U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable Product Review

This week The Vinyl Geek reviews the U-Turn Audio Orbit custom turntable. Is it worth buying? Watch and find out!
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Kim W. says:

After watching about a dozen reviews you are the first, I feel, to give a truly honest review. It was interesting to hear your negative comments. Thank you! (X10). I LOVE your cool retro look. Cheers.

Kanesha D. says:

this is such a classy review.

Israel Quezada says:

I think this is the best review of the U Turn Turntable I’ve seen here on Youtube, great quality video, man! I like this turntable, sleek and minimalist design. I’d like to get the blue one with the acrylic platter. As always great video man, I never miss any of them…

Edward E says:

I like the wood base and the minimalist look of the u-turn. Switching between the two speeds seems as though it would be irritating. I think the AT 120 wins on functionality as well as style.

cvc1 says:

Pro-ject recommends NOT using the felt mat on the acrylic platter when you do the upgrade with their tables.. Does the U-turn manual mention this tip?.. If not, try it without the felt mat, should sound better.. Great videos but I miss the drink preparation vids.. Hair is still looking fly.. Ha!

Artamus Sumatra says:

Well, I really hope you enjoy it, but…. Personally, I’m not a fan of the sparse modern T.T. look, I prefer the classic heavy duty ’70s style of the LP-120. The dodgy dust cover hinges do the Orbit no favors either, and as one who plays a lot of 45’s, having to reinstall the belt constantly is definitely a huge turn off. If you like it, that’s all that counts tho. Thanks for the honest impartial review, and keep up the great work – Love your channel!

margaretsville says:

Super review. I agree with the dodgy tone-arm and hinges. I wonder if the headshell became misaligned during shipment?

MidnightBanshi says:

This was a great video! This turntable, I’m just not a huge fan of. All models should have a cue lever, and the counterweight should be the kind that screws back and forth like other models, so that way you can do subtle adjustments and not have to fiddle with the lock-down thing. Also, that belt around the outside just seems a little thin, so wonder what would happen if that ever got too loose or broke. A nice direct-drive turntable with a good counterweight system and cue lever standard would be my preferred kind. 🙂

Tabossco says:

This has got to be the cheapest over priced pile of garbage ever! 500 bucks and all cheap components!

D. Paul Riderman says:

The turntable is far from audiophile for a multitude of reason. It is less than the average because it has no anti-skate. How expensive could it be to add a hook and loop for a cheap weight? No good cartridge will sound its best without the reducing the inward force.

John Palmer says:

I stumble onto your videos every now and then and this one is no exception and have to say, good job!

I’ve been eying this turntable for a while now once I became aware of it a couple of years ago. As reviews of this table goes, this one is the best I’ve seen as you delve into its pros and cons very well and stress some caveats while at it.

I’m in agreement that if you already have a budget table, the Orbit won’t be a significant upgrade for most, but for someone just starting out, it will be a step up from say, the AT LP120, but not a huge step up though so as time has moved on, I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, a vinyl guy since I was little in the 70’s but never had a nice deck to play my vinyl on, I think moving up from my mid 80’s molded plastic plinth Kenwood table that my late parents bought new for $63 on sale even, I’d have to go up to at least $400-500, or closer to $700 minimum to gain any significant improvement as the biggest improvements one can make, given the table is halfway decent enough is in the cartridge and phono preamp. Right now, my budget table which would have cost roughly $120 if bought new today now plays closer to a $400 table with the SHURE M97xE cart and a good phono preamp, the Muffsy PP3 kit I built early last year that is roughly the quality of one closer to $400-500 and set me back $130 for everything, excluding shipping costs.

So here, at minimum for a Rega deck would be the new Planar 2, better yet, the Planar 3 or 6 would be where I’d have to go to get any significant upgrades over what I have now.

dixielandfarm says:

Solid wood and the tonearm upgrades really stepped up U-Turn’s table. Plus the arm lifter! I had an issue (this week’s video on my channel) and U-Turn was fantastic at working with me. The reason for not having the transformer inside the table is to get that electric noise away from the table (and therefore any hum)… I also did a video proving how well the anti-skating works on the table:

Oh, and the exposed belt is actually easier to switch to 45 opposed to the Project,
Rega, etc. use because you have to remove your platter each time – you get the hang of switching speeds with a light touch and you won’t drop your belt 🙂 I have a video of my review on my channel from a few years ago – I said in the video that it is the Volkswagen of tables – dependable, gets the job done, great design – but not flashy. It only gives you what you need and it does a good job with it.

aldiakaroofus says:

Oh! I forgot to ask, is that a Grado silver? I have one on my Linn Axis and I fully recommend it!

chadergeist82 says:

What color style Grado stylus do you have? I have the “blue” one.

chadergeist82 says:

I don’t like straight tone arms. I like the S shaped ones. They don’t wear out your records like the straight ones do. Besides, i think the S shaped ones look normal as it should be. Maybe as the platter is spinning, you can use your finger tip to manipulate and to straightened the belt on the side of the platter.

