U Turn Orbit Turntable – Hands on Review

The U-Turn Audio Orbit is a basic turntable that needs very little set-up because U-Turn has done all the tricky work ahead at their factory. All that’s needed to get the ‘table up and running is to place the included thick acrylic platter (which looks awesome, by the way) on the turntable’s spindle, wrap the included belt around the platter and motor (33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds supported) and remove the stylus guard from the cartridge.

U-Turn balances the player’s tonearm, sets the tracking force, and aligns the cartridge at the factory, so there’s nothing else to do but plug the table in and start listening.







Alexandria says:

tfw someone is okay with Crossley’s existence

pvt mlaren says:

Thirty third a third

Kevin Rachman says:

Great Review

Joseph F0ol says:

Also crosleys ruin records.

MaghoxFr says:

So, the 33 to 45 change is by placing the belt on a different gear? No cue? MDF and an AT cartridge. What is the advante of this over the AT LP60?

I’m all for supporting the small business, especially when it’s not made in china. But to be honest, if the difference with the AT LP60 is minimal (I’m a tone deaf broke ass southamerican), is there a reason to pick this one over the Audio Technica? That extra 70 bucks really hurt.

PhuckHue2 says:

no pitch control. it sucks

Donovan James says:

Digital Trends??????????????
You’re discussing a belt-driven turntable???????????????

MrSlicer2424 says:

pre amp? This can’t be just hooked up to my receiver?

Litos 1 says:

no thank you, looks nice, but looks like it will not last

Warping Warping says:

Atlp 120 or this one?

Paul Anthony says:

Need an auto tone are or at LEAST an arm drop that will lift and drop it manually in a smooth fashion as to not damage the vinyl or needle — deal breaker for me

Charles Coverly says:

Sure are a lot of opinions being expressed here. All of which mean absolutely dick to anyone who actually LISTENS to the product before they buy it.

Peter Wojnar says:

Not a big fan of belt drive turntables at such a low price point. Just watching the belt move around on the platter in this video worries me a bit. Belt drive is great for high end, but it needs to be done WELL. For a low price turntable I would prefer to go with direct drive, but that’s just me.

moggs says:

Reminds me of a Revolver t/table that I had many years ago.

TwasButNowAint says:

So you cant hook speakers straight to the turntable?

Jose A Avellanet says:

Great video, not a fan of the turntable, looks simple.

Thevinylking69 says:

“Thirty-third and third” how’d that make it past the editors?

Reptile Nexus says:

Crosley is not “fine”.
It wrecks records.

NoName says:

I have a hard time paying that much for something I could make for 1/36 the price. Maybe I’m just old and cheap.

Rob Wells says:

BTW, MDF is high density particle board. It works fine, but it is just the cheap way to have a fairly dense plinth.

vinyl1Earthlink says:

You should remove the dust cover while playing a record. It may transmit vibrations, and it is possible for static electricity to pull the tonearm upwards.

WhiteBoyWithAnIpod says:

I hear crossley scratches records

Asahel Davalos says:

They do sell additional parts for the turntable, don’t need to manually drop the needle

Vincent Chen says:

The one shown here is not the $179.00 model. It is more like $350.00. I looked closely at this, and my company got one to sample, and it was not that good. Wow and Flutter were high, and build was not so good either. Motor mounting was an issue. So you know you get what you pay for. Save up instead and get a Music Hall, or Projekt instead, you will be allot happier. Rega makes some too that won’t kill the budget too. With a turntable there are minimums that you have to meet, and this one does not. Get one of these instead. You will be happier. This is just one example by the way. http://www.amazon.com/Pro-ject-Debut-Turntable-Piano-Black/dp/B00DUER2S6?ie=UTF8&keywords=projekt%20turntable&qid=1459003127&ref_=sr_1_sc_2&sr=8-2-spell

Zockopa says:

Obviously the US equivalant of a european project or rega: a bit different,but certainly not a better price/quality ratio.

D. Paul Riderman says:

For those old enough to remember, this is a newer design of the original AR Turntable. They were the rage in the 1970s, and it was just as manual. I just wonder if these will still be in use in 40 years like the ARs are.

Marcos Plaster says:

I want one.

Nothing Like Vinyl says:

With all the due respect, I think that the variables directly affected by a turntable are pitch accuracy, quietness (amount of motor noise picked up by the cartridge), isolation from external vibrations and distortion (depending on if the turntable allows for proper cartridge alignment or not). But the sound quality by itself (I mean, being for instance “bassy”, “trebly”, “middy”, “lively”, “punchy”…) depends strictly on the cartridge/stylus, phono stage and speakers. The tonearm/cartridge compliance relationship also counts here. Of course, durability and reliability are other (very) important variables, but my point is about the “sound quality you may get from a 3-2-5 hundred dollar turntable”. Excluding the above mentioned variables, a $180 turntable should sound the same as a $5K turntable if both play the same record with the same (tonearm compatible and properly aligned) cartridge/stylus, the same phono stage and the same speakers.

FutureLine Roy says:

Really. No speed knob. Rubber band. External motor. Straight tone arm. No cue lever. And a lot off plastic. Still asking 180 dollars. Unbelievable fake.

wileycayote23 says:

Coming set from the factory seems a little vague.  I do not see any anti-skating adjustment which may vary with the cartridge installed.  Add to that no cue mechanism.  OK for less than $200 US but not great.

ImTooAbstract says:

This looks sexy

ditc210 says:

the counter weight sucks on this…

Darth Gumby says:

Well? Let’s hear it play something

Vincent Chen says:

A word about Grado Cartridges. In some systems, hum maybe an issue, but overall way better than the AT.

xXBadapp1eX x says:

I’ve never owned a record player, is there a volume option for this player

Lucas G says:

It’s stylus btw. Dropping it on the record disqualifies this “thing” pretty much.

Caldera Records says:

TERRIBLE design. Honesty, there’s a reason why we never see the older designs at boot sales any more. They were constructed by hand & used iron bases & steel arms, stalks & heads, & wooden frames. All automated via a non-electric mechanism & it quite frankly puts this cheap MDF shit to shame. MDF? REALLY? Seriously?

Asahel Davalos says:

Got this about a year ago, love it

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