Victrola BT Suitcase Turntable! Unboxing & REVIEW!

Finally we review the famous suitcase record player! Let’s take a look and see how it does!


Shay says:


Jasmine Nicole says:

This may be a very dumb question…. but do all records come in the same size? Are there different widths of the record? Would any record fit on this record player? :))

Jordan Ware says:

How do you know which rpm to put it on?

Thais Stylinson. says:

I want to sar into vinyls so, between a Victrola and a Crosley, which one is better?

Erika Chaparro says:

I recently got the same record player but mine keeps skipping around the songs on a brand new 33 rpm record. Do you know why?

Damien Benedict says:

I bought mine at Wal-Mart for 34 bucks. I saw they were selling vinyls and I got excited and noticed they had these. Good start to getting back into vinyl. Only 33 but always listened to my parents old records and since I bought this I cant stop using it. Great review

SuperNickid says:

@Record-ology: Since a Victrola does not damage the Vinyl record, a Crossly Record player would also not damage the Vinyl record, Crossly Record player his made the exact same way as the Victrola. And if anyone that reply to this comment that his not the @ name mention above will just be ignore.

Savannah Perches says:

My power light is flashing what does that mean?

Daria says:

Is it possible to exchange the needle?

Heyitzdory says:

mine its the same one but black and its amazing i recommend!

Sir Hats says:

It’s dumb how crosley got the rights to use victrola’s name because victrola was such a house hold name but now it a cheap crappy machine now

Francis J. says:

How loud would you say it is?

Awesome girl_92 says:

I’m getting my record player on Sunday and I honestly can’t wait I love record players.

Miguel Hernandez says:

Dumb question but will it damage the record/vinyls?

Fuertesan says:

If you connect the device perhaps to a Bose Soundlink Mini, or other box and then listen to the whole ???

Dark says:

For someone who does not want to spend a ton of money to discover how overrated the outdated and obsolete vinyl is this is a great deal and shortcomings of this crosley like turntable are acceptable for this price.

Emily Ann says:

i have one of these. Are they better than crosley crusiers which are supposed to tear up ur records or something?

Lo Co says:

How do you know what speed to put the record player at

pokenutter says:

Mine plays slightly fast. Does anyone else’s?

Mc Shook says:

I just got the one you have but black and this helped me a lot since im a newb

Michael Boyce says:

RCA’s Trademark first for their first phonographs.

Richard Ashton says:

Are you not a slip mat fan?

Will Taplin says:

I have one of these and I know everyone complains about the speakers, but I was wondering if the sound is comparable to the players of the 50s and 60s that these are based on?

Lian Buckman says:

So, this might be a first for you but I am a 13 year old boy who’s very interested in these amazing music makers. I’m wanting something for about 30-50 dollars. Do you think this is really worth the 50 dollars I would put into this?

Jesse Robinson says:

I own one. They’re great players with great great sound.

Dylan Shah says:

How would u rate the sound quality from 1-10 and why? Thank you!!

Dena Greenwalt says:

Great review. Thanks for some great info!

Gabriel Mikhail 2020 says:


WWE Figure Hunter says:

Hope you don’t mind me asking anything but,
I have a Mono remaster copy of Revolver by the Beatles, would it play the same? Would I have to change the needle? Also have the Let it Be stereo remaster, would I need any needle or anything for it?

Bryan Castromero says:

Can you replace with aftermarket cartridges?

Melanie says:

Just got one of these but my records are playing at a really fast speed? My vinyls sound like the chipmunks even at the 33 rpm setting. Does anyone know what the issue could be?

bobskie321 says:

At $50 that’s reasonable.

Erin Averyt says:

I love mine I’ve had no issues with it good sound and light weight and I love playing it

rudyescobar13 says:

Can you connect these to a Bluetooth speaker instead of using the crappy speakers that come on these units?

Ya Boi says:

I’ve been trying to buy a record player because my dad has a huge collection of old records.
But just seeing most of the reactions to these kinds of cheaper record players from people who are super into vinyl has almost scared me away from buying one.
I don’t want to destroy my dads records but I also don’t want to spend more than 200 dollars…
But this video has done a good job of convincing me that I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a adequate record player

Cathy De Palma says:

As an old guy who has been playing records for going on 60 years, these budget suitcase phonographs are fine for what they are, except for the speakers, which are pretty awful. You can jack it into something with better speakers, but for that much trouble you can get a better rig for a few more dollars

Heyitzdory says:

is this better than crosley?

I d K says:

I just have one question! Will this turntable be able to play a 12 inch record? Also great video! It was very helpful!

BeccaZ TØP says:

I’ve had my record player since last December so about 8 months now and it sounds slow songs on a 33 vinyl sound too slow. Not to where its unrecognizable but where it sounds very bad. It does the same for a 48 vinyl as well. It’s always sounded just a tiny but slow but its started to get very bad. What could this be?

Laura Corbett says:

Today I got paid so I’m gonna go to Walmart and get a Visa card so I can order the Victrola suitcase record player I want online from EBay

Starman says:

Thank you! Your videos are so informal and it really helped me out. Cheers!

rebecca Sims says:

Ok so I just got mine to day and it won’t spin at all

Michael the awsome says:

I literally just got the VSC550BT

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