The TRUTH About Crosley

Do Crosley turntables suck? I bought one to find out.

The Best Turntable You Can Buy:

The video that started it all, Vinyl Sucks:


Crosley C6:
U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus:
U-Turn Audio Orbit Basic:

Filmed with:
Panasonic G9:
Viltrox EF-M43 Speedbooster:
Canon 24-105 f4 L Lens:
Aputure 120D MkII:


Alex Moorehead says:

great video and thank you for focusing on a REAL turntable.
yes, crosley has shot themselves in the foot by focusing on the chinsy, plasitc TT market, but they do have some other low cost units that worth consideration.
honestly, this crosley looks to be comparable to my older Pro-Ject Debut III. Same cart mounting but with a built-in anti-skate instead of a weight and string and a built-in pre-amp (though i find those to be worse for performance). and at HALF the price, this seems like a good start.
The Pro-Ject Debut III also has the pulley under the plater and you need to remove the platter to physically change the belt position to change the speed (part of why i HATE that table). The fact that this has an autostart mech once the arm is moved over the platter is also very nice.
all and all, at $135 USD out of the box, there is no reason not to recommend this.
honestly, given that their POS decks start at $100 USD, why wouldn’t stores focus on these instead?

Also, where have you found a U-Turn orbit for $150 USD? Most of the models i see START as $200 USD.

regression says:

anyone have a C200? i’ve heard it’s a pretty good TT. just curious

比利恩 says:

Does crosley c6 have a built in amp?

adamlee007 says:

run….you fools.

Keith aw420 says:

Nice video. I now don’t hate Crosley turntables as much as I did. We all need to start somewhere. I had one of those super cheap, best buy Sony turntables when I decided to get back into vinyl. That was years ago. I now have a Technics SL 1100a and that’s 16years later after I bought the hundred dollar Sony. I bet if the Crosley was around then, itd have been a much better buy. I guess the point is is if it gets you into the hobby, are you going to stay with the hobby and upgrade or get frustrated with records all together? With a super entry level turntables, it can get your feet wet like it did with me and now I’m on the road to audio nirvana with a much better setup and experience.

Guillermo canaway says:

I love all audiophiles in the comments whining about an affordable option for records thinking everyone else lacks a life like them spending every waking moment looking for an old record player thinking anyone else not willing to do the leg work is a no taste hipster who doesn’t deserve the pleasure of vinyl pushing people out killing records in the process

Ian Greenhalgh says:

With millions of quality secondhand turntables out there, why buy Crosley low quality?

danny laurel says:

Wait. Is that a breakaway records tee? Do you live in Austin?!

Jon Joel says:

Spend $30 less and get a much better atlp60. And yea the issue with crosley is the heavily available suitcase and all in one units that are terrible. Nice bait but kinda bad.

Whispering Jack says:

It’s really disturbing that other people care what others do with their money as if they have some influence… If someone buys a crosely stfu it’s not your business, stop getting involved

Nazz Nomad says:

Let’s be honest. If you drop the needle and music plays which is pleasing to your ears, then more power to you. Only snobs would hate the C6 and people just getting into vinyl will love it.

A. C. says:

No comments and 55K views?!?!?! Did a bomb go off in here? 😉

stclairstclair says:

I bought my first Crosley at Goodwill, Utter Garbage, I wouldn’t own anything from a company that will sell rubbish, What’s to trust?

Chris Rhome says:

Try a lint roller and tell me it’s not the best way to dust records off.

Joey COCO says:

I knew I made a mistake the moment that I saw this soy boy’s haircut and glasses.

Joey COCO says:

I got a Crosley T400 for $50 at Target. I haven’t opened it yet. Should I keep it to at least sell it if I dont keep it?

Brang Zonghus says:

You get what you pay for….

Reggie Benes says:

I agree, an entry level option is what gets people, including my teenager, into vinyl and let’s them build up a collection and appreciate it. At some point he’ll get a better system and have a better experience. If he’s required to invest in a Marantz to truly appreciate vinyl, he’ll never get started, and young people getting interested is what will keep these analog formats around.

caleb stevens says:

But what beginners need to know is that a $135 Crosley is FAR inferior than say a used 1980’s Technics Servo drive TT they could get for the same price, if not cheaper. Nothing wrong with trying to educate people by putting Crosley on blast.

Jarod Stewart says:

I just got into vinyls I have the Victorla brief case turn table and I have another one by the same company called the modern Blue tooth. It’s amazing!

Alle Bethlehem says:

I never bought a newrecordplayer. Why? All retro, older recordplayers are good. Buy yourself A Philips, or a Pioneer or maybe A Technics on EBay. Along with A Shure cartridge starting model AT 95E., you will be fine. Looks are retro, and quality is good. Of course there are more expensive recordplayers, but by no means thus better! Lots of vinyl pleasure.

Jerry Jazzbo says:

Naah, you’re an idiot.

