TOP 5 Record Players for Christmas 2018!

1. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon:
(Active) Klipsch R15-PM:

2. U-Turn Orbit PLUS:
(Active) Klipsch R15-PM:

3. Fluance RT81:
(Active) Klipsch R15-PM:

4. Audio Technica LP120:
Yamaha R-S202 Receiver:
(Passive) Klipsch RP150M:

5. Audio Technica LP60:
(Active) Micca PB42X:


LP – 120 Turntable:
Record Cleaning Kit:
Klipsch Speakers:
Yamaha Receiver:
Pioneer Subwoofer:
Record Needle:
THICK Cork Mat:
Belkin Power Strip:
LED DeskLamp:
Inner Sleeves:
Outer Sleeves:
Anti-Static Brush:
Record Shelf:
3M Dual LOCK:
Velcro Cable Ties:

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Keep Spinning That Vinyl!

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J Kerfont says:

A how to for hipster ppl who like a nice selfie.

Têtu 44 says:

Is it me or you got the look of Eric Forman from That 70’s Show.

Riley Denning says:

Bro I was just trying to buy a turntable and some records for my girl for Christmas without spending over $100. What have I gotten myself into?

Chick Decicco says:

I just bought #5- the Audio Technica LP60, and am extremely happy with it. I feel it is definitely NOT a step down from my previous turntable that I had for at least 30 years, the Dual 1237

Unlucky ship says:

I left my old victrola turn table and got a audio technica lp60 . And my mom did not know it was automatic so she kind of scratched my Michael Jackson Thriller album.

Ollie Sach says:

Hey there! I am looking to get an audio technica lp120 but don’t know what speakers to go for! The klipsch speakers aren’t available in the UK and they’re a bit above my price range, so a more affordable UK alternative would be great? Thanks a lot!

Devina Vaivao says:

Can you do a review on victrola record players? Thank you!

Tobias Berger says:

I recommend: Automatic Thorend TD 170 (with OM-20 upgrade) or manuel TT
the Onkyo Direct Drive CP 1050 (with Thakker Epo E upgrade)
But I prefer vintage TT from JVC, SABA or DUAL.

R Bergman says:

People need to remember that Jarett is advising entry-level individuals who wish to get into Vinyl for the first time. You should not expect he is going to reference every piece of vintage equipment or super high end equipment. I disagree with him only in one area really and that is his glowing review of the LP-120 and how much he pushes it (but I think that mainly could be due to the possibility that he may not be aware of the issues I am about to mention).

Folks, you should NEVER buy the LP-120 and that said I wouldn’t touch the LP-60 either. The AT’s are well known to have poor Q.C. issues (warped platters, faulty anti-skate mechanism, faulty board and/or motors). Audio Technica has acknowledged these issues and still continues to produce and ship this model. It will last until the warranty is up and then you are pretty much on your own as they will do nothing to help you. The attitude I experienced from A.T. when calling was “sucks to be you, not our problem.” -They didn’t say that, but they may as well have. Most who buy this turntable do so to get them started at an entry level. Unfortunately, many are suckered into buying the LP-120 due to it’s aesthetics (similar to the Technics 1200 MK2, Mk5)) and at first it is an ok turntable, but they find that once it burns out they are stuck with a piece of garbage that to get it fixed requires shipping it halfway across the country. So you have to pay for both the shipping (not cheap due to it’s weight) and the repair which easily adds up to half the cost of a new turntable. I, like many, made the mistake of purchasing this turntable in 2014. From day one, the motor made odd clunky noises and the anti-skate never worked correctly (bad spring) so therefore inner-groove distortion was very bad, so bad that I started playing the digital versions of my albums. I changed the slip-mat and there was still always a faint “hum.” My use was moderate and it seemed like it went through three needles while I had it. One night, turned it on and the platter did not spin. Due to the astronomical costs of repair and shipping, I pulled off the parts that were usable (cartridge, counter weight, and slip mat) and tossed it in the recycling bin. Read the 1-2 star reviews on Amazon and you will see what I’m talking about. There is a reason they are now selling the LP-120 so cheap…because it is.

