The best turntable you can buy

Vinyl is seeing a resurgence all over the place, and if you’re curious about which of the many turntables available are the best to start your budding collection with, we have a pick for you. A good turntable is simple to use, has great sound, and can be easily repaired when parts wear out. Don’t go the big box cheap route and get something that will last.


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Electone_Guy says:

Or better yet, find a vintage turntable and buy that instead.


Of course it’s good it’s basically a knockoff technics sl1200

Alan Gross says:

Nice video…I think my vintage Technics SL-23 is just fine after watching this, at least it’s semi-automatic. If you clean your records EVERY TIME (not every so often) before playing they’ll sound good and last a long, long time.

Marin Bencic says:

Hi, what do you think about the AT Lp60? I want to get started in Vinyl,but 300$ and + equipment like cleaning and sleeves, + records themself are busting my budget. I read that the Lp60 is a good player and got a 3g force so it doesnt damage my records, atleast my records wont get damaged even if the sound isnt the best. And its cost the 1/3. And in time i can sell it and upgrade it to the 120 or better. What do you think?

Syed Ali Mujtaba says:

Hitman: Contracts – Mission #4 – Beldingford Manor 6: 52 to 6:56 turntable model required please reply

spike 6060 says:

this turntable  lp 120   looks like my rek o kut 14 is it same thing

Batt Man says:

no no no no no!!!!!!

Christian Kjems says:

anybody got experience with the LP-60?

Jose A Avellanet says:

Great video!

Ezra Edison says:

I’m sorry to say this is not a good turntable definitely an entry model that’s for sure I have a pro-ject esprit and I love it. I paid 600 dollars for it and have it paired with a pro-ject tube box s.

Hacking Turtle says:

I Knew a friend who had a turntable (about $200) and he was using $5 earbuds and he kept on complaining why vinyl sounds so bad *facepalm*

PhuckHue2 says:

buy a real turntable. a real turntable doesn’t have a preamp and USB port built in. If you want to digitize some records then plug audio cables directly into the soundcard

Otimo says:

Ever wonder why people keep say “oh those 99$ turntables suck”
Well since these morons never explain why let me tell you as a person that has bought a cheepo turntable. A lot of cheep turn tables don’t play newer records well at all! Skipping and jumping all over the place making them unplayable!!! They are also generally unbalanced and can risk record scratches x.x
So yes buy a good one because the cheep ones might not even WORK for you.

Heavy Jay says:

I got a sony lx250h what’s the word on that player

Silas Mayes says:

I have the AP-AL60 that has an automatic arm and lifter! that is so much cheaper but better if you have something to plug rca cables into

Leon G says:

Today i found two IMG Stageline djp200 in the trash

Amber Dolin says:

i got a 30 dollar turntable from walmart. it does all these things. even has an aux so you can play your music. don’t listen to these ppl. find one that works for your price

DumbFoundKid says:

147euro is that good enough?

Russel James says:

pretty good and straightforward video. .. I was seriously looking forward to getting this player. .. but I’m so confused now, Around the same price range is the Pioneer PLX500 … any suggestions which direction I go ?

CL-Motech says:

i never losse my belt from Motor, not 1 time in 4 years.

Flappo Spammo says:

technics sl1210 etc

rest are poseur snowflake crap

James Scott says:


Ev Lloyd says:

because this guy just oozes authority! 😛

neogeomaster says:

Far to be the best…

Babagula89 says:

It’s expensive as hell

Therefore Ibe says:

Wow. This was supposed to simply give advise on an entry level turntable but has turned into the old vinyl vs digital debate. For what it’s worth, sound is subjective. If you like cds the listen to cds. If the sound for your phone speaker sounds good then listen to that. My choice is vinyl, DVD-a and sacd audio. Mostly vinyl. But that’s simply my preference. Best advice? Listen to all formats and chose what you like. Don’t let anyone tell you which is best. I have 4 turntables one of which is this audio technica. Great entry turntable. If not better.

John Werner says:

As a old hi-fi dude I do think that the AT-120 is the absolute lowest cost deck one should consider if decent sound and record preservation tick your primary decision boxes. The Project Debut and U-Turn should also be considered. I might say if you like direct-drive but don’t care for the AT for some reason you could choose between the Pioneer PLX-500 & 1000 models. Of course if you want real vintage stuff you’ve to to go to audio resale sites of which eBay is the ubiquitous one. If you want to know what one of the first great minimalist hi-fi turntables was like try to pick up a AR – XA model that is working and in good shape. The weak spot was always the tonearm which was so simple it was if it was stripped to the bare essentials. That said as long as it was lubricated and mated with a sympathetic cartridge/stylus it most certainly overachieved to a almost amazing level that was hard to quantify. The AR still has the best realized suspension system at a reasonable cost (an old one might need adjusting or replacement of the springs, but maybe not). The only other widely available turntable with the same suspension was the Linn LP12 which was sometimes over 10X more expensive than the AR if certain recommended mods were either ordered or added. The bottom line is as 2017 suddenly vinyl is not just back but the equipment to play it on is too. This should be an exciting year for turntable buyers as more choices seem to come out every month.

werewolfradio says:

Best video I’ve seen so far on starting playing records. The manual part of the player is a plus to me! Subscribed brother.

Patton Cockrum says:

I went vinyl!

HydroPolitoed says:

I think you can better buy a nikkei ntt05u its 180 and gas a audio technica element and does the same job

bobroth1951 says:

You forgot to mention that the Audio-techica pl-120 plays not only 45 and 33 rpm records, but also plays 78 rpm records. Most other players do not have the 78 rpm option. I have owned this player for almost 8 years and have never had a problem. I have played thousands of 78 and 45 rpm records on this player. A great record player!

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