Turntable Extender Review

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Faye Evans says:

Had saw this earlier and wanted one then. Would help in upcoming wedding cake I will be doing.

Sandra Rolfing says:

Totally need this thank you for sharing this would definitely inhance my cake decorating. Thanks Liz
Your friend in caking

chrisfoster13 says:

Wow Liz! This is an amazing gadget.  I’m a bit handicapped and have to have help lifting and this would make it easier on others! LOL my poor cake angels!  Thanks for sharing-

Kathy N says:

Yes!Yes!Yes!!!! I DO need one of these! I have a wedding cake to make for a friend this summer, and I’ve been stressing about how to get those corners sharp before the fondant…See, I’m a buttercream girl, and not totally familiar with the upside down method…SO…this…THIS will help me to get sharp corners on that buttercream and keep a bride smiling! Thanks for the chance to win! (hopefully a Canadian entry is allowed!!)

videobythebay says:

Seriously why is this not in my tool chest!  I didn’t even know it existed, feel like a #cakecavewoman lol   Thanks for the heads up.  🙂 

Jennifer Harper says:

What a genious idea!!! I feel like we should all purchase this to support the creator of this great idea; however, I would much rather win it!! 🙂

Ardis Neland says:

OMG I need this so badly!  Like you Liz I use so many things that sort of work–this is wonderful!

Scott Russell says:

Oh, good GRIEF, do I need this in my life! I have a plethora of cutting boards, but they, like cake pans, are taking over all my storage space! And most of them I use for icing cakes! This would be such a time, space, AND money saver, it’s definitely a MUST!

*crossing fingers to win one….but if I don’t, I’m buying one right away! Thanks, Lizzo! 

Sherri Riehl says:

Love it. I’ve alway had my dad build my turntables, but this would serve several purposes. Thanks.

Tina Dobson says:

Hi. Thank you for the review. I actually am just now purchasing a turntable stand and you gave me 2 reviews for the price of one. I love baking for family and friends. I don’t really need the extender right now but I really want one.

Nilda Sierra says:

The first time I saw this product I was watching your video on How to frost a Half sheet Cake and I was WOW !!! I need one of those Turntable Extenders !!!!! Little did I know you would  be having a Giveaway I am waiting to see if I have a chance to win this fabulous product. If I don’t win I am still purchasing this item. I have been doing cakes now for about 3 years and how I wish I would have known about this wonderful extender. Last week I did a half sheet cake for my Grandson Alex’s birthday and I saw your video and what a wonderful tutorial. My life is so much easier now on how to be frosting my cakes upside down. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Genius at it’s finest !!! I look forward to seeing more of your videos. You are a very talented woman.
Grandma Nilda

P.S. Good Luck to all who enter !!! So excited!

Susan Maples says:

New baker and I am learning to decorate cakes by watching your videos and that extender would be a good tool for a new be. thanks for the wonderful videos I am learning a lot.

jessicaarh says:

I would love a turntable extender! I am a novice cake decorator and i have had so many issues trying to fit large cakes on my turntable, especially square cakes! 🙁

CiccioItalianCafe says:

Brilliant thanks for sharing with us

Caren Jones says:

I need the turntable extender for the same reason you did. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this same problem. One of my biggest problems is when frosting a sheet cake. This extender would make that  much easier. I also do alo’t of Larger cakes. How cool would this be for those larger cakes? I spend too much time on trying to make my buttercream smooth. Im glad I watched your video . Great Ideas!  Thanks!

gloria travis says:

Oh my goodness, been doing cakes for years and used the large board like you did, sometimes I have had the tip over, or the long side hits things on the table as I turn it, or a cake board, all of which are heavy and slide. That is a great tool, Where has it been all my life. Wonderful. That is something I could really use. Thank you

Jody Goldner says:

Am I too late? I surely hope not. That is GREAT!! Thank you for sharing! I wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t. Also thank you for all your videos. I would have my cake business if it wasn’t for all your help. Especially with your fondant. I failed before you taught me how to make it correctly. Much love!

Lucy_goosey says:

how much is it?

Jennifer Flesner says:

This looks much more amazing than my ratty old cutting board that I am currently using to “extend” my turntable. Such an awesome idea!

Lory Martinez says:

where did you bought your bench scraper?

Robin Clinedinst says:

Oh my goodness.  That would be an amazing tool to have in my kitchen!!

Myra Kimball says:

That may just have to rank right up there close to my Agbay.

Lorraine McCarty says:

Wow!! This is super, I’ve decorated for over 30 years and have never seen such an amazing tool to use with your turn table.  Love it!

Fabstylista says:

I need one because I am using a piece of plywood (covered of course) as my extender.. And it always get caught or stabs me lol.. Thanks for the review Liz! @artisancakecompany

Roxanne Veronneau says:

Brilliant must have!!!

Bree Himle says:

I love your channel! You are such a cake rockstar!!! I use the upside down method religiously! I am also lost without it. This is such an ingenious tool that would be perfect for me. I am a fondant girl and am a perfectionist when it comes to getting a smooth base for fondant covering. I love getting those crisp lines for wedding cakes. I also do the upside down method for fondant. If you haven’t done it, it’s amazing!!!! Perfect, crisp edges on fondant! This tool would help me so much for both buttercream and fondant covering. Thanks for your amazing videos!!!!

Georgana Romano says:

Thanks for great informations.

Kathleen Hendry says:

So many times I could have used this extender for large square and rectangle cakes!!  Nice find!


I wish they are available in Australia. That is so cool I really need one of those. Im having trouble using chopping board. It is really an awesome idea.

Annabell Valencia says:

Thank you for sharing..I definitely need one! I will also watch the up side down method. Thank you!

Rebecca Brown says:

Oh, how I wish I had this turntable expander last October when making my son’s wedding cake!  As I have downsized into a small apartment (due to divorce) and make extra money decorating cakes to help take care of my disabled father, I would SOOO love to have this tool!

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