The Gramovox Vertical Turntable – REVIEW

The Floating Record Vertical Turntable was a successful Kickstarter campaign.The idea was to make a quality turntable that takes up less shelf space, looks great and sounds good. Did they deliver – watch the video to find out.
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Titles of Records Shown
Picture Disc 12” – Back to the Future Soundtrack – Various
Glow in the Dark Green 10” – Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr
Red 10” Rock Tonight – Lord Funk Feat Davjazz
Black 12” – No one can do it better – The D.O.C
Red 7” – Soul Almighty – Bob Marley
Yellow 12”- When Life gives you Lemons you paint that shit gold – Atmosphere
Red/Yellow/Green 12” – Legend – Bob Marley
Clear 12” – After the Rain – Muddy Waters
Gold 12” – Greatest Hit Singles – Isaac Hayes
Picture Disc 12” – Thriller – Michael Jackson
Clear with Coloured Dots – Casanova 70 – Air
Red/Gold – Number Ones – Stax
Yellow 7” – Soul Rebel – Bob Marley
Blue – Willy and the poor boys – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Black/Gold – Transformer – Lou Reed
Red – Organix – The Roots
Clear Green – Changesonebowie – David Bowie

There are links to some of these discs here –


JxM95 says:

Review mag lev audio

David Smeets says:

Hey techmoan, i was wondering how one would play a 45rpm single with a larger hole in the middle? It would seem impossible to me unless there is some kind of special adapter included..
Love your channel, kind regards

kegen.T says:


Bill Rolke says:

hey Techmoan, I recently aquired a Marantz 6350Q turntable. do you know anything about them? it all works as it should and sounds really good. although I don’t have too much experience with vinyl. kind of a new hobby.

Henric Oscarsson says:

Do you have to screw that thing in the middle on and off everytime you change a record?

Mike Gervasi says:

For $400 you can get a real table like a Pro-Ject or Rega.

Gibbonz465 says:

What David bowie album was that?

ayden s says:

What is the wow and flutter rating for this turntable? I don’t care if someone else posted a similar comment, I am not looking through 1,000 comments for that.

RM apCynan says:

Mag Lev audio.

Ralph says:

Thank you for Sharing & Posting such intriguing Videos. I appreciate all the time & thorough effort you put into them Sir. Thank you.

Thumbsdown Bandit says:

The Gramox clearly sounds more airy, light and breezy than conventional turntables.

XBOYS says:

970 coment

HaydenX says:

♫”Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I saw a Techmoan review…”♫

Jori Burton says:

I would love to see a vinyl killer review, especially a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine one

VWestlife says:

FYI: The price has now been increased to $550.

Lunastarling says:

it 550 us now

XBOYS says:

970 coment

camelazo says:

5:33 the only good song!

Cardinal Biggles says:

Any chance you could compare this to the Project VTE-R?

Orange Harrison says:

Tearing up discs from before you were born for hipster cred is what neo-retro-ironic consumerism is all about. That’s how that one groove-tracking toy car got out of kickstarter as well

Ron Wess MusaQ says:

That was Awesome would love to have but a bit expensive but love your channel cause you talk about all the formats that I love present and forgotten my latest love is the mini disc … they don’t know what their missing (” aye have a great weekend (“

kik says:

Paying fairly large sums for something that is totally impractical just seems wrong to me. It’s fine to review something, but really, it’s just crap. It is inconvenient, it doesn’t protect your vinyl by way of a dust cover, and potentially damages your vinyl by not being even remotely capable of offering any form of anti skate. Anti skate has nothing to do with lifting the stylus and the cartridge moving off track, it is about accurate tracking within the groove of the record, having a stylus running harder on one side of the groove or the other (that’s left or right channel) will not only damage the vinyl over a period of time, but also produce poor quality reproduction. Then we have the whole attaching the vinyl to the spindle, having to screw it into place is just another nail in the inconvenience coffin for vinyl and turntables. Any person who respects their vinyl would never consider placing it on such a pile of shit as this.

Stark Industries says:

love david bowie

Mark5W8Comer says:

Looks cool, but raises too many questions for me: arm balance, anti-skating, etc. It just looks like a functioning “gimmick” than a genuine turntable.

BlueDragon992 says:

Remember when only pretentious hipsters still listened to Records?

I can’t believe I live in a world where a piece technology that has been laughably obsolete since *the 80’s* is actually mainstream again…

bitblt says:

Nice choice on the colored records. It’s a pretty piece of kit.

Riz2336 says:

That’s the weirdest turntable I’ve ever seen lol

Robert Jones says:

Do you sell all of the stuff you don’t use anymore?

anthonyc417 says:

Wait a second was that Atmosphere? I’m from Minnesota and may I say sir you are awesome for using that record for this video. I see Atmosphere and many other Rhymesayers each year at Soundset.

Clarissa 1986 says:

David Bowie~ *goosebumps* <3

Robin Wilson says:

It’s certainly a cute idea, but $550 for what amounts to little more than an aesthetically focused gimmick is pretty dang outrageous. You could get a very good quality, traditional style turntable for $550, and in direct drive one for that matter.

WizardsNipple says:

Looks cool but rediculously overpriced

JamiePohlOA says:

So that’s what a party at your house would sound like; I’m ok with this.

FischOderAal says:

I was not aware that there where so many nice Vinyls!

The Schnoz says:

where did you get the hunky dory? mine is just standard black?

Ryushi Shiratori says:


What is the title of this song?

AwesomeGamer555 says:

I think Vinyl Eyezz is drooling right now

David Micheal Williams says:

i guess im the only one who think this is a horrible looking gimmick?

Scott Hudson says:

Gloss plastic is horrid for dust and fingerprints. Also wood panel finish and poo-poo speakers in 2016. Blah.

saemikneu says:

bad speakers and nt auto-stop or anti-skate. so poor choice in a turnable when buying this.

robertsd247 says:

Sweet. A kickstarter that actually delivered what was promised.

Science of Sound says:

Mate your vinyl collection is amazing! Love the picture discs!

Les King says:

I can’t tell if someone’s poisoned my off brand Dr. Pepper or if it just tastes strange while consumed alongside Hostess Ding-Dongs

Ezra Edison says:

You should do a review of the pro-ject vte vertical turntable I have it and love it it’s very unique I’m currently saving up for the pro-ject classic in walnut but the vte is a great turntable until I get my new one.

sweetsweatyfeet says:

During audio trade shows in the late 1960s, Dual used to hang their 1019 turntable upside down to demonstrate it’s dynamically suspended arm design and holy horrors… it played! Quite well thank you… no doubt a lot better than this P.O.S.

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