Victrola 6 in 1 Unboxing & Review!

Lets unbox and review this Victrola 6 in 1 Nostalgic Entertainment Center (model VTA-200B) By innovative technology. This unit boasts a 3 speed turntable, cassette player, programmable CD player, FM radio, aux in, and even Bluetooth. How does it perform? Check out this video where I give it a full test drive!


HighTide says:

great review! i think i made my mind up now. thanks

daddydayone says:

which model year is that i have the same model made in 1/2017 but mine doesn’t have the lever to lower stylus. I thought mine was broken but I checked another and its the same way.

Pate's Empire Of Cool Stuff says:

very informative. thanks!!!

Tom George says:

We love this player.    I was surprised and disappointed, however,  that there is no rewind button for my cassettes. I sometimes want to rewind a song in the middle of the tape to hear it again immediately.  The only way to get back to it is to eject the tape, turn it over and use the fast forward in order to rewind one side, then eject the tape and then turn it over to the original side and start play again in order to listen to it.  Why is this?

ErraticScroll says:

Also im getting the graphite color!

Jimmy Marrero says:

How do you use Bluetooth on this machine ?

Guy Fieri says:

What was the second song you played?

Anna Sarka says:

How does it sound connected to a phone with an aux cord?

Adrian Stark says:

good video, what is the name of the song of the cd?

Steve says:

Beautiful machine. And a great review. Don’t worry about those dislikes. You’re on something good with this channel.

MaJelin 1221 says:

My man brought out the Charlie Brown! It just got serious. Good review man. I just ordered this turntable without looking anything up about it and now I’m excited to receive it.

ErraticScroll says:

My aunt has this phono! And im getting the same one! Im 13 and i LOVE vinyls, cassets, CDs, etc. Welp, time to start mowing some lawns!

Deb V. says:

My husband and I got this very unit as an early Christmas present for ourselves. We absolutely love it! It is everything you say. Thank you for this thoughtful review!

Marco Avalos says:

Got it for Christmas and I’m going to stock up on vinyls and cds

MB9167 MUSIC says:

Got this thing for Christmas and it’s fantastic!

Okie Pokey Hogs says:

What are records you played?

WhiteBoyWithAnIpod says:

I got one similar for $60 at roses. Not bad I connected it to my LG sound system and that gives the music the fun bass and clarity

gio says:

old but gold

John Dowling says:

Can you replace the stylist?

Farid Ali says:

Can you do a video where you attach speakers to this record player? I notice that the Victrola only has one set of speaker outputs whereas a set of speakers have a total of 4 input jacks (2 per speaker). I don’t get it. Help!

SilentSense1 says:

My dad has had his record player since he was 16 and this Christmas I am going to gift this to him.

Jimmy Prophet says:

Great video and a great player! I recently got a similar one from ION, and so far I’m really happy with it ^_^

Derek Borden says:

Wow, I see this at my job every day, I figured it wouldn’t be very good being that walmart sales them, but now I am really glad we carry them.

Daniel Gill says:

Huh. I love my machine, but it doesn’t have the lever arm.

Haley Jones says:

Does it come with a slip mat?

Heavy Moto says:

What are the two records you played?

faith8459 says:

I like this one I get. That in Christmas next month

real soul says:

this is volt free cord? Please

Haley Jones says:

Do you have a have a preamp to set up speakers?

george allen says:

thanks for the review! buying my grandmother one of these from Amazon for Xmas

gobbie armstrong says:

I’ve seen this on amazon with amazing reviews. And some negative, saying it sucks, and stopped working after a while has that happened to you?

Batuhan Aykac says:

can you tell me what song the red record you tested was called, I really like the music it’s soothing

Jeanette Tolman says:

I hope I can get my hands on one of those! Beautiful!

Sam Tucker says:

I was looking at this and I was wondering if the lowered price compared to some turntables was a reflection of lower quality. I can clearly see that it is not. Thanks for the informative review. It really helped in deciding.

Doug Koehler says:

I began playing my records right away and in doing so, picked up this pattern of unwanted sound, much like what a Cylon sounds like. It can be heard on every record, even a new one I just purchased. Has anyone else had this problem. It is really annoying.

Andy1341000 says:

How’s the bass on the unit, does it get loud enough to fill a room?

Josh Gabbard says:

I’ve read reviews that these do not play burnt cd’s well. Have you had any issues in that regard?

Minasmolinski 1970 says:

Vintage Music Hits Records from the 70’s to the 90’s can also be played on a victrola because those types of records that I am talking about are thin just like the victrola’s records!

Haley Jones says:

Ok just one more question lol I know the needles are replaceable, but could I upgrade the cartridge to say an Audio Technia brand?

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