Sloe Bone says:

It’s a very fair review, I really like my U-Turn turntable but I have the same complaints about the dust cover, the tonearm lifter and the belt. Minor annoyances, of course, but they are obvious improvements that probably should be fixed if the want to compete with Pro-ject, Music Hall and the like.

Christian Harris says:

This setup filming and aesthetic is fantastic I love it

kap42 says:

Great review. You covered everything that has come up for me since buying my Orbit. Still, I don’t think anything sounds better or is better made for the price. But there is a learning curve to operating it.

Knowhardfeelings says:

I like the look of it, but you can’t go wrong with the AT LP 120. It doesn’t look that cool, but I got mine for $250 and it’s a fantastic record player for a beginner or an “advanced” listener

David Gena says:

If you’d like to witness a beautiful, reasonably priced and great sounding turntable, check out the Fluance RT81 table. Stunning good looks combined with terrific sound output.

kevin butler says:

From what I see I would opt for the LP120 still. Although even those are going up to $400-500 nowadays and I snagged mine for $300 only a couple years ago.

kenji drake says:

Have you heard of the Rega planar 2 turntable?

Ismael Flores says:

Damn, I love this channel! Here’s hoping you have a ton more subscribers soon!

Phil Black says:

Great video mate! Interesting machine, but I think il definitely be sticking to my Garrard sp 25 mkiii, it’s about 50 years old but it’s so high quality you can’t go wrong,

HB305 says:

Did u ever get the new tennis album via VMP? I absolutely adore it and wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks! Enjoy the new TT!

PsyDei Itzamná says:

That was a honest review. Good for starters, not really that great for an upgrade. I was looking for videos on Pro-ject turntables (becauseI’m about to upgrade) and stumbled across your video, I thought you were going to oversell it but you didn’t, I also felt that you held back a little in the cons, but frased in ways less agressive, but clear to people a little more familiar with terms and funtionality of these contraptions.
Overall good review, and t’s a very nice and refreshing way of producing videos, with all the set, the suits, the hairdo, very nice indeed, you got yourself a subscriber.

Harmless Rebel's Vinyl Channel says:

I have always been a fan of the U-Turn as it’s quite sleek and looks to be well built. My issue, and what has kept me from buying one is the tone arm assembly. Everything about it just looks cheap, and the fact that the cartridge was out of whack out of the box sort of proves that. If they would release a model with a nicer arm I would probably go for it.

Corey's VC Channel says:

Congrats on the U Turn, it looks fantastic. I invested in a speed box for my (pro-ject) turntable to avoid adjusting the belt but it did come with a little tool to switch. There’s a trick to it but yeah it’s very irritating when it pops off. Cheers!

Mawerick77 says:

Again, you should have _much_ more subscribers. The videos are excellent quality.

Mathew Parsons says:

If they upgraded the tone arm and headshell, which are god awful looking, and hid the exposed belt, I would absolutely get one. But those are both deal breakers for me.

Sean McCready says:

I have to say that some of the things you took issue with are those things that tend to be cut or scrimped on to reduce the unit cost overall. Simply put, you get what you pay for, and it seems to me that it in this case you have a solid base, decent motor, good cartridge very good platter and a servicable tonearm. Which for the price of one of these is as much as should be expected. Having the transformer off the table will eliminate the potential for hum due to the transformer, so while ugly is a good thing and you can always spend a few $$$ to get the style of transformer you prefer separately. Myself, I find the prices of new tables to be somewhat insane. While the one you have reviewed seems to be a better value than most, I still think that you cannot beat the value of a nicely refurbished older unit. One of the Technics SL-1xxx series (eg SL-1200, SL-1800mk2, etc) for example can be had for a couple hundred dollars (maybe not the 1200s, but any of the others). These tables were overbuilt for consumer use and as such have stood the test of time. Most just need a bit of lubrication, a light dusting and possibly a new carteidge or stylus and you are in business for another decade.

Steve Barnhart says:

I have owned my Uturn Audio table for two years now, and I still love it. Everything still works very well. I have the acrylic platter, cue, Ortofon OM5E, and their Pluto preamp. I will say it takes a bit of time to get used to setting the belt from 33 to 45 and back to 33, but I am a pro now and can switch back and forth quickly.

datboicesar says:

you need to do more of this type of videos!

Jacob Kofoed says:

Have you checked out the new King Gizzard album? should definitely have a listen and give it a review

michal_J says:

Damn I need new turntable I have my vintage Unitra from Poland but I think it’s time for a change :C

Ezra Edison says:

You need to take the felt Matt off the acrylic platter that’s just for shipping you will get WAY better sound just using the. Acrylic.

ManarGate says:

Really appreciate these reviews. Great presentation!

Marty Phillips says:

Have The exact same one….. Love it!

Brad Jones says:

So, are you keeping it?

nod bor says:

If your head shell is badly bent U-turn will replace it. You can take the slip mat off and play the records on the platter. It should sound even better. I bought the better cables and noticed a better sound. Player also works very well with warped lps.

aldiakaroofus says:

No adjustable anti-skating??? Pass.

michal_J says:

The arm is straight so this turntable doesn’t need antiskate

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