The Levitating Turntable – What Magic Is This?

Behold, the magical levitating turntable…

Maglev Audio –


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machfive916 says:

I’m no audiophile, but this thing is BANANAS. I wasn’t digging the selected album, but to each his own. Cool as heck, but too rick for my blood.

Paul Aguirre says:

u said Brock Marion? is that who made that record??

Angel Felix says:

Please purchase and review the Skullcandy Crushers Wireless compared to the original Skullcandy Crushers (none wireless) then compare them to a popular pair of Beats headphones, I want to know your professional opionon on these items

Sid Khanna says:

$2900?? wtf!

Chris Martinez says:

As always, I just came for the dope music.

das auto says:

anyone who knows the basics of how record turntables work will never ever buy this lol

SP Coulson says:

The noise those pegs make when they raise and lower is horrible ! Everything else looks/feels really premium then some whiny motor grinds itself. I also think that wait time before the record spins to the correct speed … bad.

Rambler Andy says:

Outwardly cool idea, but I doubt that the sound quality would be that good. The Turntable, Arm and Cartridge sound best if they are an isolated coupled unit. Here this turntable is decoupled from its chassis and hence from the arm. Essentially, in an ideal turntable, the only thing that should be moving is the cantilever in the cartridge, with the revolving record grooves and the cartridge virtually locked together. That’s what turntable designers are really trying to achieve all the time. This turntable would also be hugely affected by sound wave vibration, unless it was in another room. And, tbh, relatively cheap basic hi-fi quality turntables, properly setup, can sound pretty good if they are in an adjoining room, isolated from the loudspeakers.
Whilst I love new tech, in this case old tech still wins. And whilst this eliminates motor and centre spindle bearing noise, those can be decoupled [motor] and quietened [spindle bearing] by great design already. The spindle acts as the essential coupling to the arm/cartridge/cantilever through the chassis. The whole unit sits decoupled in its box through good suspension design. I would be very surprised indeed if this sounded superb because it doesn’t adhere to the basic principles mentioned above.

Jacob Powers says:

CRAZY platter wobble. also would have been cooler with one of those contact-less laser headers

djalkaline1 says:

From a DJ point of you it is useless but is he are you junkie this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in many years shut up and take my money

Vesirinkeli says:

the Musik choice for test is worst! why to choose musik which Sounds like brocken LP. I think some classical rock or Pop song would do it Better

rabooey says:

Sweet video cut of Thelma hula hooping, hahahah. $$

Tony says:


Chupo Boop says:

U kick ass

Simonas Sit says:

Is one of the most interesting turn tables I have ever seen. And most important – seems it’s works. Of course it’s expensive and unnecessary. But yeah, just imagine in your minimal house design with some guest. They will be blown away bay your hipster-Tony Stark technology.
So basically is a think to make a message, but also it works.
good work on video! 🙂

Jose Villalon says:

That platter movement is giving me incredible anxiety… At least it ships with a very cheap phono cart so no need to worry about damaging that. I also love how on the website it has “suggested upgrades” and proceeds to list every Ortofon cart up to the Blue.

This is going to be what every hipster buys when they upgrade their system to be more “audiophile”. They’ll trade in their stupid briefcase turntables for this.

Is Gucci says:

Should have played some eazy e record smh

ClectaSkiMusic says:

Dude like that Apollo Brown type ish…

Kenzie Dawson says:

Lou is really happy you had a chance to get your hands on one of these. I LOVE mine. I had to go with the White Champagne aluminum. Also got the dust cover.

Dylan McRae says:


Kaleb Braun says:

I’m thinking you need to now release some Lew vinyl to play on this bad boy

GameBeastHD says:

what speaker does he use??

PatchesFlows says:

Yer such a frikken artist!

navyecmo says:

Hey! A video that ISN’T about a cell phone! These are becoming fewer and further between. I love the channel and love Lew, but it seems to be all cell phones all the time now.

Primoz Perko says:

Little known fact! They actually make these in Slovenia

lex Anthony says:

what voodoo is this ?!

Juan Sotomayor says:


Hugo Schreuder says:

@2:58 Buck Rodgers….. Whaaaa ha ha ha

Usman Khan says:

what speakers

Kelala Seichi says:

mah man Brock Berrigan!!!!

c Lok says:

Why must you always play soundcloud trash on every video?

CH Steele says:

Today’s records sound like compact discs no pops no hiss what are found in real vinyl I would rather have a Pioneer with a Sure needle cartridge

Space Rangers Recording Studio says:

Awesome thumbs up

Spedracer55 says:

you would get such clean sound out of that

Theodor Esenwein says:

What movie was the first overlay from? At 3:00

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