The Hipster Turntable Even an Audiophile Can Love

Is the Orbit Plus turntable from U-Turn Audio the best record player under $500? I find out in my latest record player review.

U-Turn Orbit Plus:
Complete U-Turn Orbit Stereo System:
Damn The Torpedoes LP:

Camera Equipment Used:
Panasonic G9:
Canon 24-105mm f4 L:
Viltrox EF to M43 Adapter:


THTSound says:

That out belt it’s just not my thing.

Ben Rosteski says:

Which part is the cartridge? Is it the piece at the end of the arm that holds the needle?

Matthew Burr says:

The point at the 3:20 mark is so right on! I love my U-Turn. I love having it out, prominently in my living room. I love the conversations it creates when guests see it. I love having music playing in the main room of my house. Great review here!

David Malinovsky says:

Audiophiles love the Orbit. It’s the crappy Hanpin, Audio Technica, Denton etc tables they hate


My choice of a retro belt drive would be an EMPIRE Troubadour or an AR Acoustic Research …..An old Direct Drive ,,many Japanese tables like Marantz,,,Pioneer,,SANSUI ,Sony,Technics

John sweda says:

Does it have a servo motor do you know how does it rate paid to the Florence..?
Get yourself an achromat 5 mm if you can adjust vta otherwise 3 mm from funk firm best investment. Isolate your speakers and turntable best upgrades cheapest possible. Get some rockwool and a board of MDF or ply half an inch thick, place your speakers on the rockwool board underneath in your case, and turntable on the board with the rockwool underneath. You’ve got to isolate your speakers mate stands is not good enough or spikes just use rockwool nothing else. You can cut it with a bread knife.

Greg Mattingly says:

rock an orbit with a grado blue 2 and freaking love it! Can’t go wrong with the U-Turn’s price point, quality and price!

Eric Mason says:

I ordered an Orbit Plus when they first came out with a Grado Blue1 cart and loved it. I upgraded the stylus with an 8Mz but then moved on to Rega. I have the Orbit in the bedroom with some Klipsh monitor speakers for easy listening while reading a book in bed, but my main listening takes place on the Rega Planar 6 with the Ania MC, a Groovetracer subplatter and the Rega Neo TTPSU.

Justus Govaert says:

I have an old school technics sl3210 turntable in alright condition. And the cartridge that I have is the ortofon om 5e. I payed only €20 for the turntable but than the cartridge that I needed to replace was €60. The sound is pretty good and I like this setup. The only new thing in my audio setup is the cartridge

LinusScrubTips says:

If it broke just fix it? That’s what I do with headphones. Buy broken on eBay. Only had 1 pair that was actually broken to the point of no repair. I get turntables are harder but still.

forti tude says:

Another great video, I approve this video it is basically perfect – bane as batman

Lui Franco says:

Somewhere in the middle of this “Hipsters” vs. “Audiophiles” argument are Hip Hop heads who never gave up their turntables, aren’t snobs when it comes to what turntables you use to spin your records (shit, most of us don’t even clean our records every time we play them, imagine that?).

I find most “hipsters” are essentially snobby audiophiles (who mistakenly think Audiophile simply means you have a small fortune invested on turntables and McIntosh gear). There have always been “vinyl heads” who have been perfectly okay picking up a used table and a Shure M97xE and put most of their effort into enjoying music as opposed to having an existential crisis because they need validation for the gear they own, haha!

Anthony Lemma says:

The cartridge I have a Numark CC-1, which is a DJ cartridge, but it sounds fine to me. Maybe I’ll upgrade to this cartridge in the future. The system I’m rocking with it is a Pioneer VSX-401 receiver, a Technics SL-3200 turntable and set of Pioneer speakers. I do want to upgrade the receiver so I can hook up a subwoofer.

reitsound says:

So let’s see ,you bought two Ikea Kallax 2×2 in white and a white cheapy turntable to match the decor ,a pair of used JBL L100 with aftermarket foam grills in cheesy orange plus a bunch of LP’s …………and now you are the sound authority and can give advice,really???? the worst part you raise your elbows and chin and want to ridicule the audiophiles among us.GIVE IT UP

Chris Capozzoli says:

Woburn MA Baby! Nothing like success in your backyard.

Groovy Lisa says:

I’ve had this turntable for 2 years I highly recommend it to anybody who is starting out in record collecting. It’s Not a Hipster turntable in my opinion.

Jayaram G says:

Most of the components seem to be sourced from Pro-Ject Audio.

Terry Lipshetz says:

I have the Custom. It’s awesome. Great customer service when the motor started making clicking sounds. Replacement has been perfect.

knivesandfire1 says:

I have an Orbit Basic and upgraded to the Grado Black2 cart. Really like this turntable for the price and the ability to upgrade/add individual components to it.

john smith says:

I used to.listen to a Dansette and cum my load when listening to music I loved. Fuck this speccy nob. Listen to the music you love on whatever medium you can afford

Last of the Boomers says:

I love how you pair the inexpensive table and cart with very expensive speakers. Maybe a video on your thoughts about such pairings? Where to put your dollars in putting together a system?

naibafabdulkobor says:

I have never ever witnessed any audiophile turning down a piece of gear because of funny colors (like white). That’s fake news.

In fact, Rega Research (and their lowly epigones Project) have been selling turntables in all kinds of colors for almost two decades.

veroman007 says:

what are those speakers?

William Zuk says:

I just realised I spent over half a grand on equipment just to play music

Joe Home says:

These entry level Ortofon are what they are. I think the “diamond” tip is stuck on with paper glue and fall out.

That Benjamin Person says:

Yeah but the b and o is a piece of history, an item you can take pride in owning and something you could hand down to kids etc.

Anita SV says:

Crosley may pickup some nuances, but I heard it damages the records.

Rick G says:

Ask for a repair quote from Soundsmith for your B&O deck. They are stand up guys.. Oh, BTW, U-turn is owned by 3 “kids”..

Hordes Of Nebulah says:

Buying vintage turntables is fine for a first timer but buying a Bang and Olufsen, especially a linear tracker, is a bad idea for the the reasons you listed. They are brilliant turntables but very expensive to maintain. Stuff like a late 70s Technics or a Pioneer deck can support almost any cartridge and parts are a dime a dozen so maintenance isn’t the same issue as with a B&O. Plus they perform incredibly well.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Make belief is a business on Youtube isn’t?

This turntable is a beginners and no more.

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