While I sure as hell would never recommend a Crosley, Ion, or Pyle (in fact all-in one systems are never good sound quality wise and should be avoided as should Bluetooth turntables), I feel it is important to advise that there are better choices in the $300-400 price range (and yes you CAN find a used Technics on ebay in this range if you look) but here are a few that come to mind…

-Rega, Pro-Ject debut, Fluance – can not go wrong with any of these.
-Pioneer PLX-500 (currently the table I am using with an Ortofon Pro-S cartridge) -they even include an extra weight if you require heavier tracking. Handles the inner-grooves very well. no humming or clunky noises from the motor.
-Numark NTX1000
-Roland TT-99

I’m missing a few but you get the point. Receiver wise, I recommend Onkyo and Yamaha if shopping for new. Klipsch are great speakers, but you can also find a good pair of Polk’s that arguably sound as good for a fraction of the price (the Monitor series are pretty good). Pair with a good sub and you are set!

Genaro Navarro says:

Thanks forma info. I’m frommPanama and tring to buy one

Joe Murphy says:

All your videos are exactly the same, and how can you never even mention Technics?

Ron Winter says:

Dual 601!!

Diego Montoya says:

This video was literally exactly everything I was looking for. Thank you Sir.

rockturtleneck says:

Glad to see the LP60 on here-I can vouch for its excellence. Great turntable if you listen to your vintage vinyl occasionally but don’t need to go full on audiophile. I got mine at Barnes and Noble on sale for like $70.

Jay Fuller says:

Go on Craigslist and buy a set up. You can find great equipment much cheaper. I have an Optonica RP-3500 turntable, Harmon Kardan 430 and ADS L520s. All bought on CL for a total of $250 and I guarantee it sounds better than these set ups costing 4 times the amount of money.

Chick Decicco says:

I just purchased #5, the Audio Technica LP60, and am very pleased with it. I don’t feel it”s a step down from my previous turntable that I had for about 30 years ( Dual 1237).

Mark_S says:

New subscriber, but listening to vinyl on a Technics SL-DD22 that I bought in (I think) 1987. It was collecting dust between about 1992 and 2017, when I decided to give “new” vinyl a listen. I’m so happy I kept that turntable. I really like the channel, and I’m glad I found it. I just scanned through what I think are all of your videos, and can’t help but wonder why you haven’t done a “best vintage turntables to buy used today” video. Thanks!

Justice Grey says:

The pro-ject turntable is really the only one here worth purchasing, but that is my opinion. Rega turntables are sonically superior to any of these, even the newest Sony has High Resolution, even though it may not be as sonically accurate as the Rega it is really good. Why waste your money on a cheap turntable that you will want to upgrade later. Remember you get what you pay for. There are many very good if not better vintage turntables out there, but if
the cartridge is not new or newer I would replace it. The Ortofon 2M Red is a very nice affordable cartridge. The Fluance is sonically middle of the road, I do not reccomend it or the cheap Audiotechnica with no tonearm adjustability and light weight plastic construction, you can’t even upgrade the cartridge. Then there are Teac units that look great but have shifting speed issues that slur or just run too slow or too fast distorting the sound. For my taste in new equipment I would go with Rega or a clean vintage model like Technics. Also many vintage models are fully manual which is better for beginners.

sheikhyaboooty says:

Another possibility although a slightly risky one. Get a Linn LP12 from Ebay. They are generally well looked after and their output is on a different level to any of the ones you`ve listed.

Tom Rhodes says:

Sorry but where is the Rega RP1? It’s a really good table for the money

Natalie Martin says:

hey! i’m interested in vinyl and i really wanna start out. from what i understand, the AT-LP 60 would be my best bet for a beginner turntable, but what would be some decent speakers with an amp built in for a somewhat low price? also, if i do get speakers with a built in amp, is there a need for a receiver? i’ve got like a $300 budget for the entire set up since i don’t own any of the stuff needed to start.

Calvin Graff says:

Song of the day: Never Tear Us Apart- INXS

Real2real True says:

LP120 is a piece of plastic compared to Technics 1200

Grey Ghost 615 says:

Is it harmful to stop records mid play? I know its a dumb question, but you never know.

Rachael Masterson says:

Is GPO good

Clyde Vee says:

Agree with all except for the Klipsch choices and the 16 Gauge speaker wire. Go with Canton GLE or Chronos speakers from Germany and 14 AWG wiring and you’re good to go.

Claudison Ferke says:

i would love to buy my partner a tt for christmas but im at entry level knowledge here. I love the look of the U-turns but when i visited their website they couldnt ship outside of north america due to the 50 vs. 60 hertz(?) difference (im from australia). Buuut on amazon theyre available and no negative reviews related to this so?

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