U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus! Review & Unboxing!

Something awesome just arrived at Record-ology! Check out the U-Turn Orbit Plus turntable with me! Can you say VALUE? Unbelievable! Ft. the Ortofon OM 5E Elliptical Diamond Stylus

Get the same turntable I got! https://amzn.to/2SeHJiR (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)


David Cubbage says:

First! I love your videos! Thanks for a review on this. I’m thinking of getting one of these myself. I have two Audio Technica turntables. The lp60 and LP 120. I love both but i really want to support this company.

Jaden7551L says:

Loved the review!! best review/ unboxing I’ve seen so far! Of the uturn turntable… question, what was the song at 14:58? With the live opera.

VWestlife (backup account) says:

If you play 45s often, this is not a good turntable because of the hassle of needing to move the belt to change speeds, and the belt often pops off the platter when doing so. And high-quality direct drive turntables, such as those made by Technics, are superior to belt drive, with lower noise and better speed stability. With the Technics design, the platter is not attached to the motor; the platter itself *is* the motor!

James's gramophones and records says:

do they make a version with 78 speed version ? i must say it looks like one of fancy turntables I’ve seen

vext01 says:

Hey! Its way more interesting to look at these kinds of turntable.

I think I dismissed this TT because it doesnt have an adjustable counterweight. I ended up getting a project essential 3, but I hate the hinges they used. They are so stiff that you can lift the plinth when opening the lid and if you loosen the hinges the lid doesnt stay up. Shame, because other than that, it’s nice.

Funny you find the om5 warm. I find it very neutral. (and the om10 too).

Are you going to do more TT reviews? How about one of Rega’s offerings?


Pat Daly says:

Nice review, I may wait until their next table to pick up a uturn! What’s the song at 12:21 ?

Hunter West says:

What speakers are you using?

Toney Isaiah says:

It takes preparation and patience
to have a turntable of your choice.

Kip Vaughan says:

Does that dust cover ever fall down when it rests in the up position?

Ronald says:

Crackling usually means you are not cleaning and demagnetizing your records good enough.

Jonathan Leon says:

Great turntable. Already have the lp120. Might one of those soon

Matt Hayes says:

I seriously considered getting the Orbit when I replaced by turntable a couple of years ago. I ended up getting the AT LP-120USB because it had a few features I preferred, however I’ve heard very good things about the Orbit. The acrylic platter is the way to go to too! Looks great.

Mark Le Grand says:

I love my Uturn Orbit! I got it a year ago & it’s perfect. The base model (regular platter & no internal preamp) with a cheap AT cartridge is around $150 I think. But to keep the price down, it only has the essential features while not sacrificing superb sound quality. It has a very solid build as well. Mine replaced an ATLP60 that I used as a workhorse. For only $50 dollars more, the upgrade was night & day. One word of important warning though for any potential buyers, do NOT dry or wet clean the record while on the platter. Do that beforehand on a clean smooth surface. If you slowly spin the platter 2 – 4 revolutions by hand for quickly removing any stray dust for each record, the motor start up time will get slower & slower as time goes on. Also a slight knocking noise will develop. Its motor is not the strongest belt drive out there. I had to order a new motor & belt (completely covered by warranty). Besides this issue, I LOVE this turntable!

Steve's Stuff says:

That’s a good looking turntable! Similar minimalistic design to the ProJect Primary, and Rega RP1/P1 turntables…. Shame the U-Turn isn’t readily available here in the UK…. Nice video, thanks!

Andrean says:

I plan on getting one of these once I move to my new place. I want one in a walnut finish 🙂

Kade Smith says:

quick question about the orbit: i haven’t purchased mine yet but am making my homemade cork mat now, is there a height adjust on the lever arm? if not, what thickness would you guess to make the mat?

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