Martin Rioux says:

i actually bought a Crosley cruiser, mostly because it was affordable and i’ve got to say that it wasn’t that bad. The only problem is with that version is that when you use headphones to listen music, you will heard the motor as well as the music, but outside of that it’s pretty good for somebody like me that want a turntable under a 100$.

lol no says:

i’m ties between the fluance RT-81 and this one. the fluance is pretty expensive and this one is catching my eye because of the price . i’m new to vinyl, but not new to analog.

Power Sonic says:

I respect your opinion but I would never follow your recommendation in regards to the Crosley turntables, anyway your video is nicely done .

Al. O says:

I love this guys videos…..he knows what he’s talking about. In my opinion i think crosleys are too cheaply made and when i listen to my music i want to really hear it well. To each is their own and life is black & white I believe and it’s how you look at things in life…and it’s nice to hear these things….SOME people believe you have to buy the most expensive of things and you do get what you pay for BUT go from your own experiences get it see if ya like it, hook the damn thing up to separate speakers!!!! It’s a record playa come on

jude price says:

Crosley cruisers are the worst turntables in the world

jogmas12 says:

If going to buy a turntable but a vintage AR either from the 80s or 60s

Elite Dangerous Club says:

BTW the worst thing you can do is clean a record from the outside inwards. That is totally wrong unless of course, you are happy for your stylus to collect all that dust when you finish playing the record. You should go from inside to the outer edge of the record. This is how record labels have been asking you to clean them for decades.

Guillermo canaway says:

The moment I realized you were trolling in the beginning was the moment you got another like

Sloe Bone says:

A built in preamp isn’t exactly a Crosley invention. Lots of cheap turntables have them and they usually sound pretty bad. Some people not only bypass them but will actually take them completely out and solder it back together. They do a preamp-ectomy.

Absolutt Audiofilt says:

Give me a break! That awful throw in the platter alone tells you that this is just garbage. Strange times. Everybody pretends to be worried about the environment, but are pushing and supporting cheap throw away shit like this. Shame on you Andrew!

Ken Rhodes says:

Really, really funny.

BirdArvid says:

I get the parameters of this video, and I agree; the best turntable is the one you can afford. I am also sure that one can have a lot of fun with this, but please: let’s not talk about hiFi or any real sound-parameters as being good on this Crosley. I grew up with my parents’ console with amp, radio and record-player built in; I thought it was okay! I pleaded with my dad, so we got a new amp, some simple but awesome NAD. Then new speakers, Jamo’s of the disco-variety.. Then I saved and bought my first own piece of gear; a brand new Dual 505-1 turntable! The step up was immense! I traded the original cheap Ortofon for a Goldring 1020 and it was fantastic! After a couple of years we traded for a dearer 1040 needle to put on it and again; big steps forward! A few years later, I got a “real” job and again saved money. Bought a “Linn-killer” a Swedish-Polish hand-built turntable onto which was put an SME 309 with several different cartridges, the last I had was a Grado Sonata. It sounded like a dream! During this time, I also traded and exchanged speakers amps and CD-players as often as I could and one thing I realised: my CD-players were, for less money than my thousands-of-dollars turntable combination, more consistent than my LP’s. By now, I had thousands of LP’s, and of course, a Nitty-Gritty vacuum LP-cleaner, and every treated LP got a new pristine Goldring inner-sleeve.. I loved it all! But a move across the pond came, and I decided I couldn’t pay for having my LP-collection moved, so gave half to my dad and the rest to a buddy. My dad still has the turntable.. I put as many of the records on digital as I could. I used my expensive pre-pre straight into my laptop which ran Audacity at the highest possible resolution, and burned CD’s! Later, I realised one thing: not even that set-up could compete with the consistency of digital media. Listening to LP’s and then comparing that to the “cold” of LP’s to digital, and comparing that again to the same music on CD; Unless it was VERY expensive audiophile vinyl on my very expensive setup, digital won. Every time. And let’s not talk about the quality of many pressings, and the carp-shoot of wobbly badly made LP’s.. So, my point, after all that is: if you have a decent CD-player and an okay setup, DON’T start collecting vinyl; it’s a money-pit which will not give you the same quality as good cd-playback, unless you spend in the order of ten times more on the setup. Spend the money on CD’s which can now be had for next to nothing everywhere; less hassle, more time for music and more consistent results. If you want to pretend to be nostalgic for something which probably died before you were born, don’t bother; more hassle than it’s worth, even with this cheap thing. And also: modern quality CD-players often have USB inputs for higher resolution audio and with that, you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on vinyl and its playback-chain to maybe get something in the same ballpark quality-wise. Spoken by an old man who’s had all the formats.

Mike Lee Photography says:

…”How could you!!!!!!…!

Jeremy says:

Crosley’s NP cartridge using turntables literally eat vinyl. THEY DESTROY TREASURES OF THE PAST. I find it pretty despicable you’ll just group it all together as acceptable.

Robert Greene says:

Pro-ject makes most of the parts on that table

Jannis de Reu says:

Hey! I loved the video! I bought a Denver Cruiser (rip-off of the Crosley) a couple of years ago. I gave that too my mom so she could enjoy records without any hassle and I’m now looking at a Audio Technica LP120. What do you think of that turntable?

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