Top 5 Affordable Turntables 2016

Here is my AudioLlama’s best budget record players for 2016!

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into collecting records and vinyl or perhaps your ancient Technics has finally given up – It’s time for something new. Each of these turntables are some of the best in their respective price ranges.

If you have any questions – Let me know!

Find the Lenco L3867 at:

Find the NEW Pro-ject Essential III here:
(US) :


Or Find the NEW Rega Planar 1 here:

Find the Audio Technica ATLP120 at:

Find the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC at:

The project debut carbon comes equipped with the brilliant ortofon 2m red cartridge giving it a big lively sound when combined with the Carbon fibre tone arm and accurate DC


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vassili87 says:

Hi there, aside from loving your accent (I’m an English Language graduate in Italy), from a year now I’ve been collecting Pop Punk/Punk Rock Vinyls, I play them on a budget all in one record player, but I’m thinking about upgrading.

I was thinking about the Audio-Technica AT-LP 120 and the Pro-Ject Carbon (the “winner” of this list) since a guy I bought LPs from owns one.

What kind of pre-amp/amp+speakers would you pair with them?

Besides, I’m a bass player myself so I like pumping bass, but I wouldn’t like cool guitar licks/keyboard stuff being lost in the mix either.

P.S: What about AKAI Professional BT500? It would have easier warranty assistance in Italy in case I would need any.

TrustNoOne JESUSisSATAN says:

Didn’t know you could buy turntables with squids !! What can you get for octopus ?? 😀

Stijn Kraft says:

3.5 grams downforce is okayish, but there’s a reason it’s on the heavy side; Pick the arm up and move it about, slowly. You’ll notice a scraping noice and you’ll feel that the arm doesn’t want to move completely smoothly. The automatic mechanism moves along with the arm, making it really un-smooth. With less downforce, it would just want to stay at the beginning of the record. Trust me, that Lenco is going to eat up your records.

Emmanuel Pantoja says:

Thanks for the video, I just got the Pro-ject Debut Carbon, it’s such a huge upgrade from my old ION.

njronray99 says:

Save some money and buy a Hi-End Yamaha GT – turntable or Marantz.

Rob Okray says:

What about the U-turn Orbit?

Dylan C says:

Eh, to be honest, I prefer the Audio Technica LP-60 to the No.1 pick (Can’t remember the name)

Pepsiaddicto says:

The debut carbon is about as cheap as I could morally recommend anyone go if they have a decent stereo to listen on. I have a VPI Scout and love it.

360deeman says:

For $325 you could get an awesome vintage turntable and have it serviced. I got a technics 1700 for $25 on craigslist, bulletproof setup.

Daniel Gutierrez says:

what do you think of the Pioneer PLX-500?

Lucas Frieze says:

I have an Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB and I just upgraded to a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge and it sounds awesome. Even very scratched up records don’t snap crackle and pop as bad. I just tested it on a George Jones 45 from 1987 that was scratched up and dirty…. I used some of my D4 cleaning solution before I tried it out and only heard a few crackles.

Mr Reagan says:

mooch mooch better sound

Travis Anthony says:

#5’s slipmat is horrible.

SirEggbertfartalot says:

I think I’ll stick to my old faithful, with it’s 3 point suspended sub chassis design and moving coil cartridge.
nice video though, it’s a difficult balancing act, you are kind of damned if you do, and damned if you don’t mention TT x, or TT y.

I would just like to comment to those who say ” buy second hand” TT’s
I think better value “CAN” be found with older Turntables (personal opinion).

BUT (and it’s a big BUT) how would a newcomer to the hobby, on a tight budget, with little to zero knowledge, know the danger signs to look for, like motor wear, arm bearing wear, old electrolytic caps in circuits drying out etc, how much to repair ?

There are real bargains out there to be had, IF you know what to look for, and have the experience (or know someone who does).

Sadly that is not the case with most people new to the hobby.

So buying a new “budget” TT is probably the safer way to start off.

Dirk Diggler says:

I think you should do you reviews drinking a pint lol great vids

CptTeaCup says:

The audio technica LP 60 is a great budget turntable

p jd says:

Hi, Really liked your vid. Keep it up.

35 year audiophile.

Nelson Williamsen says:

i found the Denon 300f to be the best budget turntable

Ieuan Ritchie says:

What are peoples thoughts of the LENCO L-85?

Strawberry Jam says:

Hey, here is a little tip. The lenco does actually have anti skating and counterweight adjustment. If you look in the back of he tonearm plastic thing, you should see a screw, if you turn it loose it actually screws the counterweight out. I also tried the cd anti skating trick and it did have anti skating.

CharlieCat says:

mooch betar

Nyukfa Ng says:

I like your accent. I am surprised the Lenco still exists. Mine is an old Technics SL-5 . Happy Lenten season. Year of the rooster 2568

PhuckHue2 says:

top 5 junk

Dirk Diggler says:

that pisses me off all that money and I have to take off platter wtf

spkprobe2 says:

Top 5 means you start with no 5 and work your way to no 1….. LOL

Niall Askew says:

Audio Llama, I’m thinking about buying the pro-jet debut carbon but I’ve heard there’s a lot of rumble from the direct drive motor and was wondering if this is true? Have you tried all these out yourself?

j23471 says:

No love for the denon dp-300f? It is sold for $200 US dollars and the only knock at that price is the cart. I’ve had one for a while now and o couldn’t justify buying something else

dab505279 says:

By the way, you do a great job – your humor adds a lot to it.

OK, I’m sure this question has been asked many times but here goes: should I consider one of these models (toward lower price end) or look at trying to find a vintage model on eBay or some site like that? Obviously one where the seller said it was in very good shape.

James Murphy says:

I’m really torn trying to decided between a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB or a Rega Planar 2. What are people’s thoughts when comparing the two?

D. Paul Riderman says:

Your choices are excellent, but the RP1 has been replaced by the two new Planar 1/2. I put these together as one since they are almost the same with no bias control (for a difference cartridge). Therefore you must now buy the Planar 3 to get what the RP1 gave you.

Keith Parkhill says:

These DD can sound nice as long as you stay within what they were designed to handle. Nothing fancy like a Ortofon Red but Ortofon DJ carts with spherical tips will work very well and sound great. They are very stable and anti skate not a big deal breaker.

Donald Garner says:

where do you get most of your vinyls

TAJ says:

None of this is cheap

Noah Fogarty says:

vwestlife the first one is crap

Damien Alexander says:

Hey, what’s your thoughts on the Music Hall MMF 2.2 as its seen a drop in price to 299 US right now?

GreatLokeOfMoonRoad says:

I have got the Esprit version of #5 and I am very pleased with it. I do however plan to upgrade to a 2M Blue in the future. Cheers!

jamespartington5 says:

You can get better vintage turntable I have a 1978 pioneer pl 514 and it comes with a ortofon Vms 30e mk2 ortofons highest cartridge in the 1980s

NoName says:

Cloth-eared dissonant Sheeeeeep.

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