The New Ideal Affordable Turntable? Dual are back!

Here is the AudioLlama review of the Dual MTR-40 Direct Drive USB Turntable.

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Obviously the Dual MTR40 is based on the classic Technics SL1200 but is also very similar to the more expensive Audio Technica AT120 Turntable.

It features an Audio Technica AT91 cartridge.

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Aron Gatt says:

that awesome rush album on the wall

kc0dxf says:

How about an overview of the Dual line? I didn’t even know they were still in business!

Edward Barr says:

A dual in name only!!it sGwandong not the Black Forest ethereal this was made bet it sounds shite

Steven Turner says:

for 250 pounds I would expect a lot more than this plastic rubbish considering there are better turntables out there for the same price that are far Superior like the Audio Technica ATLP120USB Turntable, the Project Essential III or the project Primary Phono USB

Robert Kohut says:

Great review and insight!

Глеб Редченко says:

Please review Rega Planar 2 or Pro-Ject Carbon Debut Esprit!!

phantasm1004 says:

josh….does this table have tonearm height adjustment?

Doofer Me says:

You mention about the Pre Amp being switchable and that you like this feature because ( to put it bluntly….. ) some built in pre amps are sheeeite !! I have the Project Debut Carbon USB and some revolution Signature Tannoy speakers…. Is the built in pre amp sheeeite ?

Mike Crilly says:

Are you based in Windows by any chance? Love that shop!

lizichell2 says:

Change the cartridge will greatly improve quality

VWestlife says:

The fake Chinese Dual already sold the same thing four years ago!

Ian Robertson says:

I may be wrong but I can’t help thinking a budget Rega or Project would trounce it at the price point, it all depends how heavily this turntable is discounted. If I was after a budget DJ deck then I would consider it. I am also not sure who is aimed at that those that know the Dual brand will probably also know this is probably just another rebranded Hanpin and while there is nothing wrong with that it suffers from extreme competition. I do ocassionaly do a bit of vinyl DJ’ing and the budget Hanpins are perfect for my needs, but for pure HIFI I just prefer Pro-Ject or Rega at this price point.

Jeff Pittman says:

Visual and feature similarities to the AT LP-120 plinth, platter, drive & controls positively leap off the screen which is not uncommon. It’s as if someone, somewhere makes a chassis into which a vendor can drop brand-specific electronics (e.g. preamp, USB) and a tonearm assembly (complete w/antiskate and cueing), then market it as the vendor’s own brand. That’s not a bad thing; it’s silly to reinvent the wheel if someone already makes a good wheel and all you need to do it dress it up a bit and slap your logo onto it. But as the owner of several Dual tables back in the 1970s – 80s, later a Technics owner and now an AT owner, there is nothing Dual-esque about this table, fine as it may be. Not a criticism, just an observation.

Scott McQuade says:

Fix the focus on your camera pls. It detracts from the quality of your review.

Vic G says:

Cheap Chinese product using the DUAL name or DUAL name using Cheap Chinese product. Anyway the tonearm housing made of plastic screams of Cheap imprecise construction; hinted by the launch of the tonearm from the disk? I’ll pass on buying that.

Paul Parry says:

I’ve just acquired a pro-ject debut carbon USB with built in phono stage version. Taking the platter off to change the speed is doing my head in. I have seen project do a speed box but there are different types & do they require re wiring? Is there just a simple plug in & play version that you would recommend please. Any help would be appreciated.

fernarias says:

So Dual is selling a rebadged Audio Technica which is a terrible copy of a SL-1200mkii. Just buy a 1200MkII or an old Dual.

Pedarius says:

It would be nice if you can make a review of the original Analog DUAL Turntables and not the cheap Hanpin Reseller Company that has also an License to use there Name.
They make great Turntables since decades. They produce also e.g. for Thorens. (Thorens TD 190 is Dual CS 455-1)

swifty1969 says:

during your review, what’s the name of the music playing in the background? thanks!!!

lizichell2 says:

Wish new affordable turntables would do away with USB ports and onboard pre amps

Glumfish says:

In the link at jgwindows it says professional I wouldn’t say it is one, also what is your current turntable?

J Wester says:

Why do so many have to make a cheap rip off of the original Technics SL-1200? None of them come even near the quality of the original in my mind. I would rather find a used SL-1200 MK5. The new 1200GR is even better but also at a higher price range.

D twist Rewind says:

quick tip play a record with a strong bass and walk around the room listening where the bass sounds weaker or muted compared to the rest of the room and ideally that position is the best area to have the deck setup I know it’s not going to be ideal as the placement may be inconvenient in a lot of room setups,but short of a needle change I’ve found it to be the next most important thing that can greatly improve dynamics for zero monetary Llama it would be interesting to see you demo different listening areas and why turntables should never be placed in a corner of a room. Great video as usual.

Janosch Amann says:

I’ve got one and its perfectly fine as a beginners turntable…

Strawberry Jam says:

If you want a real one you get a CS

Billy Grinstead says:

rebadged audio technica lp120, obviously

John Lackner says:

Is this automatic or manual?

Nyukfa Ng says:

Bravo Dual the original company is back.

philip clarke says:

love the hemispheres cover on the wall

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