The Best Affordable Vinyl Record Player? 1byone Vintage Turntable Review

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1byone Vinyl Record Player Review: CONCLUSIONS

So there you have it, the 1byone vintage turntable. For just over $70 you are getting an affordable solution to play your old or maybe new vinyl records as they are still being widely used in the music industry.

The 1byone vinyl record player is stylish and has a great build quality. Also, there quite a few options like the ability to play music via headphones, connect the turntable to the external speakers or even connect your phone or any mp3 player.

Also, this turntable is super easy to use and it has an auto power off switch, which stops the music playback automatically as soon as the vinyl record finishes.

A few shortcomings would be that the inside of the turntable feels a bit plasticky as the platter and tone arm parts are wobbling a little. Also, the speakers could be a little bit louder.

Despite a few disadvantages, the 1byone vinyl record player is a great offering if you are looking for affordable solution to play your old or new vinyls and $70 would probably not break your bank.

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sally cinnamon says:

Oh boy

Johnny McFly says:

This shitty record player destroy your vinyls , DON’T BUY THIS !!!

Kamuy1337 says:

Vino records.

Anny Van Ryckeghem says:

Bad quality

saul chm says:

that is the worse option for your records
get a vintage audio or an audio technica lp60 or pl120

Joseph Sirois says:

WTF?is anyone buying this bullshit?

Çerastes says:

I have to admit, whoever thought about selling these full plastic toys for millennial hipsters was a fuking genius. Such easy money.

bananahacks bob says:

I hope you can sleep at night knowing you are personally responsible for the destruction of vinyl records belonging to people who thought you know what you are talking about.

Justus Govaert says:

This turntable is shit! Do not buy it! Do not buy a cheap record player like this because records are reposed to sound better than CD’s and they sound not good with this type of turntable. If you want something cheap than you need to buy second hand or something more expensive

Michael Harrison says:

rebranded crossley rubbish

Gates KOORBA says:

i picked up the ion similar to this but has a recharable battery which i like dont have plug it in hopefully iyt lasts me few years enjoying it so far after 3 days.

saul chm says:

2:17 look at that stylus it look’s like a saw

R Campbell says:

Looks like a re-branded Crosley player…..and Crosleys are junk.

Thomas Webley says:

Don’t these mess up your vinyl or is that just the crosley Cruiser one

Mawerick77 says:

Sound quality? Pretty poor. Of course there are worse options available but these type of turntables do not even scratch the surface (pun intended) when it comes to vinyl audio quality.

Harrison Crutcher says:

This is almost exactly as bad as a crosley

wndy59 says:

It looked like you might have forgot to dust-off the Lp w/a damp cloth b-4 playing!

craig thomas says:

the plinth and arm mount float on purpose, this is shock absorption

Blake Kersey says:

Bro you talk pretty funny lol. And also you’re saying “vinyl” wrong. It’s pronounced “vinenull”.

Black Jesus says:

Why call it vintage

Andre Martin says:

that and Crosley are junk never buy those turntables like most records will skip and the 33rpm speed is little faster that what they say just don’t be cheap and buy a good turntable that is 12’inch so your records won’t be woblely with a dust cover so when your table is turning it won’t pick up all that dust or go get a great used turntable at a pawnshop for low price

Yara H says:

are the speakers good? everyone keeps complaining that they are bad quality..

MajorBinkss says:

i think your balls dropped at 4 seconds

Timothycan says:

I got a ‘Prosound’ one from Maplin UK, described as ‘used’ but was obviously an item that had been returned unused. It cost me 23 GBP (about 30 USD) which in my opinion is the right sort of price for one of these. The tracking force IS high, but actually ‘back in the day’ there were a lot of tiny players like this in the 1960s and 1970s which were certainly no better than these. They do work ok, and are alright for records that are not pristine or don’t matter very much. These are not Hi-Fi, but then, portable players just aren’t. To play  records ‘properly’ you need a turntable set up which is just too heavy and bulky for a light weight portable.

Calvin Maranville says:

If you say “Vinyl” like that one more time…

Michael Byrd says:

That’s some real high dollar professional shit right there and the bass response is outstanding out of those massive Tupperware speakers. Designed to last lifetimes I’m sure your grandkids will be enjoying it well into the future, truly an heirloom for sure.

aziz alali says:


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