TOP 5 Affordable Record Players!

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1. LP-60:
2. LP-120:
3. Fluance RT-81:
4. U-Turn Orbit:
5. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon:

Klipsch R-15PM:
Micca PB42X:

LP – 120 Turntable:
Record Cleaning Kit:
Klipsch Speakers:
Yamaha Receiver:
Pioneer Subwoofer:
Record Needle:
THICK Cork Mat:
Belkin Power Strip:
LED DeskLamp:
Inner Sleeves:
Outer Sleeves:
Anti-Static Brush:
Record Shelf:
3M Dual LOCK:
Velcro Cable Ties:

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Sloppywhopper says:

Affordable for whom?

dance music and guitar says:

Dj hixxy and sharkey toy town

Vegetto Blue says:

How about technics ?

The caveman says:

if you want a really cheep one go to the dump and learn how to fix one i got 2 from the trash both work one does need a motor change but still plays 33 speed and the other just needed a new head cartridge total saving 480 on one 250 on the other

Ralf Diehl says:

Hello Jarret, what’s about eg Rega Turntables? Ok, you can easily break the limit of 500 $ referring to the model you choose. But there are some very stylish models available under 500$. And what about Goldring System a Stylus or the American Grado? This isn’t so cold as eg Ortofon. Lately, i changed from an Ortofon 2M Blue to a Goldring 2200. All the trumpet and saxophone sounds much more natural now without being flat at all, really dynamic.

∆LT£RIΠG says:

You (eventually) missed out on the Dual DTJ 301.1. Even if it’s based on the same design as the ATLP120, the price is also the point why it’s so affordable right now. Plus: It’s the topseller on Amazon at the moment

Ryan Gasser says:

I own the Audio Technica AT-LP 120-USB turntable and I love it. However, can you recommend a better, and affordable, needle to replace the one that it came with? Thanks!

Michael Williams says:

I received an Audio-Technica LP 60 turntable as a Christmas gift (12/25/16), and I still love it! It was easy to assemble, and it is fine by me! I haven’t tried playing any LPs on it yet, because I mostly play 45s.

Mike Aguiar says:

I agree with MOST of the list. Except for the last one. I purchased the PROJECT and it didn’t work in my setup. I have the KLIPSCHE PM-15 about 6 feet away from my turntable. Also I have the KLIPSCHE 12 inch SUB about 12 feet away. Alls settings to middle settings. And BOOM vibrates the entire turn table. Making my needle jump like crazy. So I ended up getting the Music HALL 2.2. A lot heavier. No more Mexican jumping bean for a tone arm. Also went ahead and got the ortofon 2m blue stylus. Please let me know what you guys think. Let me know if you want pictures.

Dj Easy says:

for 200 $ you can get an 80s classic player, which beat them all. Sony PS-22, Thorens TD 166 MK II, Pioneer PL-540.

David Hammer says:

I’m running a 1965 Dual 1009 that I did a full restore on. I wouldn’t trade that table for the world and I was only in to it for just over $100 after rehab. It’s currently linked in to a 1978 Yamaha CR-220 that I also restored from the ground up. Eventually, I’ll have it linked in to my Yamaha CR-620 that I’m working on restoring right now.

Even if you don’t want to restore an old table or don’t think you could, it’s absolutely worth doing the research and keeping your eyes peeled for a working vintage table. You can find some real gems out there for no more than you’d pay for a new one and a lot of them will run circles around the newer tables.

Also, call me a curmudgeon, but I don’t believe in built in pre-amps. Each one is electrically different and will color the music in it’s own way. If you don’t like how it sounds in the table you bought, you’re stuck with it. With no built-in preamp, you can at least hook the table up to a number of different pre-amps and see which one you like best.

Isaías Núñez says:

Different – The Academic

Am Singh says:

Hi Jarret. I am looking to buy a turntable and i have been watching your channel. I have been offered a pioneer pl 512 at a good price which has been refurbed. Just wanted to know your thoughts on this deck?

Al Sagginario says:

One aside: I once bought an Audio-Technica cartridge and it destroyed several of my records. That was several decades ago but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Or should I say it in my ears.

Gramifyed says:

Idioteque – Radiohead

Ling bo Huang says:

My set up is Rega RP1, Project phono box and Marshall Stanmore speaker..

Federico Diaz says:

Yamaha RxV383 receiver, Denon bookcase speakers, pro-ject debut carbon
Accounting I live in a small studio mostly carpeted so sounds great

Kevin MacNutt says:

$50 could get you a nice used table. I paid $10 for my Technics SL-1600.

Luke Anthony says:

250$ and 500$ are not “affordable”

Richard Heft says:

What does vynal eyes think about TECHNICS

Frank McGarry says:

I told my mom that I wanted to buy a record player and she yelled at me and called me weird. I guess I won’t be getting into the hobby.

TimmyFaya says:

What do you think about Ion Pro80?

Dennis says:

I beeg to disagree. The Bang and Olufsen, Beogram 1600, is the best turntable per dollar there is.

I dont know what to name myself says:

Are there any good/decent 3 speed all in one record players? I don’t really have a lot of room to set up speakers, let alone make them fit in and look nice, an all in one seems like my best bet. But if they’re all just cheap and going to ruin the records, that won’t matter too much.

Gabriel Alejandro says:

im gonna get a victrola modern for 70 bucks 🙁

G Note says:

“Most affordable” Won’t break the bank” first one off is $100 xD I tried numerous suitcase forms of both Crosley and Victrola and both were disastrous and almost just as pricey. Luckily I returned them all but I’m saving up for an Audio-Technica 🙂

jimjfox says:

Old fart here– it’s a STYLUS, not a NEEDLE! The latter actually was a needle, used for playing 78’s before the 33/45 revolution. These needles had to be changed regularly or they’d grind out the 78’s grooves

A stylus consists of a cantilever with a precision shaped diamond bonded to its end.
Far higher resolution & lower wear, with a fraction of the weight of the needle/head combination.

Arie Abdulghany says:

Oh well in my country the lp120 starts from 450 $

Jordan Shinn says:


Anton Yaroshenko says:

Good day guys. On my birthday I got my first turntable, preson who got me it didn’t know anything about turntables so he got me crosley. Don’t judge please. So right now I got really into to vinyl and decided to learn about that. After I watched and read some material about turntables I stopped using my crosley and looking for an upgrade. This video helped me,but I’m really tired of seeing LP120 everywhere, no doubt it’s good but I have a feeling that everybody have it. I really liked pro-ject one . So guys I want to ask for your advice , what other turntable would you recommend?

Леонид Кравченко says:

I’d want to say that also you can buy a really good and at the same time affordable record player if you don’t mind it is used.For like 20 bucks you can get reliable as tank turntable that sounds very good.The only minuses are cost of shipment if you are not in europe and fact that you can’t buy it on ebay and have to use local sites instead.But these turntables are soviet.yep.Prepare yor vodka and ushanka for using it comrad

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