if I ever commented… Thank you my friend. I like your research. One day, I will have that turn table!! When I can afford it!! 🙂 It will happen. 🙂

Dirk Diggler says:

mine back in the day were German made yo

streetbass 786 says:

i have had my pair of Technics sl-1200’s since 1987 and they have never been serviced and still work like new to this very day, they use them in dmc mixing competitions… doesn’t that tell you something…

snoop dogg dank kush says:

do you have the SL-2000

Joe Smith says:

Of course we can’t see what the future will be, but I kick myself for not keeping my Technics from the early 80’s if for no other reason but the memories plus the records I had would probably be very valuable as well.Oh well:(


Just got mine today

Farch March says:

Very very good review, all good things showed and explained; once you met, handled, used one of these beauties, things are different about turntables, very true…

GOD says:

to me looks like any other turntable ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kevin Reeks says:

I have used Technicss SL1200 turntables…..and I agree, there are, of course, better machines around. The Shure M44-7 cartridge has been mentioned. Great cartridge, works very well indeed in the Pickup Arms used on Stanton ST150, Audio Technica AP1240, Reloop Rp8000 and Rp7000 ( great product). The new version of the Technics seems way over the top on price…for what is on offer. The price will have to be lowered, I am sure.

Kenneth Luedtke says:

yes I just love the turntable I have two of them okay they are just right for recording as.well

Ron Davis says:

thats a nice looking turn table

Jim Layey says:

looks like there 500 dollar table piece of shit

Michael Horgan says:

I love my SL-1200MK6-S! 🙂

TOP DAWG says:

Why did Technics quit making tables? Vinyl is coming back

Zac vaper says:

Snap, Crackle and Pop. Not clean and crisp

Paul Huerta says:

What kind of Amp and speakers u have that sounds incredible

PAWELDUN Music says:

wow it looks like a NOS.

Combo Jerman says:

Sir. Could you please tell me where is this store where I can by a brand new 1200 or 1210 Turntable?
Please give us a link.

I miss my Technics Turntable and I want to be 1 pair again.

Thank you!

Robert Beatty says:

Mamma mia.. looks great if ya have many greenbacks.

Digiphex Electronics says:

You use a cartridge alignment protractor to tell where you needle should sit. You can even print one out at home, but I have a protractor disk.

Paulo Victor says:

Just wait until you get your hands on an 1100, you’ll love that one even more.

stvynix says:

My friend… enjoy a Heineken!!! Like I am!

javier eduardo says:

Nice sound

Vic G says:

Very nice. What did you pay and what will you sell it for? Also what is the name of that stereo shop and it’s location?

Manuel dark says:

Who is the music ?

socksumi says:

Try a Dual 701. Direct drive but features solid inert construction. An almost unheard of 9.5 pound platter and solid metal plinth isolated by soft springs… and an excellent integrated arm. Not exactly a looker but you won’t find a better sounding direct drive turntable.

Flappo Spammo says:

much prefer your reviews to that asshole michael fremer

Dorus Overgoor says:

Als trotse eigenaar van ‘n hagelnieuwe en belachelijk dure SL 1200 mk. 5 zag ik de naalden met de rug tegel elkaar. De linker had je eerst wel met ‘n borsteltje schoon mogen maken. Het zag er slordig uit. Verder zag ik in de aftiteling Technics sl 200  staan.Mooie review van de beste platenspeler ever!

Denis Stoyanov says:

Great review my friend! Just wondering… how does the SL-1200MK2 compare to your AKAI AP-207? I have an AKAI AP-206 and I am wondering if it is worth the upgrade. Thanks!

DJ Dragstorm says:

Weet niet of je ondertussen uit heb gevogeld hoe je de naald van een technics afstelt,
Ik weet dat ze conrad van die “liniealtjes verkopen om je naaldpunt mee af ste stellen ik gebruik hem zelf al jaren.
tevens zit er in de doos van de technics een wit plastic beugeltje dat over de achterkant van je elementhouder past aan de voorkant zit een pleine v enkeeping als de je styluspunt op de punt van dit Vtke zet en dat de schroeven van je lelementhouder vastdraaid staat de naald op Factory specs.
Mvg Sacha

Richard Morgan says:

You just can’t overstate how special these turntables are! I was lucky enough to score a beautiful, very lightly used black version of the Technics 1200 MK2 from an eBay seller! It came packed in the original box just like it was from the factory and even came with a brand new dust cover. It is the pride of my music room! I paid about $700 USD and I don’t regret a single penny! I truly loved watching your video because you truly get it my friend!

TheBudgie29 says:

PS: Or just get a Concord Pro S Cartridge and You don’t have to bother with all that. And sounds great. Nice Video Thanks.

Anthony Vaughn says:

@6:28 Is that a eyebrow hair on the needle?

Paul Huerta says:

That sounds good

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